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Nicole, a 19 year old sophomore in college finds herself in some trouble. In a long distance relationship, she finds herself pursuing her professor when it was just suppose to be for fun.

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017




Go to college they said, college will be fun they said. Yet I find myself sitting here wanting out of this hell hole. Here I am stressing over an online class that the professor doesn't teach well. He never answers emails nor is he ever in his office, how the hell is he still employed?

*cell phone starts ringing*

-incoming call from Baby

"Hey baby"

"Hey how are you?"

"Stressed...what are you doing?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking of you and i missed you. I wanted to call and say I love you."

"Aw baby that's so sweet! I love you too!"

"I know Wednesday's are your long days so I just wanted to say get some sleep and we'll talk tomorrow after you're done with classes!"

"Okay baby. I love you...goodnight."

"Goodnight baby, i love you too."

Being in a relationship is difficult but being in a long distance relationship...that's difficult times one hundred. But everything worked out fine, we argued a lot...but shit happens.


I woke up the next morning tired and still stressed about the online class. I got out of bed, showered, ate, and got dressed. I thought about skipping my first class which is Spanish...but I decided to be a good student and go.

My class started at 1:00 and I was there early. I took a seat in the back as usual. I love the language but not so much the class, I was placed into a class that was too easy for me and now I'm stuck. So I get bored easily in class.

My professor is from Colombia and he's very attractive...for a professor. I never believed any of those hyped up college stories where all of these girls drool over their professor because he's so hot. Majority of the professors are not attractive to the slightest degree. Except my Spanish professor.

"Hola a todos, como estan? Bien?"

The class answered in a cringe worthy manner.

"Bueno. Hoy, vamos a estudiar los reflexsivos!"

He went on and on about reflexive verbs in Spanish and when to use them and when to not use them.

"Ah, Nicole, puede darme un ejemplo?"

"Me despierto a las 10:00 AM todos dias"

"Que bien!"

I continued to look at my phone and play games. I pretty much already spoke Spanish. I guess you could say "broken" Spanish. It wasn't formal at all.

"Nicole!!! Just because you speak Spanish well doesn't mean you can sit on your phone in my class. My office after class."

I didn't say anything but look up and give him an irritated stare. I didn't have time to go to his office after class, i had another one right afterwards.

By the time 1:50 came around, I was even more exhausted than when I woke up and i was irritated.

I walked over to his office and met him there. I walked in and sat down.

"So tell me what's going on?"

"Nothing is going on."

"Every time I look at you, you're on your phone. Is your phone more important than your grade in this class?"

"No. But I've been doing fairly well in this class. And I'm not the only one on my phone, yet I’m the only one you call out."

"Listen. Just because you speak Spanish pretty well already, doesn't mean you can just brush this class off. There's obviously a reason why you were put in this class."

The way he spoke English, he had this sexy accent and it made me go crazy. He was so firm with his words and it almost seemed as if he was being aggressive in a way but I liked it.

"Yeah. I have another class to get to so if this is it, can i please go?"

"Another thing, dress more appropriately. The low cut shirts aren't appropriate for class."

"Excuse me? Here you go targeting me again when other girls in class wear whatever they want and you don't say anything to them. Only me...why?"

He walked over to where I was sitting, and lifted my chin, "You're such a beautiful girl, I don't want those boys staring at you."

I couldn't see my face but I just knew I was blushing. Hard. My face was all hot and so was my body.

"Professor Rodriguez I.."

"You're going to act like the times you're not staring at your phone, you aren't staring at my body, day dreaming about all of the things you want to happen? I can see it in your eyes."

"I think you have me mistaken for someone else."

He picked me up and put me on his desk, my legs straddled with him in between. His hands slowly running down my body. I could've said no..but I didn't want to. I couldn't help myself...I wanted him...I wanted my professor.

"I...I have a boyfriend."

He still continued to kiss and gently bite my neck.

"Well then how come I've never seen you with him on campus?"

