You Said So

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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



He promised, she helped me understand, and you said so.

You said that it would all fall apart. I didn't listen because, he promised he would love me forever and never hurt me again. She helped me understand that it wasn't my fault he left, but you said so.

I don't understand why my life keeps hitting me down with no way to get back up without having to drag myself backwards to the very beginning of the problem and then creep forward from there. I thought this time was different. I should have known better.

His ring is now in the ocean, and I'm sitting here with you and her, crying over his broken promises. I wish I had known better, every time I fall for someone they all leave. I'm tired of trying, but you say I'll find someone someday. I hope you're right.

" Veronica, baby, we are your best friends and we need to know what's happened. You've been crying and blubbering, but you haven't said what he did to upset you.", You say. I smile a feeble smile and look at you. I love it when you call me baby.

" He was cheating on me with that girl from the coffee shop, and now she's pregnant, and I'm pregnant. When I found out he cheated I said it was over and walked to the beach.  I threw his ring into the ocean. I never even got to tell him about the pregnancy, now I don't think I want to.", I reply losing my attempt at a smile. I had been scared enough finding out I was pregnant and wondering how to tell him, now  I was pissed and scared, but ready to raise my baby alone if I had to. I wasn't planning on having kids anytime my time had come.

You seem to be reading my mind, " You're not doing this alone, honey, you have me and Shay. I promise we'll support you in whatever you decide. If you want to keep the child we'll help raise it (Shay saying she won't be changing any diapers) and be there through it all.

Why can't any of the girls or guys I meet be as wonderful as my girls. Well, you at least, Shay is a little dramatic for my tastes. Why can't you be Bi or a lesbian and love me like I've always been in love with you. I wish that it were that easy. I wish life were like a book, love just happened no complications and even a straight person could turn Bi from the power of your feelings. I love you, but you're straight you said so multiple times. I love you, but she helped me understand that you'll never be able to feel the same about me.

" Thanks so much. I plan on keeping it, but I know I can't do this alone. I need all the help I can get, I want to finish school too. I feel like my life just did a whole turn around; one minute I'm in love and engaged, next I'm pregnant and alone.", I say. I lay my head on your boobs and hold your hand that's not wrapped around my waist.

Shay walks over and sits on my other side laying a hand on my leg and says, " I promise you're not alone and you will be the best mother in the history of motherhood. I know how crazy your life has been, but all the pain is leading you to being a strong woman."

We all smile and look at one another, maybe we're not perfect. We fight, we don't have the same tastes, and we will not always agree on what's best for the baby. But at least I know you will both always be here for it and me. You said so.


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