Crumble Before My Eyes

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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



A cherished desire

for you my muse .

No burning candle to light the fuse.

In the dark ,

It's hard to dance .

When before your eyes

is a crumbling romance.

Depression is upon me.

I feel the sadness surround

the gleam of my life

is slowly falling down.

Exist to me in pieces

a love that pays a toll.

For betraying my one and only

Who once made me whole.

I would have turned back time

and ransacked the oath myself.

But, my heart has crumbled

and I leave the wreckage

for someone else.

Your life is not your own

it's me and you.

I lay down my arms.

I send a smile over to you.

The villain in me

is the hero in you.

My love.

A crumbling disaster

never consumed.

Light of a flame

a memory of pain.

A dream ascent deprived.

As I see your heart crumble

right before my eyes. .

To fast lovers

lies never stop .

Their voices mutter

with neon coughs.

The truest life of lesson and trial

is a mere advantage

of a distant smile.

False hopes

lustful hands stumble .

A loss of devotion

is the cause of a heart's crumble ..

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