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lost in madness a young man struggles to get his life back. from something... macabre.

Submitted: October 08, 2017

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Submitted: October 08, 2017



Damian. A young man who as a teen enjoyed the life of drugs and crime. In his teen years he met a group of deviants who amongst each other were always conspiring against each other. Ed, Lewis, Mirco, and Karen were the deviants. For Damian this was a group in paradise. Blinded by what the group really was they all turned to Damian and took his most prized possessions. His girlfriend Cindy. His jewlery. His surround sound system... And more than that... Damian's parents joy. They broke him down. Years later he became obsessed with their deaths. The craving to kill them for what they have done. Once, in his room he looked into his mirror. -Lucifer.... Come out and bring me the hands of death to kill those who have wronged me.- The demon did not awnser but Damian did see a change. He, himself, looked beautiful. For days he looked into the mirror and would praise his beauty. Vanity. He coyld care less of the deviants. His reflection was perfection. -I am so gorgeous. So beautiful...- His vanity kept him alive and intact. One of those days he looked once again into the mirror. -Lucifer, my lord, I am to handsome. Even for you. I now will kill those assholes for what they did to me. Help me or not my beauty will take me to were I want.- he looked at himself eye to eye in his reflection. -Are you sure?? You dont need me?? You... Betrayed me??? His reflection awnsered. The most terrifying image appeared before Damians eyes. It was Lucifer. He looked way too beautiful he was extremley horrifying. -No way!!!- Damian jumped back in fear and left his room. He never spoke or looked at his reflection for years. Well, years later he was a changed man. A calm, introverted man. He walked by a near restaurant and saw Lewis. Damians eyes... They were filled with wrath. -I.....Forgot you...- Damian kept walking. Angered. He went home and realized that he needed the mirror to cast the devil. So he tried. Lucifer did not respond. -You were always a pussy Damian.- He heard a voice in his head. It was Ed. He could not believe his own mind. -What the fuck?- He then started to hear whispers. Smelling rotting meat that was no where around. His head pounded. -We own you!!- The voices said. Damian was confused and scared. Either way he filled himself with hatred and searched for his old acquaintances. With the desire to kill them. As he walked he had a clear vivid vision. It was his mother dying by Damians own hands. - No- He said. He took outhis phone to check on his mother and in his reflection he again saw that one figure. - Choose wisely Dami. Its either her or you. Youkill them she dies. You kill no one YOU die.- Damian walked back home. Mad. The voices pounded in his head. "Kill her. Kill them. Fuck him. Idiot" Damian went to his room and gave it a long thought. His decision was nothing. To do nothing about it. He thought he had outsmarted his maker. Years later the voices got stronger. Louder. He was diagnosed a schizophrenic. His mother was fine. The old gang had disappeared. Damian... He... Lost reason. - I need vengance!!! No... Mother.... No kill them.... Kill myself???- Those thoughts ran in his head like a hound after a never ending meal. - Dami, honey, you dont look well.- Damians mother said. Damian was lost in thought. He stood up and left the house. The voices kept talking, screaming, commanding. He could not take it anymore. He broke into insanity. He walked aimlessly for days. Weeks. His mother worried, crying. Damian was no more. He ended up in a mental hospital. Were he never stopped thinking. Were he never stopped hearing the deviants voices. He was oppressed. Not being able to do a thing. He spend the rest of his life there. Until he saw himself in the mirror again. -Are you still there?- Damian asked the dead one. There was no response. But he did get an idea. He saw something. He saw who he was and what he did. The devil was always there. Telling him what to do. Mocking him with is past. He saw... No life... No spirit. But he did see a wrong option. A mistake. -Huh. It was my fault. I wanted this but I forgot who I really was. I, Damian, Dami, am no more. - He played being devil but in this life there is only one devil. Only one Lucifer. This killed his mind. His heart. The awnser to everything was treason. Betrayal. He lost all hope. Now in his 40s after the painfull revelation. He went to the roof of the asylum and jumped down. As he fell he started to feel the joy of freedom from insanity. Soon afterwards. A feeling of pain, embarrassment. And sorrow filled his eyes. Then death. He died. Suicide. His beautiful face, deformed. Only a faint smile was left. Knowing he went mad and never chose the right awnser. Dont look at the worst part of yourself or you will see that ypu will be forever damned. Poor Dami.

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