Miss Massacre

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To be judge without being known... To judge a poem by the title... It was not supposed to be like this... But this is the tale of Miss Massacre, a girl judged only by the outside...

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



Miss Massacre


Reprogrammed once

Screamed at twice

She ignored her lunch

Along with their advice

Miss Massacre

Your beauty’s to kill

A smile leaves scars

And eyes to thrill


When men think

Thoughts with you

It all turns to hate

It simply won't do

Miss Massacre

Tell me your secret

Eyes bound to afar

A heart, may one keep it


It's simple to see

What Mistress desires

Why her smiles kill he

Her love is not for hire

It searches for a dream

One she can bestow

Her heart and wing

A monster with a lore


Miss Massacre

She who kill the men

She who give scars

No chance for him

None are even her toy

Because what she seeks

Is not any form of boy

Will they understand, she..?


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