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Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017





The suffering of a nation affects the world as are

Children go with out the most basic essentials in

Life. Without food nor water a mother watches her

Children fade away into the shadows of there short

Lives. Hunger flourishes across the lands leaving

Broken people in its wake. The dying see the dead

As they morn loved ones lost to the senseless suffering

There lives have to endure each and every day.


People across the oceans send aid to ease the pain

Of  many but what often seems plenty is never enough.

If some are lucky enough to live through the pain they

Endure they are often struck down by disease and lose

There sight. As a people we have advanced so much so

Why must some flourish in life and others die because

They have so little.


A child will walk for a day just to fetch the smallest

Amount of water and more often than not that very same

Water will make him sick. Bodies lay still on the ground

as they shrink in size and wither away into dust , a mother

a brother a son  is gone never to be seen again  by those

they leave behind . How long will it be before we as a people

have no pain no disease or suffering and the basic things

in life are free to us all to enable us to see are children grow

and live free and happy lives.


By Bunzy 2017






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