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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I fear many things, fire out of control, drowning deep underwater, feeling pain. Though I have to confront my fears at one point, I wish for myself and everyone that pain will be forgotten.

Does it hurt you to life? ´ I know that feeling, deep down, that your life is pain.

It will get better.



The pain I endured to be at your side

Was it all worth at the end if both of us still cried?


See, I have done all I could to be there for you

But it was never enough, even if you said so, no matter what I do.


It pains me to say that more than you think

I fell into my own sadness, into tears I sink


It hurts me just to be alive by now

But still I stay, after all I made a vow


To endure my pain and help you through yours

And I will do so for many more years


Why would I do that for you?

Because just like me, sadness is what you went through.


I don't want you to be sad.

I don't want myself to feel bad.


It pains me to stay at your side

And even after all I did, we cried


It pains you too, I can see it.

Every passing second, feels like getting hit.


But still we talk, we laugh, we share our feelings.

So I stare up, towards the ceiling.


And ask myself “why?”

Why must we cry?


Can we not forget the sadness

And escape the madness?


It hurts my heart, but I must confess.

I think all of it became too much, everything brings stress.


One day I will break down.

You will see how my kindness begins to drown


And then I will say that pain doesn't bother me.

Because I won't be at your side for much longer, you see?


All to get rid of it at the end

All my tears gone, and I don't know where they went


So tell me if it hurts, if you fear the pain

I will go away, and it will rain.


It will hurt ever more.

But it won't bother me, I have left through the door.


Alone in our pain, damaged as we are.

At the end, having left with one more painful scar.

Submitted: October 09, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Child of Are. All rights reserved.

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