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Submitted: October 10, 2017

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Submitted: October 10, 2017




#1: "Melancholy of my Heart"

I live in the world
Full of magnificent things
Obsession that seems never ending
Beauty captured everything.
Life is a treasured gift
It might be peculiar in other side
It may had a lot of trials
Still it is the greatest.
But then, all my feelings die out
And the melancholy, I sensed impulsively
Abide in my heart
The happiness disappeared.
I feel nastiest
To the bottomless
Its destroy me
Little by little.
Then I reminisce
My early days
It were satisfied of smiles and hilarity
You can’t distinguish sorrow.
At this time, entirely tainted
A beam used to conceal
What I deem and
It is the melancholy of one’s heart.
I smiled always
But alternately
My heart crying in pain
Cause that’s how my life going through.

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