The Cookie Woman

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this is a tale about an old black woman, name jessie, and christmas cookies.

Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017




 The Cookie woman, 

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think"

? Socrates

This is a tale about an old black woman, Name Jessie, I think she  may have been  in her late 60's no one truly knows her rightful age,

She was a very small frame woman that stood merely five feet.  Shoulder length gray hair, very thin built, and She walked proudly; head up, and back straight,  she had a walking stick, but she really didn’t need a cane nor did she had a limp.

Funny thing though about this old woman, she  always wore red, her frock that she nearly dragged as she walked around town in, red, her shoes, red, her half veil that she shed over her face, red, even the purse she carried, red, Now there’s a tale behind about old Jessie when she was just a young girl, Jessie started working for the proprietor White family of a mansion when she was a youngin her teens,  Thomason’s  were their names; Jack Thomason, His wife Ellie and Ellie  Mother Doris.  Proud Prominent people that were well known around town, Jack Thomason was an oil tycoon he,  his wife Ellie s home always having some sort of affair going on. Mostly just host dinner parties, and there you would always see  Mrs.Thomason hung   onto her husband’s arm, They never were able to have any children, they say Ellie lost babies twice,  so when Jessie started working for them she became family, sort like a child they never had and wanted. You could tell from how well kept Jessie was dressed at long times.  When you saw Ellie,  you saw Jessie, From around town to go on vacation with the Thomasons. Things just didn’t get done without Jessies not being part of the family.

Over the years as time went by, the family died off and Jessie was left the house and the money. Now when the home was built Mrs. Thomason wanted a red room, the sitting room: in this one room, the walls painted red, the carpet on the floor, red, the chairs, red, the lamps, red,  everything red except the tables and bookshelves, however every book that was on this shelf, red. The bible that sits on the table adjacent to her favorite chair, red, next to the bible would always be a plate of cookies, a plate of Christmas cookies no matter what the month was, it could be in the mist of the winter or the hottest of summer, always Christmas cookies.

Something about Jessie that people were scared of, they say that the Thomason also dubbed into some sort of

Witchcraft perhaps it’s because Jessie never talks much to the folks around town, or because of the clothes she wore.

After the death of the Thomason on every Wednesday,  Jessie would still go into town to get the Christmas cookies,

The town baker would always bake  Christmas cookies for Jessie because he knows she would be in looking for them. Sametime each week. When people would see her walking by they would make sure to speak, maybe because most of the townspeople were frightened of her.

 "Good morning Jessie,"

 "Good afternoon Jessie",

 "Good evening Jessie";

If she was at the counter purchasing items, at the local food store, the cashiers would always make sure to speak,

“Hello Miss Jessie”

In a low voice, you would hear her say from under her red veil

“Hello to you”

“Thanks for shopping and "please come again."

 The reason for so much respect was because all of the rumors that had been drawn from tales to rumors, from parents and grandparents, right down to the younger generation.

There are stories behind the old woman in scarlet, the cookies and the notes which you will learn.

Ok, I know what you might be thinking why not address this woman the lady in red

 Well, that wouldn't make the report right now, would it?


"Who are you to judge the life I live?

I know I'm not perfect

-And I don't live to be-

But before you start pointing fingers...

Make sure your hands are clean!"

? Bob Marley


This story is set forth when a  mixed family first moved in around four houses down from Jessie.

Now this new family that moved next to Jessie, let’s just say this couple had big issues.

 The husband working man in a law firm but very professional in being an alcoholic, loud and very rude, not only to his family but to everyone else, The wife Nurse but had her issues as well, mean to her four children and like the husband, she too was an alcoholic.

 Rumors have it that one day as Jessie was out and about town, she passed by the family that was putting their things in the car,  looking at the husband.

"Who in the hell are you, and what are you old woman looking at, old bitty in red?"

"The old black witch in red" Laugh the wife.

The children (ages 11, 14, 16, 17) began to laugh along with their mother and saying really mean comments.

A man  that saw them behaving in such a rude way to Jessie, walked over  to them and said

"You don't want to do that"

 "Why, is she going to cast a spell on us?" she looks like some old witch”

“There are rumors about Old lady Jessie, They say that she is known to do some strange things.”

