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Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



 Meeting at the station


Urgent you meet me at the train station soon.


I ran down the stairs and drove my old truck as fast as I could to the station.

When I got there Veroni was waiting. She solemnly looked at me. My wife of eight years. My life. My soul. My all.

" Louise, I know how crazy you're gonna say I am, but I can't live like this no more. I don't love you, not like I should and I can't keep pretending I do. I'm done, just done. I need you to sign these papers, and I'm free do this for me.", she said it all so fast. I looked at the divorce contract and felt my chest tighten as I read I got everything, but the money in her savings account.

" You c-can't think this is right.", I said taking the damned papers and signing. In that moment I realized she had to have been planning this for weeks...months. I handed the papers back and began to walk away.

" Hey, Louie" she called and I turned back around before she continued, " tell me something before I leave, why did you think it would ever last."

I felt all the pain she'd inflicted, all the lies she'd told, everything come out in my response, " I love you because, I remembered the girl who smiled at everyone and never gave up. I love you because, you asked me to raise the kid your perfect little boyfriend hadn't wanted with you. I hoped you'd grow to love me too even though our marriage was for the sake of appearance. I love you because love is unconditional, now clearly all I see is the selfish woman you've become. I hope that when you die you see our son's face and know what a selfish woman you are."

I walked away then and never looked back. I wish I had, I wish that I'd known.



3:The Journal

June 10th.

I have it all planned, Louie, my dear Louise. When you find this it'll be too late. I know you'll find it after though, I know you too well. Read this whole Journal from start to finish and you will know why I have done this. You will know why I divorced you first, before killing myself. I love you, I have for a long time now. That's why I must do this.

Forgive me, and tell Jon I love him too. Know that this is the only right way. I feel horrible for I know I will have to lie to you to get you to sign the papers. It will take months to convince you I'm unhappy (the hardest lie of all).


I read the journal in one night, the last entry was the hardest to read because it meant I really had reached the end.

November 30th,

Today's the day. I've decided on doing it at the train station. I feel so bad. I hope that when I die I never have to forget you and all the greatness you've done for me.

As my final words I'd like to say, my savings account was emptied to our joint account. My son better have a college fund begun soon. I hope you find someone worthy of your love. Good luck. Goodbye.

Love as always,



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