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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

veronica awakens in a strange dark room to find herself being questioned by a complete stranger. she tells her story and her own mystery is uncovered.

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017





Name: You’re awake!

Veronica: Where am I?

Name: You’re at the hospital, Veronica. You don’t remember?

Veronica: Where’s Charlie!

Name: Charlie?

Veronica: Yes my brother! Where is he!?

Name: Charlie’s fine.

Veronica: Charlie was never a bad kid he was just... listen he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Name: What’s Charlie like Veronica?

Veronica: Charlie? He’s just young, shy and doesn’t talk much to anybody, well except to me. On his tenth birthday party he stayed right next to my side like my shadow the whole day, he kept his head down constantly looking at his shoes. He looked up once or twice to see family when they’d talk to him. But when they asked him questions, I'd have to answer for him. Mom doesn’t understand she thinks he has a problem she brought him to the “doctors” and they said he’s probably the way he is because of the traumatic events in his early life. When Charlie was 7 he was a joyful child that played and talked to whoever would listen. Then Danvers State Hospital changed the very person he is, or… was. My parents sent him there to“fix him” just because he doesn’t learn or act the way other children do. He was part of a new experiment they called lobotomy, where doctors would treat the “insane” by taking parts of their brain out to see if it would have an effect the way they behaved. It’s safe to say that the experiments worked, but not as intended. When he came back he was different, he was quiet and never wanted to play with me or anyone, he kept quiet and just stood there silent, watching, listening. My parents never seemed to notice him even when he was standing right in front of them. I felt a sense of jealousy from Charlie, but I never thought much of it.

Name: “Why do you think that?”

Veronica: “Why? Because mom would always be more concerned about me. Giving me her undivided attention.Constantly asking me if I was doing alright and if I needed anything.”

Name: “You think that made Charlie angry or jealous?”

Veronica: “Maybe. I think, but I didn’t ask much from her. I’d tell her I was fine, and I’d ask if she could bring us some of those candies she always kept in the kitchen cabinet even though they were bitter when you chewed them.”

Name: “Okay. What about dad where was he in all of this?”

Veronica: “Dad? Dad wasn’t there very much.”

Name: “How come? Did you never asked her?”

Veronica: “No I did! Except when I asked mom where he was she’d tell me he went on a vacation for a little while. I’ve always wanted to go on vacation. Maybe Cancun, Mexico, Rio, or even Jamaica.”

Name: “Alright. What happened that night?”

Veronica: “Okay. Well at 5:00 pm everyday mom lets us watch our favorite movie American psycho on the giant tv in the living room until it was done then we’d have to go to bed. I love that movie. Anyways I was watching the movie and then it suddenly stopped. I waited for it to start again, but it never did. Something didn’t feel right, I looked up at the clock and saw it was 8:30! Mom is never late to put me to sleep. I got a little worried so I stood up out of my warm igloo, that I built right before the show. I began walking across the cool carpet towards the small hallway filled with pictures of family, most of mom and dad, but none of Charlie or Me. As I get to the end of the hallway I see on the left my dimly-lit room filled with toys pictures and socks scattered around the floor and on the right my mother's room. I stare at the large wooden door, I break the deafening sound of silence which strained my ears from trying to hearing the slightest sound. I call out “Hey mom it’s 8:30 is it time to go to sleep?” No response. I knock on the door separating me and her. No response again. I decided to brave it out and open the door as a loud squeal from the door, a horrible smell came out of the pitch black room. The smell of iron hitting my nose, I search on the smooth wall for the light switch as the sensation of gagging comes up through my throat from the stench. I finally find it and quickly flick it on, but still there was nothing but darkness. I choose to walk in to switch on the lamp that sat next to her bed. Walking into the irry darkness a cool unknown breeze hits my body giving me goosebumps. I take a step on a wet spot on the carpet, I feel my sock soak up the liquid as I finally find the bed and follow it along its side arriving at the nightstand I find the lamp and struggle to find the switch with my fingers trembling from fear my hands are cold just like losing circulation. Finally, I find the microscopic switch. *click* The sudden flash of light blinds me momentarily, as I regain my vision I glare down and notice the wet spot. It was a puddle of blood slowly soaking into the carpet, the horrid smell was from the blood splattered everywhere like some sick kind of painting. There was so much. Everywhere on the walls, the ceiling, on the bed sheets I look up suddenly and notice a large broken window. As the lamp’s light shined onto the broken glass, it seemed to sparkle like millions of stars on a clear summers night. On the outside, my appearance seems calm but my mind is running with wild thoughts of what could’ve happened here, where was the blood was from?

