Dareman and the mask of doom

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Dareman and the mask of doom By Andrew Mosher

Hot Head: This guy is made of asteroid covered in fire. He can fly by using his hands as jets. His element is fire.

Blub: This guy is made of water and is very slow. If he comes in contact with any liquid toxic substance, his powers are poisonous. If he freezes, his powers change. His element is water.

Echo: This lady is very picky and has long wings. she can create gales at 120mph tops. She can also create heavy supersonic waves at such high pitch, it will kill anything not deaf. Her two main
elements are wind and sound.

Electro: This cool guy has the power to manipulate electricity. He flies on a metal wheel baring. He can also conduct electricity to use as telekinetic energy to move objects that conduct
electricity. His element is electricity.

Black Hole: This guy does everything Hot Head does, only he can make portals to anywhere on earth. His fire is fatal by poison. His element is darkness

Mecha Man: This guy stands 8 1/2 feet tall. he has no real powers, but he does have super strength. he is made of quartz. not even a grenade can chip a peice off of his body. His element is steel.

Brendan: This guy is the ones whom summoned the heroes. he is the one with the sacred blade. He is human and has no elemental powers.

Noface: This guy relies on masks to live. If he has no mask, he dies. His element is magic. _________________________________________________

It all started in the base. They were all eating dinner. "Hey Echo, could you pass the lobster?" Brendan asked. "Hey Hot Head! Could you fix the gas stove again. the burner doesn't work." Mecha Man

"Sure thing." Hot Head said. He walke d up to the stove and touched the burner. Then the burner was up in flames. "Hey thanks." Mecha Man said. "Don't mention it." Hot Head replied.

Then the alarm went off. Hot Head ran to the Super Computer. "Who is it? Billy Blizzard, Canine, Jack-O-Lantern, Dr. DNA, Morphan?" Brendan asked. "I... I can't tell. But it's in Georga." Hot Head
said. "Then lets go!" Brendan said. Then Black Hole made the portal.

When they got there, they looked around. Then Echo noticed it. "Look! It's a new one!" She yelled pointing to the figure, hovering in the air. "Who are you?" Brendan asked.

You'll all die. Then all humans will seize to exist, for I am Noface!" He said. He then charged up a shadow ball and hurled it at the heroes. Hot Head then hurled a fireball at him and hit him

"Let's get out of here!" Brendan said. "Yea, we need more information." Echo said. And with that, Black Hole made the portal.

As soon as they got back, Hot Head went straight to the Super Computer. He typed in Noface, then History. He then looked at it for a bit.

"Okay, but doesn t give us much details." Hot Head said. He then typed in "Mask of Doom" and read more. "Okay. That explains it. Hot Head said. "What did you find?" Brendan asked.

"Well it says that the Mask of Doom was found in 54bc. The deciples locked it away due to it's evil powers. It has been locked away for all these years, until now." Hot Head said.

So you mean to tell us that Noface has the mask of Doom on?" Brendan said. "That's it." Hot Head replied. "Why can't he just take it off?" Brendan asked.

"Because its so evil, that he cant control himself. He has lost full control of himself." Hot Head told Brendan. "That's going to be really hard to do." Brendan said.

"Yes, but there is a bit of good news for you." Hot Head said. "Yea, I'm listening." Brendan said. "There are six masks out there scattered about. each contains elemental powers in them." Hot Head
told Brendan.

"So you're telling me is that I can copy your powers?" Brendan asked. That, and our forms. So for example, if you get the fire mask, you'll become me." Hot Head told Brendan.

"Cool! I like that!" Brendan said in exitement. "I think so." Hot Head said. "Well, what are we waiting for? Lest get on with this!" Brendan said. And with that, Black Hole made the portal. They
found themselves in the Porta Rico graveyard. They were in the graveyard. "I sence the Fire Mask here. It's not far." Black Hole told the heroes.

Then 19 zombies came out of the ground. one wore the Fire Mask. "Look! That one has it!" Brendan Pointed out. Then all the zombies went slowly towards the heroes.

Hot Head tried hurling fireballs at the zombies, but it only slowed them down. "Blub saw a barel of oil and some snow. He ran and dove into the oil canister. He then ran into the snow and soon

Meanwhile, Black Hole was using his dark fireballs to disinigreat some of the zombies to soot. but more of the came. Blub then shot icicles at some zombeis and froze some of the others. Brendan was
using the Clatler sword to get his way towards the one with the mask. Soon he got to that zombie. He shoved him to the ground. the mask fell off. He grabbed it.

He then put it on. At first he felt his body turning into asteroid. although he could still move. Then he felt hot. And at that, the transformation was done. He was a guy made of asteroid covered
in fire.

Then all of the zombies just melted. "What was that?" Brendan asked. "I don't know." Hot Head replied. "I think it was the mask that did it." Echo said. "Okay then. Where to now?" Brendan asked.

"Well our next mask to get is the Mask of Thunder. It is located in Death Valley." Echo said. "Good. Let's go there." Brendan said. And with that, Black made the portal.

