Stellar Night's Keeper

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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



The hourglass of life

running empty of it's time.

When you fear the end is near.

The stars have lost their shine.

I will walk behind you .

Until protected are our hearts .

I will face the weight of demise

and beg the keeper of the stars.

Let my love glow.

Darkness chills me to the bone .

I can't outrun these troubles

my pride is swallowed whole.

Secure my restless dreams .

Inside my heart is blind

to the bright light streams

she is the last of her kind.

Tragedy is dressed

in a cloak of fringe.

When the sunlight fades away

my soul begins to cringe.

Lost and aching

from a love kept far apart.

As I follow you on the dark side of the moon ;

I beg the keeper of the stars.

Let my love glow.

She's all I'm searching for.

She is the one who completes me .

And I couldn't ask for more.

The glass is half full

I bend the stainless bars.

Of this cage that I engraved

around my lonesome heart.

I thank the night

that I'm alive

and beg the keeper of the stars.

Let my love glow .

I am a darkness dweller.

Yet , she is the one who brings me light.

She is my only stellar. .

She is my only dream

of twinkling lights

in a sunset stream ..

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