Farley Knows Everything

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Farley Jameson was born with the magical gift of seeing the future. As he would say, he lives a “pretty sweet” life. To his friends, he’s the most prepared seventh grader in school. No one can get
away with tricking him or bullying him. And if it rains, he’s sure to have his umbrella! His life is nearly perfect… as far as he knows.

Seeing the future turns out to be quite a burden for a pre-teen. Farley is a bit clueless about what to do with his special abilities. He often finds himself wondering whether his visions are meant
to happen, or if he should prevent them.

Join Farley as he struggles to make it through middle school with a secret that slowly drives a wedge between his childlike instincts and his approaching destiny. Adulthood awaits him as he learns
a valuable lesson about the true meaning of heroism, & adventures that even he can’t see coming!

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