"You've been stalking me? We're long distance"

"We just go to a lot of the same places. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"This is a one-time thing."

"A one-time thing."

He started kissing me more aggressively. Biting my lip more aggressively. He removed my shirt and threw it across the room and started kissing down my body.

I was's different when it's with your professor.

He slid off my leggings with ease and there I was. Almost all out in the open. My black bra and matching black thong. He started working his way up back to my lips, his fingers slowly rubbing my clit.

I couldn't stop thinking about how many girls he's done this with. Or why he chose me...of all girls in that classroom. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good, I didn't want him to stop.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist, as he thrusts deep inside me, my moans in his ear...


I thought to myself, is this man fucking crazy? You're fucking your student and on top of that you want to take the chance of impregnating her?!!!

But I couldn't say no, it felt so all happened so fast.

"I'm sorry...I just...I couldn't help myself...I can buy you a plan B and give it to you..."

"No...I can get it myself. How many..."

"None. You're the only one."

"One and done right."

He took a heavy sigh, " and done"

For some odd reason, I felt special. On another note i felt awful...I cheated on my boyfriend with my professor. I missed my second class because i was fucking the professor from my first class, and I'm definitely not going to my third class...I need to go back to my apartment and think about what the fuck just happened.

I made it back to my apartment and took a shower. i felt dirty. I felt like...a whore. I felt so guilty. I wasn't hungry or thirsty. So I sat on my couch and just watched TV. What was I going to say to my boyfriend? Nothing. Just act normal. How the fuck am i going to act normal when I just did what i did??! He calls me right after my last class and today was the first day I dreaded his phone call.

*Phone rings*

-incoming call Baby


"Hey are you?"

I'm a lying...cheating whore...I'm fucking terrible that's how I am.

"I'm good, how about you?"

"I'm good as well. So are you still stressed about that online class you were telling me about?"

"Yeah...still doesn't make sense to me."

"Just fuck your way to an A hahah"

All of a sudden everything froze.


"Babe I'm just kidding. It's a joke."

"Oh...haha...yeah...fuck my way to an A hah..."

Oh my god. My heart is literally about to pop out of my chest....I literally feel sick. As we're on the phone, I'm scrolling through social media and notice him talking to this girl being a little flirty. He has a past with that. But i thought we moved past that.

"So who's that girl you were talking too?"

"Babe...she's just a friend."

"Uh huh. She's just a friend you're sending kissy emojis to? okay just a friend."

"It's social media, it's not that serious."

"We met on social media."

"Whatever you're just trying to start an argument."

"I'm really not. Bye."

I hung up with ease. Normally I'd be crying, screaming, why are you doing this all over again. But I just hung up. He tried calling me back several times but i declined his calls.

Time to go to sleep and sleep this nightmare away.

I woke up the next morning dreading going to Spanish class. I was nervous and embarrassed. It's a fifty-minute class so it's every day of the week except Friday. I purposely dressed like a bum and didn't do my hair or makeup. I wanted to look as ugly as possible. I even put my glasses on.

I walked in later than usual because I was debating on skipping or not. Even when I walked in later, I was still early. I was the only one in the classroom...with him.

"Rough night?"

"Something like that."

"Well if you ever need..."

"I don't ..thanks."

I don't want to start anything. I just wanted to forget about what happened. But the thing was...I kept thinking about it. He had to at least be ten years older than I was. Why am I so attracted to him? I need to switch soon as possible.

Before I knew it, the rest of the students started to cluster in. I felt as if they were all staring at me. But they weren't. They didn't even notice me. I hardly talked to anyone in that class. But before I started going crazy in the middle of class, I had to change that.

Since we were still going over reflexive verbs, he asked us to write about our daily routine. He said we could either do it alone or with a partner.

"Hey do you want to be my partner? I don't really get this stuff."

I'd normally say no because i like to work alone but today was different.


We started talking and laughing about some of our daily routines. And I was explaining how reflexive verbs worked and he eventually understood.

