Making a Mark

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Mark, is nowhere near ordinary, in a good way. He has perfect grades, he's the ideal runner, and he does martial arts. He lives a seemingly perfect life, and everyone hates him for that. Everyone,
except for Amanda. Amanda is the love of his life. After worrying about Amanda, he comes into contact with God, and receives a few tasks that he must complete to get "a great reward". After
completing those tasks, his final task goes against his morals. Will he give in to God, and complete the final task for the great reward, or does he value his morals more than a gift from God. Read
the story to find out!

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017







The door slammed open, and Mark, red faced from running a mile to school casually said here.

Giggles filled the room as Mark took a seat. Mark was a genius, but he always slept in. He had an A plus in every class, except for period 1 Ceramics, because he was usually late. He wasn’t just good at academics though. He was the youngest captain of the track team ever, as he was in 10th grade and was only 14.


Mark’s heart pounded as no one said here.

“What happened to her? Is she ok? Did someone hurt her? I swear I’ll kill whoever hurts her!” Mark thought. Amanda was Mark’s best and only true friend, and it’s been that way since 2nd grade. If not obvious by now, Mark had huge crush on Amanda. His love was a bit extreme for a 14 year old, but it had saved him multiple times.

As the bell for lunch rang, the size of Mark’s nails had shrunk from him biting them. He had sent her 5 different texts, with no reply.

“Maybe I should skip lunch and go to her house” thought Mark, as he packed his bag. Since lunch was an hour, and he could run the mile to her house in 5 and a half minutes, he decided his course of action. As he ran, he passed his red house on Pine Ave, and the library which was doing some renovations. As he stopped at Amanda’s house, he noticed the open door. Then he saw the shadow of a man through the window on the second floor. He knew Emilia’s parents were on a business trip, and that Amanda’s babysitter was a woman. Without thinking, he rushed inside, ran up the stairs, and rushed into the room of the girl he loved.

“Amanda are you alri-” He saw Amanda lying in bed sleeping,  with a book on her nightstand.

“She must of just overslept. I’m an idiot for thinking otherwise.” he thought to himself. “Still, she’s sleeping so peacefully, maybe I shouldn’t wake her for school.” A dilemma arose of the likes Mark had never seen in his life. Should he awaken Amanda, and have her go to school to make her happy she didn’t miss the whole day, or have her sleep, so she’s happy she slept in.

“Which do I do? I care for her more than anything in the world, but when her happiness opposes her happiness, what can I do?” Mark then had a headache. He sat down on the chair, across from her bed to think about the dilemma, when he remembered the shadow in her room and the open door. After considering the new circumstances, he decided to wake Amanda up. After shaking her very lightly, he noticed the peculiar title of the book on her nightstand. The book was called “A Gift from God”, was in all white and didn't have an author. He knew Amanda was not religious, so he opened the book to read the first page, just to get an idea about what the book was about. The first page, in perfect script, said the words “Welcome Mark”. Mark, then thinking the book was left there for him, was intrigued about what the book said. After turning the next page, he heard someone say the words “Welcome Mark”.

Mark turned around to see no one.

“Who are you and where are you?” asked Mark.

“I am God, and I am omnipresent” said the voice

Mark, thinking that Amanda was tricking him, looked around the room, to find the secret microphone. After thoroughly searching, he found none. Not believing his results, he whispered

“Ok, prove that your god. Tell me something only god would know”

“I know that you like the unscrambled egg called manada, and want the egg called meilai.”

After decoding the message, he knew it was god, for he had told nobody about either egg, though the first one was obvious.

“Anyway”, exclaimed the voice, “I knew you would be here, that's why I left the book, and why Amanda's still asleep. The book will be a key, to a great reward. If you do everything said in the book, you will get the reward.”

“Can I tell anyone?” asked Mark.

“Only one person” demanded the voice,”The rest is up to you”.

“Bye” Mark, nonchalantly answered. Mark had already believed in God, and felt that he would encounter him at some point in time, whether it be after death or not.

