A Forgotten Feeling

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Feelings i forgot were apart of living have returned with one of the most beautiful outcomes of all.

Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



Closing a gash that once was left untended by soemeone I thought would come back someday to fix is the best feelinng of relief. Even as times have changed and the grass has become a little greener on my side there is something that caught my eye some time ago, which makes me want to show that valueable piece how much i would appreciate having in my life. Your sharp sense being able to sense pain in a person that you aren't afraid to confront, and discuss while giving the feeling of comfort throughout the conversation. I can sit and tell you about the little glimpses of your beauty which can be blown up on a big picture for the world to see that i would paint with my own hands. We as people have been let down by others before which brings up our guards. However, our mutual understanding of each other throughout this endless conversation you will see that those walls we both built from our past is tumbling down with every word that further seeps from our lips onto each other. To tell you that you're everything i need and want would seem too cliche as I can only show you how much you would matter to not only me, but this big beautiful planet we call our home. Staring into your eyes has awakened a side of me i thought was gone forever. The light you display to me through the easy feeling i get when you're around because of the pure positive energy i feel tells me that you're one of the best blessing any person with a heart and soul can feel once you step into any room. I let you see the parts of me that weren't so bright.

People think dreaming is dead, so they never want to follow them as if they're always sleep with their eyes open. I say that to show you that even though a person be able to walk around and operate like almost everyone else they're not clearly seeing what's reality. They can't see your beauty for what it truely is worth; they can't appreciate the blessings you offer; nor can they feel the pain you've been holding back trying to make sure their doing fine because they've yet to really open their hearts, minds, eyes, and spirits to this reality where you matter a lot to this world especially the ones you can spend a lifetime with as well. That being said brings us face to face with the fact that we are truely nothing without love. My heart was not beating for you at my birth, but the day of our encountered my rythm ajusted to a finer tune. Your voice though i have heard it only a few times are the times i wished would've prolonged to the next day. Yesterday we were indeed young as today, but the difference is we realize though we're young we are old enough to clearly point out the straight path we will follow together. I don't beg for much, but i would make a plea to you to continue being the wonderful person you are, and grow with me as we live sunrise to sunrise capturing moments of shooting stars, raindrops falling lightly from a beautiful covered view on a park bench, and self awareness that you can hold a very high spot in someone's life as their queen without feeling threatened. All this just to say take back the happiness in a love life where we know us 2 together is the only match we will need to find that will carry us through this life time, and on to the next. No more hurting; a lot less crying; better vibes on a higher level; and hold out your hand to grab my hand finally realizing there is somebody that will stick by your side. I can tell you whatever kind of day i had, but at the end of everyday know that I'm truely happy to have you apart of each of my days here.

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