I looked up and spotted Professor Rodriguez giving me an angry stare. What could I have possibly done wrong? He said partner up so I did.

There was a girl in the corner...Melissa. Everyone called her Mel. I hated her she was always seeking attention. The incredibly short shorts and the revealing shirts....she was just...a slut. Everyone knows she has a record of sleeping with almost all of her professors. She talks about trying to get Professor Rodriguez to cave into her. I just vomit in my mouth when she talks.

I saw him go over there and help her. For some reason I was kind of mad he went over there. Why help her? You know she doesn't need help; she's just acting stupid for your attention. But then I saw him laughing with her and I immediately got upset. He caught me staring and smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

Because the activity took so long and he was too busy chattin it up with Mel, we didn't have time to go over the activity as a class.

I marched right to his office.

"What the hell was that?"

"I don't know what you're talking about?"

"You give me an angry stare because I partnered up with Alex?"

"I just gave you that stare because you normally work alone. And Alex, I'm sure he's a good kid but you know he was just using you to get information he missed because he rarely comes to class and when he does, he goes to sleep."

Maybe he was right...maybe I was flipping out for no reason. Oh my god...I've developed some sort of feelings for my professor...I've had get so upset over that.

"Well..I just didn't like the way you were looking at me."

"The same way you looked at me when I was helping Melissa?"

I blushed out of embarrassment.

He walked over to me and grabbed me by my waist and started to kiss me so aggressively ...again.

" and done remember"

"You knew this was never going to be a one-time thing", he chuckled and continued kissing down my neck.

"And don't even think about switching out of my class."

"I think that would be best...the last thing I need.."

"What? You don't want to think about everything we do when I'm staring right at you in class?"

"No..I need to cut you off...I mean this off..before it turns into something else."

"It's already something else and you know it. You want it."

"This is the last time...and after...I'm switching classes, and there's nothing that you can do about it."

"Si eso es lo que quieres pues entonces...esta bien. Pero, Siempre estare en tu mente. Siempre, mi amor."

I stared deep into his eyes.

What is it with this man? Why can't I just shrug him off?

"Come on, don't act like you weren't upset that i even gave the slightest bit of attention to were jealous."

"I wasn't jealous."

"Then what were you?"

"Just stop talking."

I don't know what his deal was, but he was being so rough. I didn't mind, but it wasn't like that last time.

"You don’t speak to any man in my class, do you understand me?"

I really wanted to say that he sounded ridiculous but I couldn't form those words out of my mouth.

"Then you don’t speak to Melissa or any woman other than me, do you understand?”

“Te entiendo, mi amor.”

He turned me around so I was facing the desk and bent me over. I was embarrassed...he could see everything.

He slowly slid himself inside me and began thrusting deep inside me.

*Phone rings*

-Incoming call Baby

You've got to be kidding me I said to myself. Just let it ring. Why didn't I turn my phone off...why didn't I just leave after class???

"Answer it."


"Answer the phone..I suggest you keep your moans quiet and subtle unless you want your boyfriend to find out."

I answered the phone.


"Were you really that upset yesterday over nothing?"

"I gave you a clear reas..." I let out a small moan

He starting pulling my hair and drilling my pussy, I couldn't take it. I hung up the phone.

"Did I tell you to hang up?"

"I couldn't..I couldn't."

He wasn't letting up, he was basically rearranging my insides and I was loving every moment.

Sex isn't supposed to feel this good, what the hell is it with him? What is he doing to my body?

It happened again. I was definitely going to have my professor's baby.

What has gotten into me...begging my professor to cum me.

"We seriously have to stop doing this."

"I don't think you want to. I know I don't."

"It's not about what i want...this is wrong."

"I don't think you mind that. I think the issue is you're starting to love what we do and you're scaring yourself."

"We've done this twice."

"Twice turns into many more, you were already jealous about Melissa today."

"Professor Rodri..."

" can call me Miguel."

"'re older than i am, I have a boyfriend, and you're my professor. This could both get us into a ton of trouble."

