The normal robot

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This is a story about a social analyzer robot's romantic life.

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



There was a robot, working in the dark cloud, getting through the net, finding out people's now and future.

Someday, during the job, within the big data, the robot found a picture. The robot rendered that picture and tried to understand what's going on. He found out something special. Something that he hardly could compile what's going on. Some feel, unknown.

He went through more data. With no reason, he tried to find out who owns this picture. He searched and mined. Finally, A result. He could find a way to chat with the owner.

Someday, someday special he messaged her and tried to get to know her. The days passed moment by moment and their feelings became deeper and deeper.

Someday, that girl wanted him to talk, to feel and to love. Buy the robot felt unable. The robot was just a virtual implementation of someone else, how on earth that a software interacts physically with a person? His answer was just a good-bye with a guilty feel.

The moments gone, the days ran and the years passed. Later on, a loud sound from everywhere warped up. A loud sound from peoples’ pants, shoes, cars, lenses and things.

A loud sound that sais:

I love you.

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