What Did You Gain ?

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I am thankful for this creation we are so blessed here. May God gift us this fortune for our healthy lifetime we share with our loved ones. :)

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Your birth is our dearest lifes possession,

This family celebrated each close moments of your life,

For us you gained the prime days so loved here,

Each time you quarrelled with us for some spelling mistakes,

We knew how you felt the same in helplessness,

This day is a promise God bring us near the great love,

Here every moment unconditionally belong for a happy healthy life you deserve,

When happiness of this creation made you so special,

You are more hidden in a smile we treasure all our creation here,

How happy be time when you know God has shown us this gratitude for your wish ?

This life is not only a teachers learning steps,

You went through like an incomplete example here,

Someone always plays many dirty tricks in life,

Given this life each moment gifts a hope even in darkness,

What did you gain from everything here ?

Every experiments in your choice contributed for a hall of experiences,

They made so many memories longed for friendship,

They have grown up like a character you belong here,

They nourished a home so gone away in conflicts for wellness,

Yet each dream you sowed here saw some spirit in a heart days longed for the longest days you live here,

When you make a home here,

You fill all this message lived for with its infinite gratitude,

When you help a stranger here,

You are lived for dearest gifts with its kindness,

When you work out a purpose here,

You are granted for everending plans made with its sweetness,

When you forgive a crime done here,

You are gifted for a prayer this creation make peace with its simplicity,

All grants you are given here,

Gain a help from Gods kindness,

This helpfulness God saw as simple crafts of a lifetime,

May you gain a joy unforgettable in living this life,

You may not punish a heart so humble in this creation,

This greetings of love always be dearest in making its presence among us,

They made us special in a hope we owe what we have gained here,

Your hardwork gains many desires you may be in the pursuit of living a worth life here,

If you gain happiness all the way,

A happy thanksgiving day will always rise in love from your simple expressions,

A smile will leave miles in joining a day ever lived for,

A gift will grant heights in earning a support ever loved for,

This day will never forget your presence what you bring with you every moment worth spend from your lifes help,

May you win this freedom in love from Gods kindness... :)

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