At the same time that he said bye, he heard Amanda wake up. He knelt next to Amanda's bed.

“Good morning” Mark whispered.

“Goob mormin” Amanda mumbled. She then woke up entirely. “Today's a school day” she shouted, and its 12:00! We have to get to school!”

“I'm glad you're alright” said Mark relieved, “But we still have 45 minutes of lunch. We could walk there as soon as you’re ready”.

“It'll take me a couple of minutes to get ready but, I'm sure we'll make it on time. Thanks so much for waking me up. I just spent too much time on…” then she remembered what she was spending time on.

“Spent too much time on what?” asked Mark.

“Its nothing, don't worry about it.” At that time, Amanda's face was redder than marks. “Just leave the room, and take your book with you”

“About the book, I-”

“Just leave, I'll tell you later.” said Amanda.

He then left the room, and decided to read the contents of the book. The book had 4 pages and it's white cover. The first said, welcome Mark, and the other simply contained rules, like different game instructions. Also, the final page was stuck to the back of the book, with words on the front saying open when done with both tasks.

“Let's start at the beginning” he thought to himself. The book read “Task number one: tell Amanda how you feel about her. Rules: you are not allowed to tell her that the task was in this book at any point in time, or show her the book until the first page is complete.”

“Hmmmm”, thought Mark, “That's impossible! I love her more than anything in the world, and I only want her to succeed in life, but if I tell her, she'll hate me, and reject me, and think I'm a freak. But what if she likes me? What if she wants to be with me, just as much as I like her? What if this is an opportunity, for me to give her my love?” His thoughts were interrupted by Amanda coming out of the room, wearing shorts and a tshirt, normal clothing for California. Her dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes made Marks heart skip a beat.

“How do I look?” Amanda asked with a smile on her face.

“This is my opportunity to tell her how I feel.” Mark thought. However his anxiety overcame him, and he just said “You like normal for you” which was technically true. “Anyway, let's go to school.”

“What was that thing you wanted to tell me?” asked Amanda.

“It's nothing,” exclaimed Mark, “let's just go to school, we only have 20 minutes”

“Ok Mark” Amanda said with a smile. Amanda was the type of girl to always be smiling, despite not being popular. She had a few friends other than Mark, but hangs out with Mark mostly. She was average at sports, a great writer, but average in math, and art.


As they walked home, Mark decided to tell Amanda. “It's one step towards a gift from God, and hopefully she'll say yes” he thought.

“Hey Amanda” he said, “I have to tell you something important”.

“Same, but what I have to say is very important. How about we say it together”. She then turned around to see a group of men looking past her, and right at Mark.

“Look who it is…” said the leader of the group. “Mark Emantsal”

“Who the hell are you”, Mark said calmly, “ I don't want any trouble” he said while reaching for his wallet.

“No need” said one of the goons, “We're here on your dad's behalf. He’s stolen from us, and we're here to take revenge. You'll find your dad at the police station, behind bars with a black eye.”

“So what do you want from me?” asked Mark, “I didn't do anything, and my dad's a good man, who sometimes does some bad things”.

“Kid we're here to teach your father a lesson, don't take it personally.” said the leader.

“Mark I'm scared”, whimpered Amanda, “just the thought of them hurting me, or hurting you…” she then tried to hold back tears. Mark had never seen her cry in his life. From there his primal instincts combined with martial arts, took hold of him. “Amanda, look away”. He said, taking out 3 marbles from his pocket. “I'll warn you one time. If you hurt Amanda, you're as good as dead. Since you made her cry, I'll only hurt you.” His eyes then glowed blue. “Now, who's first?” He said with a smile.


“Amanda are you alright?” Mark asked.

Amanda turned around to see a trail of blood leading to the path of where the group had came from. She then looked at Mark, and saw that he didn't have a scratch on him. Her face was streaming with tears.

“I'm fine”, she lied. “How about you?”

“I'm not sure how I am, I'm not sure how I got the bad guys to disappear though. One moment they were there, the next they were gone. Now that they're gone, what would you like to tell me?.”

