Suffering is not the answer

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Suffering is not the answer; look around yourself there you will find the solution, which is inside in your soul.

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Once, my mind is not working; you can say “I am out of mind or control.” I was not aware of my movements whether it acted right or wrong, whatever mind behaves, it follows into my actions.

People got suffered due to my performance, behavior, and reactions. But the next day, when I recognized, that was the enormous mistake then I decide whatever happen, happened.

"It’s time to apologize."

Due to that episode, the heart was owning a lot of guilt, and I apologized.

But somewhere around mind and heart working on the same, yet it isn’t entirely get away from soul.

Then I decided to overwhelm from this, but at this stage, it is not an easy task to forget about all my shallowness.

Then, I talk to people, spent time with good people and later it didn’t work.

After a day, sudden, brain starts working in a decent manner and waves are rolling in the positive direction.

Soul follows approaching three personalities, who are holding various character.

The first person belongs from a village, who is having confidence in their soul to give a better life to their family. Apart, he begins to walk on a path and keep walking on that and suddenly, he pitched, but he didn't surrender himself.

"Still, he is doing same and keeps moving and that path doesn't finish yet."


The second person, who has a different talent in himself to accomplish everything,. "He has faith in himself."  He conceived, and then he gives himself to the fire to fulfill their desire, whatever it is.

In the way, he burned a lot of time, the nagging is on the higher side, but in the end, he succeeds.

"Still, He is imagining to overcoming new projection in their life."


The third person is a girl and fascinating character. She earned their knowledge after encountering the world by their concepts. She is different than others because she doesn't have the experience but have the infinite intelligence to accomplish them.

She is doing all movements to secure her personality well. Although, she endeavors more task to accomplish their intent but all efforts not in her favor.

However, she didn't shatter, but she gets a bold character.

"Still, on her way to get their objectives."


After considering that, I asked my soul.

"Are you having these attributes inside yourself?"


Soul replied, see again, all are having same properties, and they never give up from their heart or mind.

"Determination + Will-Power + Intelligence"

These are the critical circumstance wherever you can achieve your goal.

Don't think about that; People are working towards their success far as you. See beyond them self, how they got it or getting it.

"Inspired by those people."

Always, there is a reason for everything in life; just you have to figure it out.

The way is not complicated; merely yourself must perform.

"No one can help you make your self-strong, only you can do it."

To sum up, Anxiety can occur to anyone among their reflection because individuals have their mind-set, feelings, and sentiments. "On a serious note, due to your actions; other not to be survived in that sour to make your self-guilty."

Do the right thing, which makes you, feel happy.

Speak well with people. Make sorry for those people, who suffer from you; It's not a big deal; honestly, its entirety honest thing.

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