Jonas' Cure

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Jonas lived alone without his parents for a long time. About seven years in fact. But when a tragic plague hits the world, he has to find his family, the people who released the plague, known only
as Plague 15-07. However, Jonas may be worth more dead than alive to some.

EXCERPT: He now lay flat on his back, surrounded by the Plague-Ts, one woman and two men, who were mostly naked, because their clothes were ripped to shreds. They were also caked in blood and
vomit, but their skin was pale and they hadn't seemed to have eaten in days. Jonas nearly looked exactly like a Plague-T at first glance, but he was far too healthy to be one. He swore again, and
placed his hand on the small pistol he had found in a dead Plague-T's hand when Plague 15-07 had first began spreading through Chicago.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: October 11, 2017

Jonas cursed as he slipped on the vomit on the dumpster. His handsome young adult face was smeared with vomit, and was caked with blood a... Read Chapter

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