Hymnal of Names

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Bookshelf

A poem that touches on religious themes, death, abandonment, and unfinished business.

I can sing sometimes,

I, can sing.


If I want to or need to scream, my,

oh, I, can sing. 

I wanted to today.

How's the kids?

How's the weather? Do you miss

me, oh no I didn't know or think so.

You're busy loving the clouds you dreamed on. 

Jesus wept sometimes,

I, can dream.

Dreamt he cried when he tripped, oh,

and skinned his knee, that He is like me.

Did we cry together sometimes? I want to cry with Him sometimes. 

I want to sing together, oh I, want to put the ankh in His holed-up hand.

Cause she was violet, Lord. 

She was violet and magenta and purple majesty, 

until God took her crown.  why?

Cause she was violent, Lord.

She was violent with the intensity of a destiny,

that was stuck up in a cloud.  why?

I can sing sometimes,

oh, I, can sing. And I can dream. 

Day old lover's quarrel, rest in peace just like her petals.



Day goes by and by and buy it half-price at Bi-Lo for $2.99, 

round it to 3. 

Take out the extra penny, cashed it to Calvary. 

Jehovah, please. Pray for the children, oh I, know

oh why, you don't kneel with us in mourning. 

Jehovah, please. You died for me, oh I, know,

oh why, can't we exhume the body? 

Which name do I have to call for you to say sorry?

I can sing sometimes, 

oh, I, can sing sometimes,

oh, I, can sing something sometimes. 

We run, we run, we run, ran our limbs loose.

Altar calling us, deeply, waiting, for our tears.

Jehovah Jirah, Shiloh, Tsidkenu need to meet Raah and little more. 

Adonai, Adonai, I deny loving song, 

but I can sing sometimes,

oh, I, Lord, my, heart, burns, bright, 

but I can't sing sometimes. 




Submitted: October 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Ellis Walker V. All rights reserved.

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