CEO Loss how to identify it.

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enter a world where the elite,rich use non ivy league, men and women to teach skills you can only learn one way. hardened x criminals, now more than half of the corporations today. have a go to

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



"CEO LOSS",or corporate disfunction is something that people capitalize on everyday.when any type cost are driven up due to just leaky systems even some to tight,can be broken.learning i guess the hard way ,1991 i was in a car accident.

i had a brilliant attorney take me in and he schooled me on civil law and ,law suits.adopting much of what he taught me much later in life.i found my self in prison twice,over eight years i learned from the very best!,attorneys.judges,congressman,i was never afraid of a was nothing but money,friday night fights,drugs, sex, gambiling,big money,on any weekend with football one prison will run 10 grand in goods and money on the wire,yea you can get a credit card in prison.

learning from many of those that were never leaving,i had a hunger i wasnt coming back,and i did everything in my power to break an entire prison adminisrtartion,healthcare contractor,they tried to get me to go home early i that junction i had cost them oer two hundred thousand dollars in medicl and legal fees.five years in federal court,broken jaw that went untreated twenty three days.

watch your policies,they can be discriminatory,everyone that is an employee isnt just that.

learning this system over years and finding that i was no saint,i lived a pretty hard street life.i was schooled to the streets and people by five years old.i just thought i was or had been a so called criminal,i call it survival.i sat back and i fought everything the u.s. had,became well known quick ",mr. ellis is not someone to play with, ".

in learning people,body laungauge,studies in evolution,interrogation,security,a back ground of pc building, ms insider, yet i see all this corporate loss and on a fiscal level goes into the billions.

if you want to beat a criminal ,you first must really know how they think.most are damaged,have learned to survive on fear,and are extremely intelligent!

that life has been over for me for nealy ten years ,i decided to give it to those major companies that really have weak ,"so called customer protocol"......which can very easily be overridden.all must accord with the ftc.sec.and the ucc code.

when a person knows that level of education that you do on a different level then your predictable!however, once again this is to teach those what to really watch for.its not the bad guy with a gun.corporate crime would more than triple criminal crime,it just goes uncaught.The difference in a criminal and convict?.One got caught one did not.

so,look around you,really look,the world is camofoluged in danger,take a look at your company,

ceo founder,william ellis

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William L. Ellis Sr. ? Following William L. Ellis Sr. Clinical Law of Ethics, constitutional, property law, Law of Remedies, Bonds, UCC we cover a wide variety in Natural Law.

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