teenagers guide to the universe and junior high

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Proluge

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



"Morning if it's morning", I said.

"It isn't morning", you said

"Okay", I replied nonchalantly.

I am a dark-skin African-Asian who has teeth as white as a cloud.I occasionally wear polo shoes with an another polo accessory.I have only some hair on my head.And what my Asian family members would call embarrassing.I usually wear a white t-shirt so I don't stand out in a crowd.But, my eyes did not help me with that.They were always covered with my brown glasses.Kids called me four eyes.

That was 2 years ago and my clothes are still the same suprisingly.But, Now I'm here to argue that killing is an art form. It isn't taken lightly in our society. I wouldn't kill anybody except for a person with: Brown hair, a birthday that is in February, and a mother named Diana who would not let you go anywhere, and a crush on a girl named Alana Randall.

 You want to know who this person is. It's me Ode fall. That 5th smart weird kid that you met in kindergarten. The kid who read over 100 books in 4th grade. The kid who thought he was God when he was about five.

I know it's wrong. God told me to empty my sins in a dream which sins he included are Lust, envy, and a yardstick of other problems, and particular my self-harm. By the way, "Morning if it's Morning". This was a saying that I made in 5th grade. It just helps me with my problems and makes me happier. Some people questioned. And called it this in a precise and accurate manner by screaming,"Gay".

I don't know if I am gay though; I'm just a weak measly 14-year-old boy who cannot even do a single curl up or sit up. I'm the Morty in Rick and Morty. I'm the Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde .I'm just a weak 14-year-old boy turning 15 who will be a virgin till he dies.

I bet you guys are thinking how a person who read over a hundred books in 4th grade could get held back in pre-kindergarten. Well...I was a weird kid who thought he was God when he was five. Let me repeat, I thought I was a god when I was 5.

I had my first crush when I was five. It was a girl who was 1 grade above me. Her name is Rebecca Fugate.I liked her because of her rockin bod.I had no concrete reason for liking her though. Nowadays, she likes the same bands as me though.For example, Twenty-two truckers, my hyperactive romance, and Black day. She's pretty cool till this day. Now that proves to all you haters that a crush in kindergarten is not completely crazy.

In the words of kindergarten me"That's the girl I would do crazy poop for". Or if you want the words of me now stuttering" T-That is the g-girl I'll do crazy shit for". Since, I thought I was god, I thought I could control people. Sooo, I thought some pretty creepy things. Like, Rebecca coming up to me and kissing all over my face. Giving me answers to my homework, and being trapped in a hole inside my house talking to me forever trapped.

Pretty sure, you're thinking I take anxiety pills or that I am insane. No, No, I come from a strict Nigerian-Asian family that says "It's just a bad day, get over it wimp". My mother name is Diana which I already said. My father's first name is Esie-Oghene-Onivotevwo. His middle name is John and, for some darn reason, his last name is fall. I guess the last name just fell at the end. Chuckles go through the room at my amazing joke about my father's name. My mom's like it is the okay.

My mom's name is Diane Bria fall. Her name is the shortest in the entire family. I have 2 other siblings which are my brothers: Onazhang Genie Fall and Onajite Ghee Fall. The overachievers in the family. They score the same grades as me which are all A's. But, they play piano and football. Which I know how to play too, I just don't play competitively. You Know the rule: All Asians must learn how to play the piano or they are not Asians, they are worse than halfies which I am. By the way all Asians who cannot play the piano? I ask this as a question because I have an answer. They don't have true Asian spirit or true Asian parents. Sorry, if this joke offends you in anyway. This is not my zone. I'm part Nigerian scammer.

Another chuckle goes throughout the room. Mostly from Alani Randall because she curses me out with that line a lot. And, I mean a lot. She loves cursing me out. She thinks I think that she hates me. But, I just have a really confused crush on her. And now you're thinking I'm a pervert. Well you're right. I am a certified pervert with a master's degree. I will step on every step to get Alani to curse me out. It just gives me a certain type of pleasure you can't get anywhere else in the world. From all away to the Edge of the universe: The Swamarllio galaxy that has the brightest stars and the largest amount of moons to the center of the universe which is just a very big black hole.

Cursing people out is an art. It is taken lightly in our society. I wouldn't let anyone curse me out except for a person with: Brown hair, a birthday in November, and a weird crush on twilight and anime characters, and also a mother named Susanne that would let you go anywhere. You don't want to know who this person is. But, you already know it's Alani Randall." The most annoying, arrogant, kind girl you will never meet. Her uncle won the lottery with no sweat whatsoever; her mother is a queer that you think is hot. She is like a cherry blossom that you can water over and over again but you don't know how far it will go. 

Actually, you will know how far it will go. It's the 23rd century.Two centuries after the information age people. Get with the times and make some alien friends from the Swamarllio galaxy. Int you gys unna do that.And get on a spaceship that you can never get on because you're cheap.

For you savages who only understand old English- *Are you guys going to do that/ain't you guys gonna do that

(C????oOp What is it you douchebags.Go read a dumb old english book from some dead white man.?

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