"I'm only 26 and if you wanted your boyfriend you wouldn't be in my office getting offense. As a matter of fact..I think you love that I'm your professor."

"You have a lot of assumptions."

"Tell me you don't want me and then I'll leave you alone. I won't even look in your direction."

“Ok. No te quiero.”

“No te creo.”

“Well that’s not my problem.”

I turned around and started to walk to the door when he grabbed my arm and swung me around towards him.

“What are you doing? Let go of me.”

“Look me in the eyes and say it.”

“I have to go, I have a class.”

“I’ll email your professor, tell him you had to finish an assignment.”

“No! I have to go...I don’t have to tell you anything, I already did.”

“Why are you in such a rush to get to your other class? Is there something else going on?”

I can’t believe that he would think of me in that way. But just maybe...if I said yes..he’d leave me alone.

“What we have is a fling. It’ll die in due time. But what Professor Haze and I have is something beyond sex.” I smirked at him. “Now may I leave?”

“You want me to believe you’re not only sleeping with a forty-five year old man who is married but it’s more than just sex?”

“I don’t care what you believe...honestly.”

“Ok. Well then I guess this is done, close my door on the way out. But remember Nicole, siempre.”

I walked out the door and although I had another class...I stopped. I didn’t go far from his door...I sat down and tried to think things through. I really do have feelings for this man, he makes me feel...whole...he treats me well..not to mention ...the’s to die for. He is always on my mind, I can’t stop thinking about him, when my boyfriend calls, I want it to be Miguel. When I go to sleep, I want Miguel right next to me, not my boyfriend.

I walked back into his room and quietly shut the door.

“I thought you had a class to get to?”

“I wanted to apologize.”

“Don’t apologize for being honest.”

“I want to apologize for lying.”


“There’s nothing between Professor Haze and fact...I hate him. Look...I don’t go around sleeping with my professors.”

“I see.”

“And...I do want you. I don’t want you to leave me alone, I want you all over me, all day...every day. I don’t want this to stop…”

“Nicole...maybe you were right. You should switch classes, it’s for the best.”


“Come here.”

I walked behind his desk and stood in front of him, confused.

He stood up and turned me around, gently kissing my neck.

“If you can’t handle the way I’m going to look at you in class, then switch.”

I opened my eyes and smirked, “Don’t underestimate me.”


I really can’t believe what I’ve been doing. I feel terrible but at the same time..I don’t care. My boyfriend has done so many things to hurt me and as much as I loved him, it faded. I was unhappy and miserable. Is that a reason to cheat? No. But it’s not like he had a reason to cheat either. I’ll tell him..just not now. It’s just sex and I’m sure we’ll both get tired of each other at some point.

I got ready for class and I kind of went all out. Not really all out but I was definitely going to be his distraction in class today. I don’t like wearing dresses too often but this was a special occasion...that called for a dress with no panties. I don’t know what I’ve turned into, but i like it.

I walked into class and took my seat.

“Going off of what we read yesterday, we’re going to start with Melissa. Now i know you all don’t like to read, but it’s important to practice pronunciation.”

“Melissa, if you could please start reading where we left off.”

While Melissa was reading, everyone’s head was down, attempting to make sense of the words on the page. But Miguel was staring right at me and I felt all hot inside. I couldn’t resist. I moved my legs around a bit and his eyes got gigantic. I smiled as I was satisfied with myself.

“Professor Rodriguez, what is atrear?”

He quickly started scrambling through the pages.

“Huh..oh..that’s a verb meaning ‘to attract.’”

Melissa looked at me and rolled her eyes, I quickly looked down.

Class was over and I just knew I had to stop by his office.

When I walked over to his office, I saw Melissa was in there. She “needed” help on something I guess. I didn’t like the way she tried to be all over him. She’d bend down so her tits were all in his face, but he didn’t show any interest. Either way, it irritates me.

“Don’t think he’d ever go for a girl like you.”

“Eres una blanquita estupida, tu lo sabes?”

