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After Lizzie's mother dies, her father goes crazy and sends her outside to sell homemade things. There are six children in the family, which Lizzie is not the oldest. Luke, Lizzie's favourite
brother, is mad at their father for sending Lizzie barefoot in the snow. Luke decides to runaway with Lizzie...

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



10 year old Lizzie stepped barefoot on the cold path filled with freezing snow. The frost bit her nose and wiped her hair. The wind howled around her sending snowflakes everywhere.

Lizzie was the middle child, but even she had to go out barefoot to sale candles and other homemade things she and her older siblings made. Lizzie’s family was made out of seven people.

Edward was the oldest, he was 14 years old. Then came Mackenzie, she was 13 years old. After Mackenzie came Luke. He was Lizzie’s favorite brother because after her dad screamed at her for not selling all the homemade things (which happened everyday) Luke would calm her down and tell her a story. After 12 year old Luke came she, Lizzie. And after Lizzie came the twins, Zoe and Zack which were 6 years old. Three years after the twins were born Lizzie’s mother passed away. After her mother’s tragedy her father came crazy and yelled at everyone except the twins.

Lizzie tried to wipe away the snow that was piling on her head, but her frozen hands didn’t seem to listen. Finally the path came to an end and Lizzie walked up to a very small house. She took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door. Standing right in front of her was her father with his hands on his hips. He glared at her as if trying to burn her with his fierce eyes. Lizzie took a deep breath ready to hear her dad screaming at her.

“WHY ARE YOU STANDING THERE?” he bellowed and peeked into her basket that was as full as at the beginning. “YOU DIDN’T SELL ANYITHING DID YA? I CAN SEE WITHOUT YOUR ANSWERING!” he pushed her into a different room “I DON’T EVEN WANT TO SEE YOU!” He hollered.

Lizzie’s lip started quivering and a big, wet tear rolled down her cheek. And at that moment Luke walked into the room not noticing Lizzie yet. He shut the door and clenched his fists, “You’ll pay me back someday!” That’s when he noticed Lizzie in the room, “Whoa! It’s ok!” Luke rushed over to Lizzie and hugged her. “Would you like a story?” he asked, Lizzie nodded. “What would you like it about?” Luke continued.

“Sleeping princess, like you promised last time,” she whispered.

And so Luke started telling Lizzie the story of “Sleeping Beauty” which we probably all know. And while Luke is telling his story we will keep talking about Lizzie and her family. We shall start with the whole family from oldest to youngest.

Lizzie’s father has black hair and black fierce eyes that dance like little flames wanting to jump on you and burn you down. Before Lizzie’s beautiful golden haired mother died her father wasn’t fierce at all. He was kind and he laughed all the time, but the second Lizzie’s mother stopped breathing the little flames started dancing in his eyes. Afterwards he became fierce and yelled at everyone, but deep in his icy heart there was a little warm spot that no one can reach.

Edward had black hair and black eyes just like his father and never was fierce like him. Sadly he wasn’t usually home. Mackenzie on the other hand had golden hair and blue eyes just like her mother. Her heart was filled with warmth. However she didn’t come home as much, because she looked for a job, so she could buy shoes for Lizzie. Luke as I said before was Lizzie’s favorite brother. He looked exactly like Mackenzie, but at home he tried to be around Lizzie as much as possible to calm her down. Now Lizzie had hair that looked like Mackenzie’s and Luke’s, but it’s curly and her eyes are bluer than the sky itself. Zoe and Zack both had black hair and black eyes. Since they didn’t remember much about their mother, they copied their father, because they were his favorites.

Luke glanced at sleeping Lizzie and tried to remember his mother’s face. But the moment he thought about his mother a tear slowly started rolling down his cheek. He quickly pushed those thoughts away, brushed away his tear and silently stood up. In a few minutes he was already admiring how the twins slept beside Lizzie. Since Lucas was the oldest he always fell asleep last. He was about to lay beside his younger siblings when suddenly a great idea popped into his head, but the more he thought about it his idea didn’t seem so great, but he didn’t care. Lucas quickly and quietly opened and shut the door. And there he stood facing his father’s back…

“What do you need?” His father rumbled.