A smile lit up her face, as the tears began to fade. “I made you something” she said as she gave him a small box. “This is what I was working on last night.”

“You spent all that time for me?” cried Mark, “ I don't know what to say”.

“Just open the box” she said with a smile on her face.

He did as he was told. Inside the box, was a piece of paper containing a poem.

“It took me a while to make this. Please tell me what you think.”

He read the poem. After finishing the poem, he looked at Amanda.

“Amanda. I have a confession to make.”

“Yes Mark?”

“ I like you. No, I love you. I love you more than anything else in the world. Your happiness and our future are all that matter to me. Amanda, I love you”.

“Mark I…” gasped Amanda,”I'm flattered. I didn't know someone as average as me could attract someone like you. But that's all I want as well. I would do anything, and I mean anything to be with you.”

They just stood across from each other, staring. Then Amanda took a step forward, touched Mark’s cheek, and kissed him. Mark kissed back, and the cycle continued for a couple of minutes. Then they slowly broke apart and stared at each other, each of them with a gleam in their eye.

“Let's go” Mark mumbled, too surprised about what had just happened, “They might come back”

“Yeah!” said Amanda as she smiled. Amanda's smile was perfection to Mark. It was all he wanted at that moment, and all he wanted in most situations. Ever since he first saw the smile, he's craved to see it again.

As they approached Amanda's house, Mark remembered the book, and that Amanda's parents were away and his dad was in jail.

“Hey Amanda, can I sleepover at your house tonight?” said Mark.

Amanda blushed bright red “Umm, I'm not sure if I'm ready for THAT type of relationship. I mean we just admitted our feelings, so it would be too sudden. It's not that I would dislike that, but I've never done anything like this before and....”

As Amanda ranted on about how she wanted and didn't want to sleep with him, Mark realized that Amanda misinterpreted the situation.

“That's not what I meant” replied Mark while looking at his shoes, “ I could sleep on the floor or something. I just wanted to show you a cool book I found.

“Oh” Amanda blushed even harder, “ I'm so sorry for assuming something you didn't mean, I just kind of hoped, but wasn't ready, and -.”

Mark distracted her mouth with a kiss. “Don't worry Amanda. I love you, and I always will. No matter how much I desire something, I'll put your needs before mine, so do whatever you want whenever you want, and I'll support you. Now, about the book….” As they walked inside, Mark began to explain the book and its rules to Amanda. Amanda was much more shocked than Mark was, but Mark had never lied to her, so she believed him.

“There are 4 pages to the book” finished Mark.

“I only count 3” replied Amanda. Mark, sure that he had counted 7, counted again, when he realized, the page that had told him to tell Amanda his feelings had disappeared, and the pages were still labeled with the 4th page still stuck.

“I already completed a task, so it disappeared” replied Mark. He wanted to tell her the truth, but knew it wasn't a big deal and that God told him not to, so he kept quiet.

“What was the task?” asked Amanda, curious as to what god would ask from Mark.

“Don't worry about it, it's not important anymore” replied Mark, worried that she would ask more questions. “Let's just focus on the second task”.

“Ok Mark” said Amanda with a smile. The task read “task number 1: Discover your dad's secret. This is referring to Mark, and the incident in second grade.”

Mark frowned. He knew what incident it was, but didn't know what his father's secret was.

“Let's sleep on it” Mark said,

“Look Mark, this one has to do with the incident. I know you don't like to talk about it, but please, if you hold it in, it'll only hurt more” worried Amanda.

“Thank you my love” said Mark, “but I'm tired, so I'm going to bed. I'll just sleep on the floor of your room.”

“I'll go to bed as well. Good night Mark.” yawned Amanda.