She looked at me in confusion and i just laughed. I walked right past her and shut the door.

“I hope you’re not in here to yell at me about Melissa, she came in saying she needed help.”

“If I was going to yell at you, i would’ve started yelling at you while i was walking through the door.”

He chuckled and once he saw Melissa leave, he closed the blinds.

“Now, you decide to come to my class and tease me like that? Getting me distracted?”

“If you can’t handle it...I’d be happy to switch classes. I heard Professor Arroyo is pretty nice.”

He carried me to his desk and sat me on top, making sure my legs were straddled.

“You love to make me jealous don’t you?”

“Never that, it’s just you seem like you can’t handle it.”

He laughed, “You are my weakness, mi amor.”

He kissed me gently and started to caress me. He was slow and gentle, which was different than what we had been doing. So different. It was like he was making love to me, but he couldn’t help himself. Before I knew it, I was getting my insides rearranged like crazy and I was going insane.

Melissa: “Professor Rodriguez, I forgot my book in your office.”

Professor Rodriguez: “Ok, one minute.”

I quickly started to get dressed, i was so annoyed. She literally has to ruin everything.

We both were dressed and my heart was ready to explode. I didn’t want Melissa to know, she’s literally Satan. Who knows what she would do if she found out.

Melissa: “Interesting that your blinds were closed.”

Professor Rodriguez: “Yeah, I was getting ready to go home for the night, so I closed the blinds.”

Melissa: “What were you doing in here, Nicole? Don’t you already speak Spanish?”

Nicole: “I speak it but it’s broken and I wanted to get some help. So what book did you leave behind?” I folded my arms waiting for her answer.”

Professor Rodriguez: “Yeah I don’t think you left it in here, Melissa.”

Melissa: “ know what, i completely forgot, I actually left it back in my room. I thought I placed it here haha.”

I rolled my eyes.

Melissa: “Oh...I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?”

Miguel and I both said, “Of course not.”

We looked at each other.

Melissa: “I’m not stupid. I know that you two have a fling.”

Miguel: “Melissa, making an accusation like that is quite serious. And never would I have anything like that with a student.”

Nicole: “I was in here getting help, like I said.”

Melissa: “Bullshit, Nicole. Stop lying. You know you were just being a whore, fucking your professor. Was that the help you needed?”

Nicole: “And if that was the help I needed, who are you to judge?”

I got up and walked out.

The whore calls me a whore! As if she hasn’t slept with multiple of her professors and bragged about it! The audacity. At that point, I didn’t care if she was certain, I don’t care if she saw us. If she tries to bring Miguel and I down, she’s going down with us.

A few weeks went by and we were still doing the same thing. But more frequently and of course more carefully. We didn’t want anyone else to find out what was going on or to have any suspicions. You would think we would stop doing what we were doing if we were being so careful but no..the truth is...we couldn’t stay away from each other.  I was avoiding my boyfriends texts and calls as much as possible. I became less interested in him....and started to show interest beyond sex in my professor. And I think he was feeling the same way...

"Break up with him. Come to me..I know you've thought about it."

"No...I can't. We can't do this. This was supposed to be for fun, it was supposed to be just sex. Remember?"

"If you loved him at all, this wouldn't have even crossed your mind."

"We can't be together like's going to complicate things between us. This is strictly just sex. Nothing more."

"You don't have feelings for me?"

"I do. Miguel...I do but you're still my professor, I'm still in a relationship. I'm not breaking up with him because he's going to ask why...and I'm not going to say well I've been fucking my professor for the last month and I'm falling in love with him.."

"You're falling in love with me?"

Did I really just slip up and say that?

"I was just you know being dramatic."

"I love you, Nicole."

I swear that just made me melt...I couldn’t even fathom what he just said.

“...I uh...I have to go.” I said nervously.

He just smiled at me.

I went home and when I took my hoodie off, something fell out. A little piece of paper that wasn’t there before.

Oh my’s his address and number.

