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One night can define the rest of her life

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



 His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at me. "You have no idea who I am, do you?", He asked calmly and almost as if he didn't care either way.

I was feeling like I did know him, but that I didn't want to remember either. I looked into those brown eyes, he was looking back, still cold and lifeless. I wish he had just stayed in his corner. I was here at Marcy Davis' end of the year party to have fun, not be scared by some freak who looked familiar.

" No, I don't think I want to know either. Goodbye, I think I need a few shots of vodka now.", I said as I slowly began to back away. He just shrugged at me and walked away, back to his corner and the girl he'd left who was glaring at me.

I started looking around for the drinks, Marcy's house is huge with six rooms downstairs, twenty bathrooms all throughout the house, and twelve bedrooms upstairs. Though it's not really necessary. She is an only child, and her parents spoil her. Her dad works as a PR manager for some company and her mom is a big time actress.  It seemed like both her parents were often not home because, she had a party almost every weekend and sometimes on weekdays.

Her house has a lot of tiling and no carpeting that I could see (maybe some in the bedrooms) which is good since there has been a lot of alcohol spilt and vomit, well, vomited. I knew I was two hours late from when the party started, but god people were already plastered and puking! I finally found the the drinks in the kitchen, and poured me a cup of vodka straight, no mixers or chasers for me. I just don't see the point in them, they ruin the feel as the vodka slides down your throat. The way you can taste it all the way down. Some people- my ex boyfriend included- say it burns, but that's just them I guess. I don't know why they think it burns. We dated for almost a year before he realized I didn't love him, I couldn't, he promised to keep my secret.

Macy herself almost made me scream as she came up behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist, " Oops, didn't mean to scare ya Rainy, just wanted to say thanks for coming. You haven't been to one of my parties since you and George broke up. I've missed ya girly.", she said swaying and using my arm for support. If the swaying didn't make it obvious her talking about George did,she knew it was a touchy subject for me, she was just as plastered as everyone else.

After my initial glass of vodka, I had some tequila, strawberry flavored rum, and did a line of shots with Macy.

I was sitting on the couch in her mom's "office" - giant room with antiques and a huge golden teardrop chandelier with hearts and angels on it, specially made by some well paid craftsman- when Macy's boyfriend, Finn, came in.

" Hey, Finnigan how's it going?", I asked smiling through my alcohol induced haze.

" Hi Rain, Macy I just wanted to know if we could blaze, but if you guys are busy I'll leave, baby. ", he said like a puppy who'd been refused his treat.

" Awe, Finn, you're the best. We can all smoke one. Just lock the door I ain't sharing with none of those losers out there.", She replied looking at Finn with doe eyes and a heart-filled smile. I envy openly expressing that feeling of love.

As we were getting high there seemed to be a commotion going on outside in one of the other rooms. Echoing in a broken way to where you only heard bits of the argument "You...she...mine...away...dick...", obviously it was about a girl. We were all laughing so hard, not even a little worried about it.

The next day

Ugh, my head is pounding.

I woke to three messages and two missed calls from my mom. I looked around and realized I was in a guest bedroom still at Macy's house. The freak from the corner was in the bed next to me. I quietly got up and found my shoes, dress, and checked how I looked in the mirror. I look like a zombie. I walk out and go to one of the bathrooms that's farthest from the room we were in and check the cabinets. I found a bottle of aspirin and took three.  I washed my hair in the sink, without soap, and splashed water onto my exposed chest and neck. I found lotion and rubbed it into my arms and legs, letting it sooth my agitated nerves.

I walked out of the bathroom after drying my hair and almost ran into Macy. We looked at each other and I could feel her silently urge me to wait outside the bathroom until she was done. I nodded. As I waited I heard water running and cabinets opening, guess I'm not the only one who feels like crap.

She came out looking much better than when she went in. We started creeping towards the staircase and went back into her mothers office. She locked the door behind us and then, looking at me, asked, " What the heck happened last night? Why can't I remember?"

I replied, " I don't remember anything past us smoking a blunt with Finnigan and the fight we heard going on."

Why couldn't either of us remember?  What was going on? Would Finn do this to us? Doubtful.

She looked at me and seeming to know what I was thinking said, " Finn is just as messed up as us and I saw multiple other people looking just as sick lying around my house. I think someone slipped something into the alcohol. I don't know why they would."

As the morning wore on more people got themselves up and moving, none of us were quite ready to go home. Some were trying to figure out who'd drugged us and what with. I was in the kitchen fixing my food when the freak came in. He looked pretty good for having been drugged I must admit.

" So you remember me yet?", he asked. He seemed to actually be looking at me with some life in his eyes this time. That sparkle of something other than hate. I remembered him, but yet I didn't know him.

" No, Sorry, how do you know me?", I replied calmly. I hoped he didn't remember falling into bed with me, even though I was sure we didn't do anything I still didn't want to admit we'd slept alone in the same bed.

" No problem, and we used to be friends in middle school until you ditched me for your boyfriend and all the popularity in the world remember now, Claira Rain Jackson."

I stared at him, this couldn't be Harry, he had been sent away after....after...after he raped me. Harry was the only friend I'd ever told my full name to. The only guy who I'd willingly told about my secret, and he hated me for it. We were the closest two kids could get until eighth grade; I was staying at his house and he kissed me, when I said I didn't like him like that he went crazy. He pushed me to the floor and when I tried to scream he hit me hard in the face. I blocked out a lot of what he did, but I remember he took off my clothes and put his dick inside me, it hurt a lot. He screamed at me as he raped me calling me names and saying I'd learn to love him. After he was done he tied me up and put me in his closet. When his mom came down and saw I was gone he said I'd left for home an hour before. To make a long story short I was trapped for three days and raped a whole of eight times before they found me. Beaten and bruised, but the mental wounds were the worst part.

" Oh my God", I said as he slowly came towards me. I saw something in his hand. He smiled and said, " You will never love anyone ever again." I realized what he had, a gun. Before he could shoot, Macy came in and she started screaming.

Two months later

" Hey, Macy!", I say excitedly as Macy comes towards me and my girlfriend, Ash, who I've been dating for a month now. We've technically been dating for about six months, secretly. After everything that happened with Harry I finally came out to my family and friends. Harry's in jail, and I kind of thank him for helping me see I could die any moment and that I needed to do what made me happy no matter the price.

" He girly's!", she exclaimed and hugged us both. Ash and I both laughed at her being so enthusiastic. Were going to school, our first day after summer break, and she's all excited. Ash and me grab each other's hand as we see the building coming in sight.

" Babe, we don't have to go in, not yet", Ash said. She could probably feel my anxiety. I shook my head and kept walking. We had to do this, I loved her and I was done keeping it a secret.


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