There was a tiny light. Mark moved towards it for it only to grow. He realized what the light was. It was a fire. Then, a bell rang in the distance, coming closer and closer. “Honey, please go!” he heard his mom yell at him from the other room. Then all he heard was his mom's screams. Everything had gone black. All he heard was voices screaming at him to help. “Mark help me” screamed his mom. “ “Mark I'm dying” screamed his father. “Mark, this is all your fault, screamed a voice behind him. That was the voice of Amanda, slowly dying. He turned around to save Amanda, but all that was left was a skeleton of her remains. Amanda, his reason for living had died and he didn't do anything about it. “Help someone please!” Mark cried. “Someone please”. He broke down into tears. He felt his body violently shaking, and heard the words “Wake up Mark”. He slowly opened his eyes. Right above him, was Amanda, looking down with a calm look on her face. “You were shaking so I tried to wake you up. Are you alright?”

Mark, happy that Amanda was alright had hugged her, and started to cry. “Amanda… I have a silly request. Can I sleep with you?”

Amanda who wanted that as well said, “this'll be our little secret” with a wink.


The next morning, Amanda woke up with Mark wrapped around her. Amanda smiled, and wanted Mark to never let go, until she realized it was a school day.  

“Not again!” yelled Amanda. “Wake up Mark we have 15 minutes until school starts!

Mark who had just woken up, replied with “you look so pretty when you're nervous. Today is the first day of Thanksgiving break.” He was right. Though it was a Wednesday, they had that Wednesday off for Thanksgiving. Amanda relieved at Marks discovery decided that they should celebrate the day off. Mark wanted nothing more.

“Where should we go?” asked Amanda.

“How about we go to the mall” replied Mark, “I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to do there.”

“Sounds perfect!” smiled Amanda. Mark left the room, and Amanda got ready for the date.


On their walk to the mall, Mark’s phone rang. “Who is it?” asked Amanda

“My dad” groaned Mark, “He must have already gotten out of prison” Mark picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey son, I just wanted to let you know that I’m alright” coughed Mark’s dad.

Mark remembering the book said “We need to have a talk. It’s about my mom.”

His father, who was sensitive to that subject, simply retorted “What do you want to know”.

“How did she die?” asked Mark “and what other secrets are you hiding from me?

He heard the other end go quiet. Then the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” was said, and then he hung up.

“What did he have to say” asked Amanda.

“That he was alright, and he didn’t respond to my question” mumbled Mark.

“C’mon good looking, let’s just enjoy our day. Look, you can see the mall in the distance.”

“Whatever you say my lady” said Mark laughing. Amanda began to laugh as well, and they spent the rest of the walk thinking of silly nicknames for each other.


“Apple in my eye”

“Mark the shark”

“Amanda the panda”

“I actually like that one” said Amanda with a smile on her face, “Pandas are cute, yet strong.”

As they entered the building, they looked around at seemingly endless possibilities. From food booths, to jewelry stores, to video game shops, there was so much to do. They started with the game shops, and played new releases on the computer. After spending a couple of hours there, they got hungry, so they went to Antonio’s Italian cuisine.

“How are we going to pay for all this” worried Amanda as she looked at the pile of food stacked in front of Mark.

“Eat now, worry later.” replied Mark, licking his lips. After eating, they figured out they were the 10,000th customer and got free food. Amanda leaped with joy, and Mark who had already known that was happy that Amanda was. After eating, they found a cute little bookstore, which seemed packed with people.

“Looks like their hosting some sort of contest” said Mark, “Let’s check it out”.

As they entered the store, they saw a flyer, that read “Poetry contest: find out who’s the best poet in the area! Just write a 4 line poem, and submit it! Results posted 11/23/18. Due by 11/22/18.”

“Amanda, would you like to make one together?” asked Mark, looking over at the love of his life.

“I was thinking the same thing”. They sat down at a table meant for kids, and began writing.


“Don’t use periods in a poem.”

“What rhymes with trees?”

“Try making it non plural and use me or see”


“Done! Yay!” squealed Amanda, satisfied with their work.

“My first time writing poem went well, all because of you”, replied Mark. The poem read:

Nature by Mark Emantsal and Amanda Springs

Nature is a scene of leaves on a tree

That is meant for all to see

However when that tree begins to fall

Great suffering comes for all.

