What would it be without love?

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Is it possible to exist without love

Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017



What would it be like without love?

I need an answer that’s unheard of


Other than the Hollywood love we know

The couples that onto the sunset go


Or the love that we’d been honestly told

That once had one will never grow old


Or the love that is somehow naturally bestowed

In which parents, in the face of odds, are oddly bold


Or the love that clings on to a child

Because he was born blind and beguiled


Or the love of those who are in power

Because they grew a garden and it’s flower hour


Or the love hidden and never confessed

Even though separate souls left it stressed


Or the love of one to another by minimum means

To be separated because modesty commands the scene


What would it be like without love

If the heart doesn’t dissolve in the sea

And the touch its salted sting brings back a memory

Or the moon stale in the sky

Makes sweet truth of an unwanted lie

Or the brush of the breeze

Transfers a fleeting look with ease

Or the steps on a street

Still carries the prints two people’s fetish feet

Or the sight of a newborn

Reminds one how their sinews were reborn

Or the look of ones who are almost faded

Carrying the days when their love was paraded

Or the silent time when we remind everyone of

What we thought was and everyone reshaped it into love.

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