A Night's Tragedy

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A short story about a boy who had a bad night.

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Aman, a 19 year old boy was returning after dropping his parents to the railway Station. It was around 12 o'clock in the night. When he came home he found his grandfather waiting for him. His grandpa and he was all alone for a few days as his parents had gone to other state for a relative's wedding. Aman couldn't go because of his classes. His grandpa stayed with him to give him a company.

Aman was tired after a hectic day. He layed down next to his grandfather thinking about fun and excitement when last time he went to one of his cousin's wedding. This time was going to miss it.

Suddenly he was disturbed by a sound, a sound that terrorized him. His heart almost stopped when he saw a monster, with a long tail on its head, breathing fire from its nose and making a terrifying sound was tearing his grandfather in front of his eyes. The devil's barbed nails pierced the old man's chest , took his heart out and started eating it. Aman couldn't move from his bed. He was so horrified by his beloved grandpa's such a end. All these things happened in a flash that Aman was not able to understand his next course of action. But the monster knew his next target. He latched on Aman.

Seeing the monster advancing towards him, he tried to run but fell down from his bed, only to realise that it was just a bad dream. He looked around him and found his grandpa having a good sleep. The sound of the fire-breathing monster was nothing but the sound of his grandfather's snore. He got up, gave a good look to his snoring grandfather, laughed at himself and went to sleep again.

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