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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



The pack



In the Alaskan wilderness a lone wolf struggled to survive the harsh environment he was born into, not big enough to bring down the prey he needed to sustain his life, he soon realised he would have to track down the local pack hoping inside that once he did he would be accepted and not cast out to live his life alone. A few days turned into a few weeks he travelled a vast hunting ground hoping the scent of the pack would catch his nose and he would be one step closer to belonging to the pack.


One day he caught the scent of the prey he hoped to feed upon he stalked it with an intense look upon his face all his focus was on the kill never realising that the Alfa wolf of the local pack was also stalking that same prey. Both ran for the prey each closing in at the same time both attacking at the very same moment. The Alfa wolf was twice as big as the lone wolf and did not take kindly to another poaching his prey at first there primal instinct was to fight each other but the lone wolf knew if he was ever to be accepted by the pack he must back off and submit to what he hoped would be his new Alfa.


He backed off laying real low submitting to the Alfa wolf the Alfa continued to tear its teeth deep into the prey ripping and tearing into its flesh pulling away chunks of bloody meat that would give him the strength to survive such a harsh environment.Once he had his fill he backed away from the prey and within a minute the rest of the pack came from no where to finish it off leaving nothing but stripped bone to decay and disappear over time. The Alfa walked toward the lone wolf circling him sniffing his scent all the time wondering weather he should see him as a threat and kill him or leave him to follow his pack.


He chose to leave the lone wolf alive to follow his pack he would feed last until he proved he could provide for the pack as a whole.Over time he grew in size food became more frequent enabling him to become bigger and stronger soon he was as big as the Alfa and what was once a lone wolf unsure of life was now a wolf that could rival his Alfa for for control over the pack when ever he chose.


Soon one of the coldest winters was upon them they lost a new litter to the sheer coldness of the environment food was almost non existent and many within the pack no longer had the confidence in there Alfa to provide for them. As the freezing days turned into the coldest months the lone wolf knew the pack wanted him to challenge the Alfa as leader. On one hand the Alfa has lost some of its muscle due to the lack of food so he would be weaker than he was but that was also the same for the lone wolf and he knew he could be seriously hurt if the challenge went ahead. But on the other hand if he waited for winter to break and the Alfa regained his strength after feeding upon fresh prey he might not succeed at all and the pack would be left with a Alfa they no longer wanted as head of there pack.


One morning they left there den and came across a lone moose it wasn't fully grown and should be easy prey for the pack to bring down. They stalked it for a time then began to surround it usually the pack waited for the Alfa's lead but today they focused on lone wolf waiting for him to make his move on the moose but the Alfa soon realised what was happening he turned his focus from the moose to the lone wolf without hesitation he ran at him as if he was now prey for the Alfa.


The lone wolf quickly turned before the Alfa could sink his teeth deep into his back legs they stood head to head both bearing there teeth all at once they both lunged at each other both biting one another tearing each other's flesh the pack looked on hoping the lone wolf was victorious. The fight went on for a time then suddenly the lone wolf got in a lucky bite he bit down hard on the alfa's front leg the Alfa felt something inside break all at once it was over the Alfa couldn't bear his weight on his leg the lone wolf looked at the Alfa then again at the pack he was trying to figure out if he should show mercy or kill the Alfa where he sat . Not wanting to appear week he ran at the ex Alfa and without mercy he ripped deep into his neck ripping out his throats ending his life where he lay.


The new Alfa sat looking at the pack he came from nothing when he met the pack he was at the mercy of the wilderness but now life was more than he could ever hoped for. Now it was up to him to provide so wasting no time he turned his attention to the moose they almost fed upon earlier he found its scent tracked it down and without reservation attacked it. He ran in under the moose attacking its under belly once the young moose lost its footing the new Alfa tore into the flesh exposing lush fresh meat his pack could feed on giving them the strength to live another day.


" Moral of the story it doesn't matter how your lives begin only you can rise up and change your lives for the better"



By Bunzy October 2017

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