"When they got there, they saw it. It was sitting right there in front of them. "Well that was easy." Brendan said walking to it. But before he could pick it up, a 14 foot tall scorpion came out of
the dirt. It then raised its vices. It then looked at the sword.

It then took a lunge at Brendan's sword. But Hot Head shot a fireball at the scorpion's vice. It then fell off. But then the scorpion used his other vice and grabbed Brendan.

"HELP! He's crushing me!" Brendan yelled. Then Echo flew up. "Sheild your ears!" She yelled. She then sent out high pitch supersonic waves. Then the scorpion let go and wilted. Then he dropped the

"Okay where's our next mask?" Brendan asked. Our next two masks are located in the Grand Canyon. Those masks are the Quartz Mask and the Sound Mask." Black Hole said. then Black Hole made the
portal. When they got there, they were just up for grabs. Brendan got two free masks. "Okay, that was far too easy. Where to next.?" Brendan asked. "The next mask is the Mask of Darkness. It is
located in an abandon factory in Warren Massachussets." Black Hole said making the portal.

When they got there, the floors were squeeky and there were bats and mice. "This place is giving me the creeps." Echo said. "Well the sooner we get the mask, the sooner we can leave for the last
mask." Brendan said.

Then a huge mutant Wolf Spider fell from the ceiling. It was at least 8 feet tall and weighed about 120 lbs. "Wow! Look at the size of this bugger! Hot Head yeled. It then got ready to lunge at
them. But Then Mecha Man grabbed one leg and swung it in circles then let go. The spider went flying through the wall, in the river and died.

Brendan took it. "Alright then. Now what's next?" Brendan asked. The next mask is the Aquatic Mask. It is located in the Amazon forest.

They then went through the portal. When they got there, there was nothing but trees. "So where is it?" Brendan asked. "My telekinetik sences tell me it's at the canopy somewhere. It also me that
there's some kind of mutant bird up there gaurding it. So we need to be alert." Black Hole told the crew.

Then they all went up. Mecha Man climbed the biggest trees. Echo, Hot Head, Electro, and Balck Hole flew up. Blub turned into a glob of water and spiraled his way up. Brendan hitched a ride from
Echo. When the got there, they saw the Aquatic Mask. but it was in a huge nest. "Look! It's the mask! lets get it!" Brendan said. he rushed to the nest. He then grabbed it. Now lets get lost before
Mr. Featherbrain gets back." Hot Head said. "Um, I think we waited a bit too long. WE'VE GOT COMPANY!!!" Echo yelled.

Then the others saw this bald eagle with a wing spand of at least 7 feet each wing. It swooped down and took Brendan's sword. Then it flew away.

"We've got to get that blade back!" Brendan said. "Yea, I have a feeling he's got something going on with Noface." Hot Head said.

"Yea, but how do we get it if we dont know where he's bringing that sword?" Brendan asked. My sences tell me Noface has the sword." Black Hle said. "Then let's get it back." Brendan said. Then
Black Hole made the portal. When they got there, they all stood in front of Noface. "Man, you just never quit do you?" Noface said. "Give us that sword back!" Brendan demanded. "Over my dead body."
Noface responded.

And at that, Noface hurled a yellow ball and hit the ground. The effect disabled all the heroes from anything. They couldn't even move.

"Alright then! You're going down!" Brendan yelled. He then put on the Fire Mask. He flew up and started to hurl fireballs at Noface.

But he hit them with the sword and they came back flying directly at Brendan. It hit him and he hit the ground. the mask shattered. He then put on the Metal Mask. He then punched Noface with full
force. But when Noface recovered, he hurled a purple ball at him. It missed. Then Noface shot a ball made of ice. It hit him directly. It froze Brendan solid. Then Noface slashed Brendan with the
Clatler Sword. The ice shattered and Brendan was safe.

However, the Meteal Mask shatered too. Then he put the aquatic mask. But as soon as he transformed, Noface shot a big yellow ball above Brendan. it soaked him up like a giant sponge. it shattered
the mask.

Then Brendan put on the Mask of Darkness. He then Shot some fireballs at Noface, hitting him directly. He finally took heavy damage. But then Noface summoned a green boomerang with purple smoke
around it. He then hurled it at Brendan. It hit him directly, shattering the mask.

Then Brendan put on the Mask of Thunder. He then shot blue electricity at Noface. He took extreamly heavy damage, making him drop the sword and enabling the heroes to fight again.

Then Hot Head hit Noface in the face directly. The Mask of Doom fell off. Then a creepy loooking body fell to the ground. The heroes approached it. "Thank you very much. My wrestless can rest in
peace now." the figure said. It then faded.

"Wow! That was really something you can't forget." Brendan said. "Yea, it is. "Well, we beat Noface and things are good." Hot Head said. "So let's go home now." Blub said. "I agree. this cant get
much weirder than what it was." Echo said. And with that, Black Hole made the portal home. THE END

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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