It Isn't there

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The Imaginarium

Somethings not right

Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



There is a man

Who sits and stares

He tries to see something

That isn’t there

He looks

He watches

He squints

He glares

He wants

So badly

To see this thing that isn’t there

It isn’t right

Isn’t fair

That this thing he wants

Just isn’t there

He cries alone

Sitting in his chair

He watches T.V.

Play games

And reads

Wallowing in despair

He lays in the dark

In hopes

That god will answer his prayer

To give him this thing that isn’t that there

He doesn’t know what it is

Just to be fair

So thats probably why

It isn’t there

And so he cries

“It isn’t fair!!!!”

Because he cannot see it there

He cannot see what isn’t there

The man who’s sitting in a chair

Wallowing in his own despair

Because he cannot seem to care

To find what he is supposed to be finding there

That quire thing

That isn’t there

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