Soft Spot

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Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



My life is in two ,

apart .

Wrap me up in always .

Go easy on my heart .

I need a rescue from this pain.

Maybe a kiss to ignite a spark

my desires went up in flames.

My meddled notions await to start.

While your upon a pedestal .

Inside the sunlight's hot.

I am extraterrestrial .

Unknown and never thought.

Within these anvil hands

are a touch with gentle strokes .

A reminder of pure love .

A revival of your hopes.

A wild child

with a heart that can't be mild.

A lot of uncertain feelings

I can't translate with ease.

But , somehow you were free

from the uncertainties.

Wrong lines of adulation

a lure into the calm.

Compared to your stature of beauty

and eyes as bright as dawn.

Time and effort

forces my sadness to rot .

When I cling to your merciless arms .

I find my soft spot.

Dream this dream .

Bury the future rage

that only nightmares bring.

I fail ,

and you scream .

You fear you are losing me.

But , I'm still here.

The time has come

to never run.

The rain has come

to drown the sun.

The lies have come

the truth undone.

I am a stranger

and I am shunned.

Living on the edge of fate .

Nothing is the same.

Yet , I am a man with a soft spot

connected by the link of love's chain ..

Wrap me up in always . .

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