How does a policy of multiculturalism affect a country?

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Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



The term multiculturalism describes the existence, acceptance and promotion of a diverse society. Multiculturalism has been a cornerstone of Canadian policy, although internationally multiculturalism has been an imposing issue. As the source is a blueprint towards a pessimistic society, we should embrace the source to a certain extent. Multiculturalism can promote diversity, and educate us by developing an understanding of cultures, but it could make our own culture disappear. 


Firstly, multiculturalism promotes diversity and keeps us open-minded. Immersing ourselves and our country into different cultures brings us new ideas or ways of doing things, languages and also worldwide trade. New ideas or ways of doing things that have been brought from other countries to Canada is liberal and democratic. A great way of explaining this is new economic values, and government views that have been brought to develop Canada. Language is also a way of promoting diversity as it is a way of defining people as a whole. It helps to confirm a person’s identity. We help the language stay in contact for along time. The French language is one language that has been conserved for a long time. Even as French being a minority, Canada has made it an option to learn French as a second language. Worldwide trade is very significant as cultural industries shape our society not only in Canada but internationally as well. It allows us to access products from different countries around the world. A great example of this in history is the Silk Road where Europe used the network of trade routes to import spices from East. The Silk Road played a significant role in the development of Europe as it gave people a new way to access spices that improved the taste of food. It also assisted the East become a key successeur in economic growth as they made an exceptional amount of money. 


Secondly, multiculturalism could make our own culture could disappear. Internationally speaking, people could lose their identity by adopting others cultures. This could be a risk for the future as the new generation would adopt the new cultures identity, passing it onto their kids. This could result in the old identity being lost forever in history. The Latin culture and language is an example how identity, culture and even language can disappear. Latin started to developed into the romantic languages French, Spanish, Italian, etc. As this went on more people began to speak and write in French, Spanish, Italian, etc, resulting in Latin to become a dead language. 


Thirdly, multiculturalism helps students develop an understanding of other cultures and global awareness. Helping students understand how other people experience the world, gives a sense of respect towards another culture. Pen pal letter, school trips, or even trips with your own family are a terrific way to immerse ourselves into a new culture. Learning the way a culture deals with certain values gives us a better understanding of the culture. Getting on to social media sites also help broaden our perspectives of the world. Twitter, facebook and Instagram are a great way to share you views, and listen to other people share theirs. Although, social media should be used to an extent, it can quickly make the online world into a storm.


To conclude multiculturalism can affect a country negatively to an extent. As there are positive concepts that multiculturalism can influence. Multiculturalism may educate us, promote diversity, and make our own culture disappear. But more factors can alter how multiculturalism is viewed internationally and how it can be valuable or how it can be dreadful to society.

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