A boy named Suicide

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Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



I had the image of her as I laid in that hospital bed

I just wanted to see her that day,

She would make me feel better

She had the cure to my pain

She would smother me in love and then take me away


She would take me to somewhere I was trying to reach but failed,

So I landed here, in this hospital bed


I had eyes piercing my body

Staring at the devilish scars on my wrist

Everyone suddenly cares

Showing me love I knew was nothing but fake

And the funniest part; the person who hurt me and caused me the most pain

Was standing right there, next to my hospital bed


What would you do if you found another man in yourself almost every night?

Who would you tell?

Nobody would take it seriously – boys don’t get raped

This is how I was raised.


So that rhetorical question, don’t ask me again.

Why would I want Life if I can meet Her Majesty, Death.

- a boy named Suicide

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