the mystery fire

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the story is a mysterty

Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



Matthew is a 16 year old boy that is very adventurous, he isn’t scared of anything he grew up with 2 older brothers that always tried to scare him and always picked on him. So by this  time in his life he was fearless.


The smell of smoke from the campfires lingered in the air. It was not usual for that part of the woods or that close to home. It was the second night that someone has been camping hereby, so Matthew decided to check out who it was, and surely if it was that close to his home them they had to be on there land.

Matthew wanted to know badly who was on camping so close to his home. So he planned on finding out that night, so after he did all of his chores and ate supper with his family he was going to go to the back side of their property and try to find who was back there. But he know that his parents wouldn’t let him go. They always told him that they would move on and not to worry and it was more than likely a hobo from the railroad tracks that was 200 yards south of the property line. So he knew that he had to come up with a idea to go to that side of the land, It wasn’t coon hunting season so his parents didn’t want him roaming around at night.

He was out in the barn feeding his mare that just foaled 2 nights before when his mom called “supper's ready” and he seen his brother run to the house. He yelled back and said “I’ll be there in a minute.” He threw hay over into the stall and started walking slowly back to the house, trying to think of something to tell his parents to get away for the night. On his way to the house he went over to the old oak tree at the corner of the yard to see if he could see any smoke. When he got there he looked over the tops of the trees and seen a line of white smoke trailing up.

After supper Matthew told his parents he was going to go and check on his foal. He left the house and went to the barn just to make sure in case they were watching him. When he got in the barn he grabbed the hidden .22 rifle his dad keeped out there just incase something happens, the gun was fully loaded and ready to fire. He went out the back of the barn and cut across the yard to corner of the woods.

He knew that he didn’t have much time so he would have to make it quick. He knew the woods very well because he hunted them all the time. So he took off running down the deer path that cuts all the way through the timber. In just minutes he was at the property line, and started looking for the campsite. He could smell smoke and could tell it was coming from the left of him. He started walking in that direction slow and cautiously. About 50 yards away he found an old campsite. The tent was ripped and looked like had been there for a while and the fireplace made from rock wasn’t in a circle no more but had smoke coming up from it. There was no sign of people ever being there.

He asked himself how could that be? There had to be someone there, who started the fire, where is the smoke coming from? He knew that something wasn’t right about this. And he knew that he had to figure this out. He looked around the woods trying to find something, a sign that someone was there, or another campsite. It was getting dark and he knew that he needed to head back home. To make up time he ran back home. Quietly cut across the yard and went back in the barn from the back. He put the gun back where his dad hid it and went to check on his colt. About that time he heard his mother call for him saying it's time to come in.

He couldn’t sleep at all that night. He couldn’t stop thinking about that campsite he found. Smoke from a fire but noone was there. The next day was Saturday the day that his parents went to

town. His parents went to town every saturday to get groceries and supplies for the week. So he knew he hadall day to figure this out. He didn’t have to worry about his brothers because they didn’t really care about what he did. Most of the time he never seen his brothers they were always working or they were gone. One of his brothers worked for a farmers in the area  and the other one had a job working as a lumberjack cutting trees out of the timber. When they were at home then they usually avoided Matthew by doing some kind of job or making him do it.

Right as his parents left he grabbed the hidden gun and went to the campsite he found. When he got there everything looked the same, but with a little more time and daylight he decided to look around. He started looking around trying to find something that show a sign that someone had been there. When he got there this time the fireplace looked like all the leaves had been cleaned out of it but it didn’t look like there was ever a fire in it, the ground wasn’t burnt. But someone had to have cleaned out the fireplace. He looked around on the ground to try finding a footprint or at least something showing that someone was there at one time.  Matthew spent the rest of the day searching the woods for a sign of people being there. By the end of the day he hadn’t found anything and a signal sign of someone ever being there. So he left and hasn’t went back. He still see the smoke and refuses to ever go to that side of the property. And there will always be the question what is it from and who is it? A question Matthew will never figure out.


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the mystery fire

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