“Uh! Well, I was thinking…” Lucas didn’t finished talking because his father interrupted him.

“I WAS ALSO THINKING!” his father yelled and turned around. But instead of fierce eyes with flames in his eyes Lucas saw him crying! Lucas looked down.

“I-I-I-I was thinking if you could um stop um yelling at Lizzie?” Lucas was looking down while he was talking but he whispered the word Lizzie. His father didn’t answer him, he just went outside. While Lucas was standing there shocked. Lucas quickly ran to the other room and laid down beside Lizzie. But he couldn’t fall asleep! After a lot of twisting and turning he finally decided something.

The next morning Lizzie woke up with a weird feeling. The feeling wasn’t sadness or loneliness. It was a feeling that she felt a long time ago when her mother was still alive. She twisted around in bed that had a warm blanket. In bed? A warm blanket? Lizzie thought and sat up. Where was she?  She thought once again. She looked around, this was a way different place!

Suddenly a beautiful young woman appeared. Lizzie stared at her and rubbed her eyes.

“No sweetie you aren’t dreaming,” the woman laughed, Lizzie kept staring at her and finally decided to speak up.

“I- uh who are you? And where am I? Where is the basket of things? Are you-are you my fairy godmother?!” Lizzie asked tripping over her own words.

“You’re what? Fairy Godmother!? Um, no,” the kind woman was trying to not laugh.

“But how did I get here? And who are you?” Lizzie asked with curiosity.

“My name is Mary Ann White,” she answered Lizzie.

“O-o-oh! What a beautiful name!” Lizzie replied astonished, “And I am very interested, how did I get here?” She continued.

“Ah… Now that’s a different story!” Mary Ann explained. “Come on this way.” She held the door open so Lizzie could walk into the next room.

“Oh, Luke it’s you! It really is you! I thought I was alone here!” Lizzie exclaimed and ran into her brothers wide opened arms. Luke smiled for he had never been so happy in his life, now that Lizzie would be free from all their fathers yelling.

“I will be waiting for you downstairs.” Mary Ann told them and went downstairs.

“How did you get here? Lizzie asked.

“Did you think you magically appeared here? And I magically knew where you were?” Luke asked not able to control himself with his laughter.

“Well-,” Lizzie wasn’t able to finish because she was interrupted by Luke.

“Look here,” Luke said. Lizzie looked down and there on the wooden floor stood the huge sleigh that mother had bought before she died. “THAT is the “magical” way we got here!” He giggled. Lizzie got the point right away and kept asking a million questions.

“What are we going to do? Where are we going to stay? Are we staying here? How about dad? Will Mary Ann always take care of us? Is she our new m-m-mother?”

Luke laughed, “Slow down I’ll answer those later, right now we have to go downstairs and… Just let’s go.” He tried to hide the worried look on his face and to his luck Lizzie was way too hungry to care about Luke’s looks. They raced downstairs and stared at the food that was on the table. (Since they hadn’t seen so much food in a while.)

“You can eat as much as you like!” Mary Ann told them with a smile on her face. So Lizzie started gobbling everything with a huge appetite.

“Lizzie!” Luke hissed.

Mary Ann laughed, “It’s fine Luke!”

Soon after they finished their food Luke was about to leave, but suddenly Mary Ann stopped him.

“Here, this is for you!” She gave Lizzie a beautiful blue package and Luke a green package. Inside were two new coats with a scarf, mittens and a hat.

“But-,” Luke didn’t finish.

“Oh, thank-you Mary Ann! This blue coat is so beautiful!” Lizzie exclaimed and hurried to hug Mary Ann.

“Oh, and this to,” Mary Ann said and handed them two brown bags.

“But-,” Luke didn’t finish again.