Name: Where was Charlie during all of this?

Veronica: I don’t know. I…

Name: What do you mean you don’t know? Wasn't he with you?

Veronica: No I don’t know where he was! All the questions blinded me, making me forget all about Charlie. I look up, about to leave the disastrous room, when I notice a sound coming from behind the closet door. A large thud. Terrified and almost in tears I stood. Watching. No! (loudly whispering) Observing every detail, searching for any movement at all. I begin slowly inching forward the mysterious door. Again I accidentally step into the puddle of blood. The blood covers the bottom of my feet. A sense of disgust takes over my body and makes the blood rush out of my face, I feel my stomach turn completely around. Suddenly I hear a large thud from outside of the room. A set of footsteps closely follows the loud thud. A sense of panic overwhelms my body making it turn off the lamp and move unconsciously towards the closet. Rushing I step on the broken glass from my mother's window, cutting my foot. I hold the sound about to come out of my mouth, afraid the unknown footsteps might hear. Limping in the thick darkness towards the closet door, the footsteps stop. I somehow manage to find the door. Completely forgetting about what might be behind the wooden door separating me from the closet, I push it open and quickly rush in quietly closing the door behind me. I cover my body with my mother's clothes trying to hide in case the person comes looking inside. I sit quietly, waiting, listening for any sound at all. Nothing. I carefully crack the door open, peering through the tiny slit. I see the door open slowly creaking just as it had done before. I see a figure in the dark. Doing exactly as I did. Searching for a light switch on the wall. Following the bed to the nightstand. Flicking on the light. It was Charlie! A sense of relief filled my body. I get up and open the door. I run to Charlie with tears running down my face, Charlie seemed to be calm. So calm it scared me. I asked him where he was. No answer. He just glared at me with glazed over eyes that shined in the light. I shake him to try getting even the slightest reaction! “Answer me Charlie!” Tears form in my eyes, my face becoming red. “Where were you? where’s Mom!?” Nothing. I let go and fall on the bedside and bawling my eyes out into my hands. Charlie stood there just watching me for some reason. I hear footsteps walking out of the room. I look up in shock! I run after him through the hallway of pictures and end up into the living room. The Tv is full of static, the room is cold, I hear sirens coming closer to the house. I try to run to the door. Not paying attention to what was on the floor, I trip over my blanket. I hit the floor a sharp pain comes over my whole head, neck, and spine. Everything starts going blurry, every blink is a curtain of darkness, sending me to an eternity darkness, it was blurry but I know it was Charlie. I blink once again to have another eternity of complete nothingness takes over me. As I open my eyes from seeing black, I notice he’s gone, but red and blue lights are right outside, I see the front door being busted down. Blurs of light shine down on me as I lay there ready to be banished to complete darkness once more. That’s when I woke up in a dim lit room with the sound of a constant repetitive beeping. I look over my shoulder, as my vision clears I notice a metal rod holding an IV bag. I'm laying on a bed with baby blue sheets and a rough pillow, I try to sit up, but feel my head throbbing, my neck sore and extremely confused. I tried to touch my head because of the pain, my hand was suddenly jerked, I look at my hand it was handcuffed to the bed! And that’s when I met you.

Name: That’s all you remember?

Veronica: Yes.

Name: Do you know where you are?

Veronica: No. (whispers)No.

Name: My name is Doctor Aeshma. I’m your doctor here at Danvers State Hospital.

Veronica: What? No, I’m sorry you have the wrong patient!

Dr. Aeshma: Police found you inside of a woman’s house last night. The woman's neighbors called the police after they heard screaming and heard a loud disturbance coming from inside.

Veronica: What are you talking about?!

Dr. Aeshma: Veronica you’ve been a patient here for 27 years…  You were part of a new procedure called lobotomy when you were 10 years old. Then shortly after the procedure was done, it was deemed inhumane and was made illegal. The procedure changed you. You became more violent and developed a form of short-term memory loss. You believe you’re a teenager, but in all reality, you're 37 years old. You escaped last night and you….

Veronica: What? What kind of sick joke is this?What happened? Tears rolled down her face.

Dr. Aeshma:  You killed a woman in her own house. Her voice trembled.

Veronica: NO! DONT LIE TO ME! What about Charlie?

Dr. Aeshma: There is no Charlie. It was all you. I’m sorry.

Dr. Aeshma stands up and leaves the room. Veronica lays in her bed crying thinking “What? Why? How?” A nurse walks in and sedates her. Veronica slowly dozes off as the event played over and over again in her head.


© Copyright 2020 gregm. All rights reserved.

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