Honey Dews don't leave !

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The town was looking forward for a huge event ahead the weekend . Everything turned around for the Walkers , they lost all they had and only one person could save them . His existence only could
save them .

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017




Honey Dews don’t leave  !

The morning breeze was gentle and soothing. The garden was filled with the fragrance of the freshly bloomed flowers.  Nancy opened her eyes and the sun rays were peeping through her blinds. It was a lovely Thursday and she was looking forward for the weekend. The girls in the town were organizing a charity event to raise some funds for the old age home. She was part of one of the play areas for the small kids. She really loved the small ones. Their smiles reminded her of her long lost childhood. Nancy lost her family in an accident, where she was left alone with her aunt. Her aunt took good care of her; she never felt the loss of her family.

The clock struck eight, she had lot to do. Aunt Rose must have gone to the grocery, she was nowhere around. The warm breakfast on the table pulled her towards it.  Ham, eggs, croissants, strawberries all were set nicely, giving a welcoming appetite. Nancy was about to munch all, when the bell rang. She opened the door and was surprised to see the highway cop at her doorsteps. All sorts of wild things were running over her heard. “We should not let him be here, they will trace him “Saira’s words were ringing in her mind. “ Won’t it be late for tomorrow morning? I think we should inform the authorities “said Mike.

Nancy was in her own world of a worst night, she didn’t notice the officer looking around the garden .She went after him and asked “Good morning Sir, May I know what help I can do for you? “ He turned around. The cop was a well built one with broad shoulders and not having a very pleasant face. The looks on his face didn’t make Nancy comfortable. She was seeing a terrible day ahead.

The cop, Sergeant Burge showed a picture to Nancy, “Have you for any chance met this guy?”  Even if the cold breeze was outside, no one would turn pale like that. Nancy was feeling weird things roaming around her. That was it, and in a sprint of a second she didn’t know where the sound came from her, “No, I have not seen him. He doesn’t seem to be a familiar face around here “. She turned around, he was not seen anywhere.

 The noise of the back door slammed heavily. “Did he really enter the house without me knowing?”She ran to the backside of the house. Stooping down, Sergeant Burge was glaring at something on the backyard. “Damn it, you are finished Nancy. Aunt Rose won’t be happy to know about this “her friends warnings were running through her mind.


To be continued ….


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