“Oh, and what’s this- Oh shoes, beautiful, brown, warm shoes. How can I thank you? I know! We will give you our sleigh and when I grow up I will earn enough money and pay you back sweet Mary Ann.” Lizzie said very cheerful.

Luke couldn’t say anything because the last time he saw Lizzie so cheerful was when she opened her last present. A book. And he didn’t want to make Lizzie cry all over again.

“Goodbye, and thank-you very much!” Luke said and looked at Lizzie who was shining brighter than the sun. “Ok, Lizzie let’s go!” Luke said and hurried into the cold snow with his brand new clothes. Lizzie followed.

“Don’t worry Lizzie. Our plan is to reach the closest village as quickly as possible,” Luke said and took Lizzie’s hand.


The day after Luke and Lizzie stopped at Mary Ann’s house everything went good so far. It was almost spring so they didn’t worry a lot about the cold. Luke and Lizzie walked all day, and every night they stopped at someone’s house to rest. Finally, that way they reached a village in one week. Luke’s plan was to find some work and try to find some shelter to sleep. It was really easy to find work for Luke…but not for Lizzie. Luke was hired in a restaurant called “Yum Yum” where he was the server. He tried to look somewhere to hire Lizzie, but everywhere she was too young. Finally he found work in his OWN restaurant. She was supposed to clean up and wash the dishes. After their work they would sleep somewhere on the streets since it was spring, but let’s see what happens next.


“Come on, Lizzie,” Luke called. It was the end of the day and both of them were exhausted. Lizzie heard him and ran toward him. “Come on,” Luke repeated.

“Sorry, there were a lot of people today. And more people mean more dishes,” Lizzie sighted.

“Hmm… I know,” Luke said and started walking out of the “Yum Yum”.

“Wait up!” Lizzie called and ran up to him. “Did you get our daily pay?” She asked.

“Of course!” Luke answered back not stopping to let Lizzie catch up to him.

“Wait UP!” Lizzie shouted since her little legs weren’t as fast as Luke’s long legs.

He stopped walking, but not because Lizzie asked but because he was shocked. Yep, he was shocked. How? Keep listening.

There in front of him stood a carriage very well known to him. That was the exact same carriage that their neighbors had! Lizzie stopped too.

“Oh, look it’s our neighbor’s carriage!” Lizzie exclaimed.

“Yea, I know that,” Luke sounded like he was a bit frightened.

Their neighbor looked at them “Oh, look who is here!” the neighbor exclaimed and halted the horse.“You should be ashamed of yourselves!” the neighbor jumped onto the ground.

“Why-,” Lizzie didn’t get to finish because Luke interrupted.

“Why? We ran away from all the yelling, and now we have to come back?” Luke was close to tears.

“You probably don’t know anything, but your fathe-,” their neighbor got interrupted by Lizzie.

“Does he still yell? Is he re-marring? Did he notice that we were gone? Did he miss us-,” now Lizzie was interrupted by Luke!

“Lizzie! Stop throwing all those questions at our neighbor! And of course he noticed that we were gone. Now don’t interrupt anymore!” Luke sounded stern.

“Well I’ll continue. After you two left your father went crazy, soon he couldn’t bear it anymore. He decided to look for you. I’ve heard that he has been looking for you almost over a month. And the twins where left in charge of your older siblings,” the neighbor finished talking got into his carriage and drove away.

While Luke stood there shocked and Lizzie waved goodbye to the neighbor. Luke finally calmed down and soon found a spot where to sleep.

The next day was the first sunniest day ever. And it wasn’t an ordinary day like always it was a special day! Why? Because it was Luke’s AND Lizzies birthday.

Luke yawned and Lizzie rubbed her eyes.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they shouted at each other and laughed. Suddenly Luke remembered that they had to hurry because if they didn’t they would be fired.

Lizzie and Luke were half way to the restaurant when suddenly both of them halted. There in front of them stood their father. Lizzie’s eyes filled with tears and Luke stepped away. But suddenly something warm touched their hearts and both of them raced in one direction shouting “FATHER!”

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