father and son

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Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Father And Son



As he stands holding his baby boy he feel over whelmed with emotion the innocents of the child before him makes him see the world through fresh clear eyes. Standing nose to nose father and son share a bond that nothing can destroy, since civilised man has walked the earth the bond between father and son has been unbreakable it is stronger than steel it is as flexible as the wind and like the sun high in the sky it will last through out time itself.


The love a father feels for his son can only compare to a mothers love to me there is nothing between them each parent loves there child more than the simplicity of words can ever explain. Each would move mountains to protect there child never thinking of the danger to themselves only thinking they must protect there blood at all costs.


As his boy grows he watches over him from a far realising he must let his boy make minor mistakes but being there ready to catch his son when he crosses the line and begins to fall. It is a fathers job to love guide and protect the son that slowly but surely grew from baby to boy and from boy to man. With the passing of time the son he once held nose to nose in his arm now stands before him a fully grown man looking back at him like a mirror reflection.


No words ever need to be spoken between father and son a life time of words have already passed and it takes but a look for one to no what the other is thinking. When the time finally comes for son to say goodbye to the father that has shown him how to live a life worth living the son can only hope when life blesses him with a son of his own that he can remember all his own father taught him through out his life and be the father half as good as his own.


By Bunzy October 2017



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