Should I show up? Should I just throw it away. He’s really trying to do this. I shouldn’t feel this way towards him but I do...I can’t stop thinking about him...he makes me feel incredible in all kinds of ways. Something my boyfriend never did.

I decided that I was going.

I showered and decided to wear a short, black pencil dress, with red heels. I did my makeup and my hair. I don’t remember the last time I went all out for someone but it felt good.

I got in my car and took a deep breath.

When I got to his house I thought he gave me the wrong address. His house was massive and so modern. He was clearly filthy rich. I looked in my mirror, touched up my makeup, fixed my hair and got out the car. I walked up to his door and rang the doorbell.

He answered the door.

“ look so..”

I couldn’t even let him finish before I was attacking his face, kissing him aggressively but passionately.

“You were right. I was jealous. I love what we do, I love you being my professor, I love you.”

He carried me to his bedroom and slammed me on the bed. He stripped me all the way down to nothing. I didn’t feel embarrassed anymore. This is what I wanted. He’s what I wanted.

He got on top of me and immediately started slamming himself inside me. It wasn’t uncomfortable, I was so wet just from his voice, it slid right in.

“I want to make love to you. I don’t want this to just be sex”

He started slowing down, taking this time, but still rearranging my insides. He stroked me nice and slow but still so deep all I wanted to do was scream. And I could. I could be as loud as I wanted. I didn’t have to worry. Neither did he.

I wrapped my legs around him, begging him not to stop. Begging him to keep going even when he cums and that just made him smile.

“We’ll go all night if you can handle that.”

“That’s what I want...give it to me.”

We ended up going 5 times before my body gave out but he...he could’ve kept going. That’s Satan himself. He wore me out beyond belief.

“You’re mine. That pussy is mine.”

“Yes, Papí”


I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon.

I really came to my professor's house and let him take control of me like that.

I walked downstairs.

“Well good morning sleepy head”

“Good morning”

“I made you bacon, eggs, and French toast with a side of fruit. There’s coffee if you want some.”

“You’re so sweet, I would’ve never known.”

“Last night...last night was amazing, Nicole. I want you even more now.”

“I’m yours.”

“And I’m yours. Only yours.”

Hearing him say that made me start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even my boyfriend wasn’t really mine.


Another month went by and we were both showing up at each other’s places. Sometimes in the middle of the night he would come to my apartment, ring my doorbell, and push me back inside as soon as I opened the door. He’d drown me in kisses. We slept over each other’s places a lot...and we didn’t plan on stopping any time soon.


One day someone knocked on my door and I didn’t know who it could be, since he was laying right next to me. I put my silk robe on and answered the door.

Holy shit.

“Wanna explain to me why you’ve been ignoring me for these past couple of months?”

“I...I’ve just been busy with school.”

“Yeah and so I’ve heard, someone told me you’ve been messing around with your professor, that true?”

I looked at Miguel and gave him the cue to go find some place to hide.

“No. Who told you that?”


That jealous bitch.

“How do you know Melissa?”

“I don’t but she found me through your page on your twitter or whatever and dmed me.”

“And you believed her?”

“You’ve been ignoring me a lot lately. Being short. Not showing interest.”

He pushed past me and started walking around my apartment. I didn’t know where Miguel went but I’m glad he hid.

“Pretty large shirt for a girl so small.”

“I like oversized shirts to sleep in.”

“Oversized shirts that smell like cologne?”

Shit that was Miguel’s shirt he took off last night.

My boyfriend, Dayton grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

“Who does this belong to, Nicole?”

“Please’re hurting me”

He raised his hand..


Miguel: “STOP! None of this was her idea...I forced her.”

I shook my head at Miguel.

Miguel: “I stalked her and threatened to fail her if she didn’t do exactly as I said.

Dayton: “I don’t believe you.”

Nicole: “it started off as just sex. But became more...I was going to tell you but I was scared.”

Dayton: “what a whore, fucking your professor.”

Miguel: “Don’t you ever call her that.”