“You can submit it Amanda” replied Mark, looking out the window, and seeing a big group of men waiting outside, “I’m going to go to take care of a few guests. Amanda, unsure of what he meant, had gone to the counter to submit the poem and buy a few books. As Mark walked outside, he felt the air of a large object about to hit his head. He did a front roll to dodge it, and rotated himself with his hand with his legs out, to take out the attacker. As expected, the attacker landed with a thud. However, there were 6 more. He took out his marbles and went to work. As one approached him, he chucked the heaviest marble at the attackers foot, leading to him falling over in pain. Then he slid the marble off the man's foot, and back into his hand, all with his shoe. Two more approached him, so he threw up the lightest of the marble, and threw the heaviest marble at it, propelling it forward like a bullet, and impaling both of them. He then used his third marble, one attached to a small chain in order to swing the lightest and heaviest marble back towards him. This task was a hard one, as he had to predict the exact movements of his surroundings, but he managed. Finally he used the chain on his marble, in order to wrap it around the legs of three other attackers, making them fall. “That was easy”.

“Amanda, hurry up, he yelled at the doors behind him, as he heard her coming. When he turned around, however he saw his first attacker with a knife on Amanda’s neck. Mark, trying to think of a way to save Amanda, didn’t notice the attackers regrouping. As he turned around, he saw a wooden bat, and knew it was too late.


Mark slowly awoke to the sound of shuffling across the room. As he opened his eyes, he noticed his dimmed surroundings. He was in some sort of room, with no one but two guards and himself in the room. He was sleeping on a comfortable bed, and wanted to go back to bed. He felt the pounding back of his head, and dried blood was there. Then he remembered Amanda. He limped to the guards and grabbed the first guard by the neck.

“Where” Mark coughed, “is Amanda.”

“Master, she is being taken care of. Your father is separating you from her, so you can focus on the more important aspects of life.”

“What the hell are you talking about” groaned Mark as he let go of the man’s neck.

The guard explained all he knew. Mark’s father was one of the mob bosses of the area. However, recently a new group of people had tried to control the crime of the area. Mark’s father was getting old, so he needed his son to take over the business, and re control the area.

“And what about  Amanda?” yelled Mark. He already knew his father was a criminal, but didn’t know it went this deep. The most important thing to him was Amanda, so he didn’t delve deeper.

“She was a distraction” said the guard, “And I say was, because she’ll be gone soon. In exactly 10 minutes, she will be executed. The only reason we have left her alive for this long was to make sure this set a precedent. She will be executed in front of over 100 more like me. Would you like to watch?”

“Did he seriously ask him that?” thought Mark, “No, he must be convinced this is for a greater purpose. That’s why all people act, good or bad. For now, I’ll have to play along in order to get to Amanda.”

“Sure!” said Mark trying to fake a smile, “Let’s go now so we don’t miss it”.


As they approached the execution site, Mark analyzed his surroundings.

“Over 100 guards, in rows of 9 and 10. There are 5 guarding each entrance, and this is a normal greek amphitheater. I left my marbles in my bag, so all I have is some string. I have a plan.”

“Oh, it’s beginning” screamed the crowd as the lights darkened. Mark made use of the noise, and used the rope to strangle the guard unconscious. From the guards body, he gained a smoke bomb, and a knife.

“Ladies and gentlemen” belched a familiar voice. That was the voice of his father, on the stage. “Here is Amanda Springs”. Two guards brought out Amanda Springs, the girl who Mark loved. As they brought them up, Mark made his way up to the stage, getting rid of every guard in the way.

“Mark!” screamed Amanda. Mark’s father noticed Mark as well, and decided to hurry up the execution.

“Long story short, she is a distraction, and this is what happens to distractions.” yelled Mark’s father, looking directly down at Mark. Mark jumped on the stage, as his father brought the knife up.

“Not fast enough!” Mark thought to himself as he ran to his father, who was now plunging the knife down. He ran and ran, trying his best to save Amanda. He grabbed his father's hand, and looked up at him with a glare in his eye. His father just smiled, and nodded at Amanda. As Mark looked down, he could not accept the truth. The knife was already an inch deep in Amanda’s neck. As his father took the knife out of her neck, the crowd cheered with joy. Amanda fell right into his arms.

