fate of the corrupt.

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hey i beginner at writing i hope you like my short story

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Fate of the corrupt.

Once Upon a time, in a big Kingdom with a corrupt polity where there is a rank system ruling it, The ranks are 4,  the first is the royal family, the second is the ministry who has everything in this kingdom, they’re the hidden  hands of all the evil using Michael the prince crown as a doll because of  he’s weakness and he’s fair to lose the crown then the Nobles rank, finally there is the public that’s totally discarded  by the government  and Michael , here you may ask why a prince crown is ruling a kingdom instead of a king let me tell you why before entering to our story .

The king’s name is Auslam He’s was in a polity fight to make the corrupt ministry fall without making a war inside the kingdom but in the same time he was getting poisoned by the maids who serving him till he fallen sick in his bed , well it’s normal the ministry had a lot of power there and the king was fighting alone. That’s why the prince is ruling.

2/6/1300, after a month of the king’s fall, the queen was pregnant and about to give a birth, 10/6/1300  the queen gave a birth of a new prince who will lead this kingdom in the future, In the same time two other births made in the same time and that's going to be a girl in a noble family and a boy from the poor streets.

After 15 years Old Saziks the uncrowned prince was rambling out of the kingdom then By a coincidence he found many people in one place so he wondered what was going on there so he decided to take a hint, what he found was 3 soldiers trying to steal the money from a seller without any reason, the prince felt anger so he wanted to stop that, but in half of a second another guy named Merlin entered inside the circle of people with a hammer in his hand, then he said to the soldiers why you’re taking this grandma’s money, she worked for it all the day you can’t come simply and take her own money the soldiers raised their swords in front of Merlin saying who are you boy Why don’t you sleep in your mother's arms? Then the 3 started  laughing between them, Merlin answered them quietly I’m a blacksmith who’s working in this street and if you used to sleep in your mother’s arms not everybody does, the people and the prince who were in the circle cried laughing, immediately the 3 soldiers attacked Merlin with their swords the prince thought that Merlin died and he failed to protect someone dying in front of him again, suddenly Merlin body was pulling the soldiers swords out like if they didn’t even went through him the 3 soldiers got scary and fall down in the ground Merlin told them if you touch this grandma again you will not go from here alive, The soldiers escaped running away repeating the monster world because he used a blacksmith magic, Merlin went back to he’s shop where he’s working with his father. Saziks followed him to the shop then he asked him how did you stay alive after getting this hits with 3 swords I thought they touched you deeper Merlin told him I simply used a blacksmith magic that make you able to enchant your body or an item for 5 to 10 seconds, Saziks said with some tears in he’s eyes I’m happy that there still some good people who’s not using their power for evil they stayed together talking for some hours then the 3soldiers came back to the blacksmith with a legion of 20 other swordsman the person who lead them came’s out and he said is This little boy defeated three of you alone? Wait with a hammer they said he didn’t use the hammer he got a powerful body we couldn’t even touch him with our swords the leader said let’s see if he can protect his self against 23 swords. In the same time a knight came’s out standing next to Saziks and Merlin then she said 23 against 2 persons what an interesting way to use soldiers in this kingdom is that all what you can do? Attacking the weak and poor streets? She pulled out a big sword and she said a parole that was (I’m Rias a knight from Rias family if you do another step you will face my sword Excalibur)

The Soldiers didn’t want to believe what’s happening because if it’s true they will get punished by her, using her noble family power, so they said if you have Excalibur I m the one who made it hahahaha , Merlin didn’t thought that she’s talking seriously then he went in front of her saying stay behind me so I can protect you, the soldiers felt anger and shame in a second so they went aggressively through them and it didn’t even take 2 seconds till all of them fallen with cuts in their different part of their bodies.

 Here the destiny play he’s role and 3 of them meet each other’s the 3 births in the same date meeting in the same place for the same reasons. That definitely must be the destiny who’s leading their way to be the essential persons who’s going to grab their power and stand against this corrupt polity helping Saziks to have to crown but till now they don’t know who he is, And how Rias was able to defeat 23 swordsman in 2 second what power does she has as a knight ? We’ll have that in the second chapter. 

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