 Answered the man.

“Witch my butt, and she can kiss it, You hear me old lady”

 The husband said while laughing.

A few days when the couple was leaving their house for work they found a plate of Christmas cookies on their porch along with a note,  

"Please enjoy these cookies."

Not knowing where they had come from, the husband they toss the cookies into the trash bin.

That day the husband lost his job due to smelling like alcohol and too many late days,

 The wife called from her doctor’s office, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the oldest son, the greatest high school basketball player, Had broken his leg after being pushed down a flight of stairs at school, never be able to run, or make a  hoop again. There go his dreams.

The other two children got down with very bad colds until they had to be placed in the hospital.

 Well, in the end of this part of the story; the family ended up losing their home and had to move in with the wife-mother.

 A few months later the wife died from her brain tumor.

There is more to Jessie than just her cookies, she had what you call ambidextrous, here is the thing with that, and you’ll never know which hand that did the writings of her missive. It can be used for good or evil.

"Only a foolish child would go swimming in the river that swallowed his father.''

? Bamigboye Olurotimi


 The next tale is about three teens, Ben,  Tyler, Marcus, and Walt.

 Ben was the biggest of all, also the one that thought he was the toughest. Tyler the quiet one, always listen to music through his headphones. Marcus, The only black guy in the bunch, Football star and loves the ladies, then there’s Walt,  The Flunky of the bunch, Whatever the others told him to do, he did it.

One night was when the guys were all sitting around Marcus house, Ben Came up with what he called a good idea.

 Break into the Jessie house to give her a fright. In their minds, if they frighten her enough, possibly she would die and the townsfolk would be rid of her.

The ringleader Ben wanted Jessie dead because of the death of his father, One once owned his own Bakery.

 Rumor says when Jessie wanted to buy some Christmas cookies from him, she demanded a dozen of thirteen, People say a dozen is twelve or is it? Ben father refuses to sell Jessie the cookies as she wanted them, after arguing with Jessie about the cookies, he throws her out of his shop. A day later a plate of Christmas cookies and a note left on their front porch that read

“Please enjoy the cookies” people say that after that the poor man died of a heart attack.

One Friday night while drinking and smoking some weed, the teen started talking about Jessie and what they were going to do to her

"Let's go and do this, that old lady needs to compensate for what she has done to my father and other people," Ben said.

 It had to have been around 11:00 pm, they slip into Jessie house from the side door. I have to tell you that one of the teens The flunky and not truly a pampered kid. Actually didn't want anything to do with what they are about to do, he went on anyhow.

The tale has it after the boys broke in, they found Jessie sitting in her favorite chair, next to her was a plate of cookies and four notes, one for each of the teens, it’s funny how she knew who and when they were going to enter her house.

Jessie was sitting in her chair as if  she was waiting for them when they saw her, she stood up and walk towards  them,

"Please come along boys and have a seat, you are just in time I have some cookies"

It startled the boys, however, Ben the tough guy wanted to shake her up by saying mean things to her like,

"Crazy old woman we don't want your cookies," Marcus said.

"We came to kill you like you have done to the others you’ve killed,” Ben said

Tyler walked over and tossed the plated of cookies to the floor and started laughing.

"Let's get out of here," The flunky said while shaking with fright in his voice.

Ben pulls out a knife, Started towards Jessie but when he got close enough to stab Jessie, her body moved to the other side of the room, it was as if she disappeared and reappeared along the other side of the way.

"What the hell, How did you do that?" Ben cried out loud multiple times.

Jessie just stood and started laughing at the boys, now it could have been a laughter of an old woman however to them it wasn’t nature, perhaps not human.

"Man let get out of here"

Being frightened by Jessie the boys ran out, leaving Jessie laughing out loud.

The following morning each of the boys found a plate of Christmas cookies  next to their bed with a note.

"Please enjoy these cookies"

Well, Ben died in a car accident a few days later,

The Marcus got shot in a drive-by and the other by.

