teenagers guide to the universe and junior high

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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There was a special time in my life when I invented a new saying.And the special time is now. Afternoon, if it's afternoon, is the saying.It does not have a concrete meaning. But, it was inspired by my first saying: Morning if it's morning. And since I do not know the time you're reading this book. You should know though what time you're reading the book. You're probably looking at the clock right now and cannot even read it. And, if you can I applaud you with the ability to tell time.If this matters to you, I'm having this realization in the lunchroom before my 4th period: Math.

"Why the heck are you saying morning if it's morning and saying afternoon if it's afternoon," says my best frenemy Dana Currie. Do you wonder how many frienemies do I have? I respond with, about 57 of them. Which is basically everybody I know.

"Because it's my catchphrase", I said defensively

"You should change your catchphrase idiot," said Dana Currie.

"It's just my way of expressing myself," I said.

Suddenly the lunch bell rang and I had to go to my 4th period.My 4th period was in another building rather than the building I go to for Ela, Social Studies, and science.I only had a couple of friends in there.Even though I did not have many friends in Math class, it gave me a way to recharge my body and get ready for Chorus and PE (Physical Education).Oh and also my math teacher's an alien.An humanoid alien who gone to earth to teach our primitive species quantum physics.
This is just an average honors math class that's advanced.And even after all that sometimes we have to correct her abnormal behavior.Her name is Ms.Reid.Her face is exactly like ours.But, there is something totally weird about her.She has two thumbs and two pinkys.And she was tall, wore blue leggings, and had a face that would make you feel scared because of how normal it was.

Our assignment was to find out how to multiply and divide irrational numbers.Our prime objective though was to find out how to multiply and divide pi and find all the digits of pi.I sat near my friend in the class Logan Fairfield.He was of average height.Around 5'4.He was as good at math as I was.But, he usually scored two points more than me on tests.He was not the best in the class though.The best was William Fa.He sat front of me.Also, He was Asian like me.And, my parents always compare me to the great William Fa.William Fa was an otaku that's what they would have said in the 21st century.More than me.He still played with Beyblades.And could be considered one of the best.I think he uses it as a coping method ever since his parents died when he was playing Beyblade.An old game from the 20th and 21st century that nobody plays except for William.MY grandparents died in a fire.I was with him.I think William Fa should just let go.Or not.He is not somebody that I know.

Then, William fa nodded.I, of course, do the same.

"Hi.I'm William.Are you the only black kid in here" said William Fa turning back to look at me once again.

"I'm not black.I'm Asian and Nigerian" I said defensively.

"Oh.So you're a weeaboo scammer" William taunted and used racial slurs from the past.

"I'm a halfie and I'm proud.And anyway everyone is almost the same color nowadays," said I.

"Oh.Okay" said William annoyed.

I finished my math assignment and class was suddenly over.That experience with William made my soul electrify at the thought of being called a weaboo because of my ethnic origin.Gingerly, I walked out of class avoiding anyone who can hurt me mentally.My 5th period is Chrous.And not to brag I can sing notes as low as Batman's voice and notes as high as Alvin and the chipmunks.The chorus room was filled with musical references.My favorite was "History has its eyes on you".The quote is from the old iconic musical Hamilton.And if you do not know the musical or do not listen to it.I feel sorry for you.Because this musical has exploded recently again last year.Still, you guys, if you don't watch or listen to Hamilton after reading this book, you are living under a rock.A rock is not amazing, it is hard.

I walked outside going to chorus, trying to emulate normal behavior that I had earlier.I held the door for four people when I arrived.They were all wearing blue clothing.They were in the highest advanced math class.The advanced math classes were in a group called MTM.I was in MTM too.Most of my classes are in MTM except for math because it was not high enough.I met the advanced math standards.But everyone was on a whole nother level.So they just sent me to the honors math class outside of MTM that taught quantum physics.Quantum physics nowadays is so simple to explain. Everybody can solve one of the Millenium problems.

The kids in the blue clothing done more.You can probably never comprehend their level of math.They're truly gifted.I wish I can be like them.But they just got in here because of their DNA.Their parents used genetic modification.None of them use hard work, just skills, and their born intellect.I guess there's nothing wrong with that if there is something wrong with genetic modification, we should not cure cancer in young babies.

I walk into the building and I go to my chorus class.My teacher's name is Mr.Rafuse.He wore a blue shirt usually and wore glasses that seemed to be apart of him.If he took them off, you would not be able to recognize his face.HIs bright and nice disposition always helped the students remember his face too.He allowed us to turn in our work late.In the words of him "Why would I give you a bad grade if you did it".The sight reading was an assignment we had at the beginning of class.Since everyone can solve a Millenium problem, it only took a few seconds to identify notes on a music sheet.Idiots who say it's hard to identify a music note never had to solve a Millenium problem when they're five.By the way, if you're thinking that we're just future privileged kids.I guess you're right.But the saying goes two people make one person.So I guess you're just half because you don't know somebody from the future probably because you're dead or old.

A singing test was about to begin.And I had the perfect song.


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