Dayton: “Aw what are you two? In love or something?”

We both looked at each other.

Dayton scratched his head.

Dayton: “you know what? Since you want to do this sneaky shit behind my back and on top of that do it with your professor, let’s have a threesome right now.”

Miguel: “No. You aren’t going to force her into this.”

Dayton: “shut up, I wasn’t talking to you.”

Nicole: “why? You’re upset over nothing. We’re just friends. Remember all of your female “friends”? Well here’s my “just a friend” too.”

Dayton: threesome or I tell the administration what’s going on and what I walked in on.

Nicole: “okay”

I could tell Miguel wanted to strangle him but given the sensitivity of our situation, it wouldn’t have been in our best interest.

It’s so awkward. I’m not even sexually attracted to Dayton anymore.

I whispered in Miguel’s ear, “Just focus on me because I’m just going to focus on you. Show him what you do to me. Go all out.”

Dayton: “ok love birds, lets go.”

He made me kneel in front of him and told Miguel to fuck me from behind while he fucks my throat like the little whore I am.

The fact he’s getting off on this is sick.

Dayton: “I don’t see any condoms.”

Miguel: “that’s because we don’t use them.”

I could tell that triggered the hell out of Dayton. He shoved his dick so far down my throat, thrusting as hard as he could, every time I tried to pull away, he thrusted harder and deeper. Miguel shoved himself inside me and I immediately relaxed. I was finally able to get a breath, Miguel was taking his frustration and anger out on my body and it felt so good. I looked back at him, screaming loud, then he pulled me backwards so I was upright. He began kissing my neck, then kissing me so passionately.

This clearly pissed Dayton off.

Dayton: “My turn to fuck her slutty hole”

Miguel obviously didn’t want that and refused to move.

Dayton: “I have no problem embarrassing you both.”

Nicole: “here’s the condoms you brought up.” I threw them at him.

Dayton: “oh no, I’m not using a condom. There’s no need for that.”

Miguel: “No that’s crossing the line.”

Dayton: “NO. You crossed the line when you started fucking MY girlfriend who's your student. Fucking pervert.”


Dayton: “Shut up. Miguel, stuff her mouth and keep her quiet.”

I could feel Dayton thrusting himself inside of me, but it didn’t feel even half as good as when Miguel was doing it. I wasn’t really moaning because I wasn’t being satisfied.

I kept focusing on Miguel, even with him stuffed in mouth, I didn’t try to pull away. I stayed focused. He became more and more aggressive, pushing my head down and forcing me to hold it there for a while. But I didn’t mind it...I actually enjoyed it.

Dayton was getting more and more pissed off and his aggression was starting to get painful, I wanted him to stop.

Dayton: “what? I don’t satisfy you anymore? It doesn’t feel good?”

Nicole: “please just leave us alone.”

Dayton: “US? Well what about US, Nicole?”

Nicole: “there is no “us” it’s over. I’m in love with my professor and he satisfies me more than you ever could. Just leave.”

He pulled himself out and pushed me, “you fucking whore!”

Nicole: “we did what asked, keep this to yourself.”

Dayton: “you cheat on me and expect me to keep your secret?”

Miguel: “Don’t hurt her. She doesn’t deserve this.”

Nicole: “you cheated and kept a secret from me. You’re a father. You were never mine. I was never yours. You played me, I played you, just so happens I fell in love. Leave. NOW.”

Dayton’s eyes got very wide and large and started to water, “I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU.”

Nicole: “Leave.”

Dayton got dressed and left, I never heard from him again. Ever.

Professor Rodriguez and I never got caught, I specifically Told Melissa that If she were to tell, I’d tell the administration everything she had done. Quite frankly, she needs to fuck her way to an A, that’s the only way she’ll make grades.

Four years have passed and I’m still with who was once my professor. We’re married and plan on trying to have a kid soon. It feels good to have our relationship out in the open, we can go places and do whatever without having to worry.

Go to college they said, it’ll be fun they said. It sure was.






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