Tyler was placed in a mental hospital, The say he went crazy after he heard what happen to his two friends, All he could say it “cookies”

 (The flunky)  His note reads,

"Please enjoy these cookies, never be a flunky, never be a follower, be a leader. By the age of 36, he became the youngest mayor ever in that town.

Can you tell which hand wrote the notes?


"Compassion automatically brings happiness and calmness." –The Dalai Lama

There's one last very short tale about Jessie, The cookies, and the notes.

This is the tale of Rena, the narration has it that one day when Jessie was out sweeping her sidewalk a woman ran right into her,  almost knocking her down, Jessie turned to look at the woman while she was running.

 She looked back at Jessie yelling at her,

"Crazy old woman, you shouldn't be in my way". Rena was being chased by a man whom she had snatched some weed from and ran.

"Rena when I catch up with you, it's going to be over for you, " the man screamed at Rena.

Later that day Jessie saw the same woman with two kids trying to get them to go into the store to steal something to eat, When she saw Jessie the woman, the woman pulled her kids close to her  and said,

"What you are looking at you old bag, Mind your business"

Two days later, while Rena and her two children sitting on their porch, Jessie was walking down the street when all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere and hit Jessie, the woman moved off her porch to see if Jessie was ok, along with a few other that was out walking. A man got out of his car saying,

"I didn't see her, I didn't see here"

Only when they came to where Jessie was supposed to be lying on the ground she wasn't there.

"Where did that crazy old woman go?" Says Rena

"I don't know, I know, I hit her, I didn't mean to."

People could believe their eyes, where did she go?

Finding out that the man was so upset Rena asks him, "What is wrong with you, she's not here so stop freaking out about it."

"Then you don't know who that old lady is?" said one of the passers by.

"Nope, only some old crazy woman that walks around in red"answered Rena

"Then he told her, That's Jessie, The cookie woman" with that being said, the driver of the car that hit Jessie, got in his car and left.

"Jessie the cookie woman; who the hell is the cookie woman? This town is crazy, I need a good joint right about now.

That night Rena had left her two small children home to find her something to smoke, after scoring, she walked past

 Jessie home when she notices a light on,

She commenced to walking, but something in her wanted to know if Jessie was in there and how did she disappear after being hit by a car.

"No, I'm not going to find out if that crazy old woman ok"

She started to walk, then turned around;

"I suppose I could" so she walked up and rang the doorbell, Jessie came to the door

"What do you want?" in her soft-spoken words.

"I just wanted to see how a crazy old woman can get hit by a car, and then disappear like you did"

"Get  from my house; what do you care, you, you are just a  dope head and a thief Jessie” Then she slammed her door.”

 Ok, have a good night" Rena yelled, before walking off Jessie porch, she turned and started back Yelling at Jessie.

I may be a dope head, I might even steal when need be, but I’m a good person you don’t know me, old woman.

Ena started laughing to herself saying,

"Look at me talking to a door; I'm just as demented as that old woman".

Early the next morning around 5:00 am Rena woke, She sat up on the sofa where she had passed out the night before, looked around her house seeing how messy and dirty it was,

She rose up and just started cleaning, after cleaning up the house, pouring out all her liquor, throwing out her weed.  She set about making breakfast for her children when her kids saw the house clean which never been before and their mom cooking breakfast, the children right away thought something was amiss with their mamma, she never gets up early, she never fixes breakfast, always cold cereal and milk.

"Mommy, are you feeling ok?" Ask one of them.

"Mom, you sure you are ok?" Ask the other one.

"Yes, yes never felt better, strange because I feel very well today.

"What sort of drugs you on now?" the first child asks.

"That's just it, I'm not and for some reason, I simply wanted to just get rid of everything, and I don't want them anymore."

When the kids started out the door for school, Rena found a plate of cookies on her porch with a note that reads.

"Please enjoy these cookies, Today is a new day for you, Things will start to shift in your life which you may have already discovered.

"I once read "Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell."

"With that being said, your Hell is over, Jessie."

If you go into a small town and a  little old lady dressed in all red, Be nice to her or you just might get a plate of Christmas cookies with a note that reads,

" Please enjoy these cookies"

 You never know what hand wrote the note.

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