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A girl's bus gets into an accident. Everyone died except her because she landed on a ledge. She goes over what happened in her head.

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



“Some didn’t make it,” the teacher spoke shakily. The women collapsed to the ground, sobbing. The man tried to comfort her but he too was battling his own tears. The young boy wailed as if he understood. The families slowly staggered out of the school to mourn the loss of their children.  


The temperatures were dropping. I struggled to stay awake for I knew what would happen if I fell asleep. My face was numb from my tears, mouth tasted salty. The events from the day played over and over in my head. It had started out so normal.

I  knocked on my friend M.J’s cabin. We were at Autumn Willow Camp. It was the time when all the 9th graders went to the camp for an entire week. It was the last day of the week and I wanted to get good seats on the bus. It had been fun and I was dreading getting home to my crazy family.

M.J opened the door along with my other friend Vicki. M.J stood for Margaret Jane but if you called her that you wouldn’t live to see tomorrow. They were talking about a mouse they thought they saw in the house. I began to feel like a third wheel, as usual. They knew each other long before they knew me.

When they finally realized I was there, color rushed to their cheeks in shame. I chuckled, they were ashamed easily when they felt like they were excluding me. They mumbled their apologies and greetings. The door slammed behind them as we walked down the steps. I took in a gulp of air and I felt it rush into my lungs, I was going to miss the fresh air of the mountains.  

We trotted down the road. The trees were stained with red and orange and the air smelled musty. The bushes full of violet popped against the vegetable green grass. The 100 year old trees towered over us letting only single rays of sunlight through. I heard birds chirping as they met the morning. The air was chilly but not freezing.

At the bottom of the road stood the bus, waiting for us. I quickly opened my bag to get my blanket. I rummaged through all the souvenirs I was bringing home to my siblings that my mom had made me buy. When I settled in my seat I closed my eyes planning to sleep the whole two hours away. Suddenly, someone shouted my name.

I turned to see who it was. Nick was moving down the rows towards me. I groaned, now it was certain I wouldn’t get any sleep. He plopped down right next to me. To my delight I saw he had his earplugs in. A part of me was also disappointed because I always had a small crush on him. I turned to the window as the scenery zoomed past. I grabbed my phone and texted my mom.

Just got on the bus see you soon.


I put my own earplugs and listened to my book. Then disaster hit. The rock slide attacked with such a great force. People were scrambling to get out. I was practically throwing people off the bus to save them. Suddenly, behind me I heard a blood curdling scream so I whipped my head around fast. I witnessed in horror as Nick, Vicki and M.J fell of along with the bus.“No No No stop, Dakota don’t think about it”, I scolded myself.

“ Why did you live, Dakota and not us,” I could almost hear Vicki saying.

“ I didn’t mean to, I tried to save you.”

“ Well you didn’t try hard enough” M.J seemed to echo in head.

“No, I did I tried really really hard.”

“ Yeah well look where we ended up and look at you.”

“No, No, No, No,” I covered my head and rocked.

“It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault”


I shivered in the cold. Tears threatened.

I wondered if I should keep fighting. I always felt alone even with M.J and Vicki. Maybe it would be better if I just fell asleep. It would be easier to just rest, it was not like I was going to be missed, right? I was drained of all my energy.

I looked around the cave, at the top the stalactites threatened to impale me. The ground felt hard and sharp. I approached the ledge that had caught me from falling all the way to the bottom. I peered over the ledge, there was a sheer drop and at the bottom was a crushed bus, I tried not to think that how many bodies were down there also. I rubbed the goose egg on the back of head from when I smacked onto the ledge.

It was getting dark and I was getting tired. I recalled how my brother used to fall asleep on my chest when I was watching T.V. . I giggled at the thought. I remembered my mother's warm smile and my father’s goofy grin. We weren’t a perfect family and that is what made us happy.

I thought back to M.J and Vicki. They would never had said what I had heard in my head they would have told me to keep living, I was sorry to do disappoint them.  Even though they knew each other longer, they tried their best to include me in everything they did. They were just good people that something tragic happened to. I hoped they were in a better place.  

I felt reassurance that my family was going to be okay. Everything was going to heal eventually. I just needed to let go. When I was little, I always recoiled at the thought of dieing I thought it would be some horrible, painful death but I wasn’t afraid anymore.  I was glad I had the chance to live.  

I looked out at nature for the last time. The beasts of the night were coming to out to hunt. The little animals were getting settled for another night’s rest. The clouds above released the first snowfall of the season. I thought of last winter when I finally snowboarded down the most extreme slope at the resort. It was a shame that I wouldn’t be around be able to see my sister's first time down the bunny hill. The world seemed so calm and still. The wind blew softly. I saddened at the thought it would be the final glance.

I gracefully lied down on the rock floor. I yawned as if it was just another night I would wake from. My eyes began to close. I took a deep breath which I knew would be my last. With a smile I peacefully entered my eternal slumber.


© Copyright 2018 A.J king. All rights reserved.

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