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Songs, stories, myths, and proverbs of a person handed down by word of mouth. A genre that is widely held, but false and based on unsubstantiated beliefs.

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



‘Do you see or hear things that other people don’t?’ The question resounded on her mind as a drum. It had been the turning point of life, thought, existence. All that was and ever would be slept dormant for centuries in a simple inquisitive series of words. Waiting for something, someone to understand, waiting for her.

She had been an exceptional woman to our society. In her own however, she was ‘a threat to society and herself’. Perhaps they had unknowingly been right. A threat to all that mankind had hinged upon for their entire existence, the innate belief that there was a definitive answer to every question.

Of course, that was not her initial understanding, she had never set out to change anything, let alone the direction of human evolution. Her mind went to more simple things, such as wondering how common it may have been to base the reality of objects and people completely on the acceptance of those around them. She had repeatedly posed the question of, ‘how ‘normal’ was it to go around asking ‘is this table here? You see it also, right?’ It seemed a silly question and often got her more than a few laughs, but still she pondered. Reminded of Confucius stating ‘all we are is a matter of what we have thought.’ Contemplating the statement of, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ As well as the philosophical statement to follow of, ‘I question, therefore I am.’ Consistently tossed aside with the simple dismissal of having mental health issues, her life became a consistent battle of what she felt to be true and what she was forced to accept as real. Placed into a world a rift apart from the rest of humanity, she battled to remain true to her own understandings while also being accepted among the humanity with which she felt no connection.

Despite the world around her, she knew that there was truth in her understanding. Driven by an overwhelming feeling that right and wrong were purely a matter of perspective, as were true and false, good and evil, she conquered the ability to manipulate her society to be accepting and dismissing as she pleased. Thereby giving her the ability to allow her mind, her ideas to wonder, to fly free, to leave this world as no other could.

As days lulled by, her interactions among society remained varied in nature as well as culturally diverse. Those who knew her, loved her. Those that loved her, suffered from her. Yet with every encounter she left a trace of herself. Each word she spoke left a wound upon reality. The days folded into months, and months collapsed into years.

When her tedious existence finally ceased, she was completely unaware of the world she left behind. Feeling as though she knew nothing more than she had the day she awakened to reality, she was no more cognizant to the development of human nature than it had been of her.

Though, the world had changed. Existence, beliefs, understandings, reality itself had changed. Today we as humans are hard pressed to imagine a time when our race was nothing more than destructive, egotistical hypocrites. As the thought is now nothing more than hysterical of if not only was there an answer for every question, but also that we had that answer. The society of our day knows no bounds, and no superiority.

Everything born of an unspoken answer to a seemingly rhetorical query.

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