Trail of Fire

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Submitted: October 09, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



Trail Of Fire


The setting sun dyed the thin sheets of clouds into multi-color -

Violet, orange, pink.

Dyed the vast sky into scarlet red.

A leaf of fire fluttered down from above,

A tree of burning fire.


The trail of fire lay,

In the valley where loneliness silently creeps in.

The falling leaves bid farewell to the glorious autumn,

And beckon the lonely winter in.


The blood-red leaves welcome the arrival of winter,

and cherish their final dance,

before joining with others to braid the dazzling carpet of fall.

Before the snow falls gently,

cover them with elegant, pure white.

Before they are replaced by the cheerfulness

of the spring leaves,

and vanished behind the memories.


They exchanged sorrowful glances before falling,

And looked up wistfully to the vast sky,


will I be forgotten?


The setting sun never slows down its journey

towards the west.

It never looked back.

Not even for once.


The trail is on fire.

The scarlet sky is endless.

The setting sun is full of loneliness.

© Copyright 2018 Rosalind A. Hsieh. All rights reserved.

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