“Listen to me Amanda, everythings going to be alright, I can save you.” cried Mark, trying to convince himself that there was something he could do. But, Amanda, with her eyes barely open, didn’t have the strength to listen.

“M-Mark... “ whispered Amanda.

“Yes Amanda, you can do it! Just stay alive. Please” cried Mark.

“I l-l-love you” Amanda's voice trailed off. Her pulse faded, and her arms fell. She was dead.

“See Mark, there's no use resisting me, you're going to fail in the end.” laughed his father.

“Mother as well?” asked Mark, “Did you kill mother as well?”

“It was a necessary sacrifice.” mumbled Mark’s father, “She was a distraction, and dad told me to get rid of all distractions.”

“You bastard” Mark growled, “Now, it is your turn to die”. Everything froze, except for Mark. All he did was take a step forward,  towards his father.

“Do it.” said the voice of God in his ear, “He deserves to die. That is what the last page of the book says. “Kill the man who kills your love”. Now do it.”

Mark pulled the knife out of his pocket, as he started to walk faster. Then, he approached his father. The man who had killed everyone he ever cared about. At that moment he knew what he must do. Blinded by rage, he raised his hand above his hand. He thought about all the innocents his father must have killed, or injured. He thought about all those whose lives were ruined, he thought about his mother, and then he thought about Amanda. He thought about her looks, her sweet and caring personality and her smile. Her sweet sweet smile. That very same smile that had stopped himself from suicide many years ago. The same smile that made him fall in love in the first place.

“C’mon,do it!” yelled the voice from behind him, “Kill him!” Mark dropped the knife.

“I can’t.” sighed Mark, with tears streaming down his face. “That’s  not what Amanda would have wanted.”

“You mean you’re just going to leave the man who killed your love to the justice system?” asked the voice.  

“Yeah” cried Mark, “As much as I want to do it, Amanda wouldn’t want it.”

“You pass” said the voice of God in a calm manner, “You have done what many others have failed to do. You have put your morals, before your emotions. Your morals are unique, because they are all based off of what one person thinks, but hey, whatever works.”

Mark, who understood that all of this was a test didn’t care, because Amanda was dead.

“You’re probably thinking that you don’t care, because Amanda is dead. Don’t forget that I’m god kid, I can do anything. However, I will only give you one wish.  Choose it wisely”.

Mark had already decided. “In that case I wish for…”


On his way home from school, Mark had bought flowers. He was heading to the cemetery, and more importantly her grave. As he walked there, he felt as though she was there watching him, and that made him happy. He approached the grave, and placed down the flowers.

“Let’s make sure that never happens again”, mumbled Mark to himself, as he shed a tear.

“Yeah”, said Amanda to Mark, giving him a hug. The grave read the words “Here lies Maria Emantsal” and then some dates. They began to walk home together, holding hands. Mark now lived with Amanda, as her parents were his godparents, as chosen by Maria.

“Hey Amanda, I need to ask you something” said Mark, “Why do you always smile?”

Amanda smiled once again.

“There is one reason, and only one reason why I smile.” replied Amanda. “That reason is because, I know that no matter how many challenges, or difficult tasks that I or we go through, one thing will always stay the same. That thing will remain the same throughout time, and distance. That thing is that I love you, and I always will. Mark, you are strong on the outside, good at everything, but on the inside your sweet and sensitive. You just don’t always show it, but I know it’s there. Ever since your mom died in second grade, I have known that, and have loved you ever since.”


“Yes Mark?”

“I love you”

“I love you more”

“No, I love you even more”

As the couple continued to argue about the unquantifiable emotion known as love, neither of them knew of the challenges ahead of them, but neither cared. Because together, anything was possible, if they just took it one step at a time. One step closer to home, one step closer to their next challenge, and one step closer to making a mark on this world, together.


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