Man and World Ch.1: Man and Blue Eyes

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New story, publishing it as a short story in chapters because it is easier than publishing it as a book, if you like it please leave a comment.

Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



Man and Blue Eyes

“A man only lives for himself” I thought as I continued walking on the street, for some reason, I always ended up looking at others, even if I didn’t want to; couples smiling, a dog happily moving around and wagging its tail, a baby crying, a beautiful girl a happy family walking together talking about what should they do next. Why did I watch them? , why were my eyes attracted to others? , was it envy, curiosity, jealousy, I stopped asking himself, since I didn’t know the answer, then tried to close my eyes so I wouldn’t look at anybody, but that would limit my movements, so I rejected the idea. ‘’just ignore it, think of something else, like work’’, but something even worse than my strange hobbies was my work; nobody should ever pass their free time thinking about work. I was getting tired of over thinking when I decided to embrace this weird hobby of enjoying looking at others, seeing what clothes they are wearing, their skin color, if their hair is long or short, boots or sandals, rings or piercings, tall or short, he didn’t care anymore, well, maybe if someone thought that I was a pervert or a rapist I would start to care, but for the moment, I continued, until my eyes met another pair of eyes.

Blue eyes that were something uncommon to see, it wasn’t as I had never seen a pair of blue eyes, five times counting this one, so it sure piqued this curiosity of mine so I stared and fully inspected the specimen who those eyes belonged to; what I saw was a little girl, young, maybe 8 or 10 years old, brown hair, dirty face, ragged clothes, holding tightly a blanket like a scared little rabbit, and a small brown beret with some coins with not a lot of worth on it. Winter season did start some days ago and it was shown with heavy loads of snow, and a blanket wouldn’t properly cover you safely for all winter. Our eyes met each other for an eternity, or like a minute, but for some reason, I felt paralyzed, why couldn’t I avert my eyes from her? “Maybe its paternal instinct, even though I’m old enough to have a son or a daughter yet I’m still single, but since I can’t come up with anything else, I’ll assume its paternal instinct. '

“Oh, she looked away” Her astonishing gaze effect had stopped and I could move again, so I moved, but my feet went to another direction, what am I doing? I thought as I walked to the young girl. I stood in front of her, she obviously noticed, expecting to see some coins entering the beret, I tried to reach my pocket and gave her whatever pocket money I had on it, which turned out to be even more than what she had on the beret, she looked surprised, I guess that was a little bit too much. “Thanks a lot mister” she said with while making a big smile, her teeth’s color wasn’t white as the winter snow, more like cheese and dirt mixed together, but it was still beautiful, I wanted to say something, I tried, but I stuttered, “How long it’s been since I really talked to somebody?”,”y-you a-are w-welcome”, I think I said that but it was so embarrassing I just went away from her before I did another stupid thing. Strange feelings of joy and embarrassment where all over me, maybe I should bring her some food tomorrow, today? No, not today, I can’t really think properly today, and just trying to say something has made my stomach feel uneasy, “A man only lives for him, and for those he wants to live for” I finally thought before going to my initial destination: My house.

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