Man and World Ch.2: Man and Room and Wolf

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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



Man and Room and Wolf

I guess calling it a house was too much; this room will probably never look like a house. Dirty, filled with papers, a small bed in the corner, clothes all over the place, “yeah, this could never feel like a real house”. Located in a certain street were located a small set of apartments, cheap apartments, maybe because of the size of the room, or the fact that there wasn’t any hot water, or because of all the people who were murdered in one of these apartments. “I should clean one day” I said, but I didn't think I could achieve doing such a laborious task; it was perfectly arranged, I could grab a set of clothes from the floor without the need of looking for them in a drawer, my work-related papers were always in need so storing them would make them difficult to look for, it wasn’t perfect, but it was.

I took off my coat and threw it on the messy floor, and I went to one of the drawers to look for some food; I found an unfinished bottle of beer and some crackers and I called them dinner. I turned on my radio and listened to the harmonic sounds coming out of it while I enjoyed dinner when a discordant sound came from out of the door. A voice, maybe a salesman or some psychopath, I raised the volume of the radio and ignore it, I didn’t want to die today; the mysterious person continued speaking, trying to make its voice stronger than the one of the radio, and my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to take a peek, and at that moment I remembered, I still hadn’t paid the rent of the month.

Mr. Wolf was an ugly man, that’s for sure, both from inside and outside he was someone you wouldn’t want to hang out with, nor make angry, he was really strict about the pay of the rent, if you missed the day he would drive you out of the room, and if you resisted, you ended up with four holes on your stomach, I always tried to pay in time, but yesterday I was all day at the office and I couldn’t return home, so I knew I was done for, that I would be driven out of my horrible room, that I would resist, that I would die. I was still preparing myself mentally when he spoke in a stressed tone, “Are you paying me the rent or not?!”  ; another fact about Mr. Wolf’s apartments is that not many people actually manage to live for a long time, and losing more money would be troublesome, so I guess he’s being more flexible about the rent pay. I took out the money and delivered it successfully to Mr. Wolf’s hands, and felt for a moment that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all, he was turning around preparing to leave when he said: “You won’t live next time if you forget to pay” he closed the door, I went to my bed, I hid in my bed, I sleep, hoping to dream of sheep and not of wolves.

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