My reflection

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I am a hobby writer and my pen name is geeth means music, a soothing song. My reflection is a short story. A real time story. I invite comments and support.

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



My Reflection

Out of perfection we create history, out of mistakes we get experiences. Experiences are gained while histories are just recorded. People might forget those histories you created in the course of time but the experiences we gained becomes an asset of your life. It is now the seed that you sow today for the fruits you will enjoy tomorrow. The small four-letter word LIFE actually has a very deep message to be realized by all of us. ‘Live in Father’s (GOD) Enlightenment’ which I personally endure in my life. So, my slogan goes this way ‘Each and every happening in my life is by him for him of him’…….


Though the things that happen are the reflections of the Karma or deeds I performed in the previous birth or this birth I have no idea, the first person who gets praised (Of course scolding also included) will be Him the almighty, may be because he is mightier than me.

This phase which I am enduring makes me wonder many things, what would be that deed in the earlier birth that has driven me to this situation, and also makes me search words to scold my lord and of course to write this as well.

I never had an idea to write ever in my life but the emptiness in me now is full of thoughts flowing like a river, the flow is little over the vessel I mean my brains such a way that my typewriting speed couldn’t win the speed of the thoughts man! So pitiful situation. Fine, enough of introduction now into the story……….

Don’t panic not a big story, very small fairy tale….

I completed my task two days ago, actually speaking two years ago because that’s when I did my last design. So, I went to my boss and asked for some good design work. He said first you complete your present work and come then we shall see what shall be done. I conveyed this reply to my dear hubby and also told him about my feelings, he motivated me saying you are not a kid anymore, you are warrior how can you sit like this, and you need to fight against your enemies. Here my first enemy is my mind, it just has that unique power of overthinking about things and creating a beautiful story of its own. Then, I decided for once lets obey his words and see. So, again I went to my boss (to be noted now I am in warrior mode) and asked him, ’Sir, I have not been doing designs for long time, I think it’s high time to do good design work. What are you going to give me now? He was stunned by warrior in me, and I was thinking Wow! My husband’s words are working out. But then my boss was like there is no design work available as of now. So, I have nothing to give you. (It’s like there no scope for war, now why to search for weapons?) But the issue that is killing me is, everybody in my team is given with good work, I don’t know why it’s not happening for me? There could be two reasons for that, one might be that I am too intelligent that they couldn’t search a right job for me (this is too much for a thought even) second might be that I am not capable of doing the work which is going on right now (may be possible).

I am now wondering which one could be true for them avoid from giving work to me….


Almost two days gone only in thinking. Still they dint give me work. So as the fairy of the story I myself decided the first one could be the reason and took a strong decision.

The decision is……why to beg for a work? Take a work for yourself and transform to a position as you like. Guess! What could be? Yeah perfect!!! Finally the transformation was to a story writer and this is my first story.




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