Miter Bisect

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Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



Double cross my intentions

with sadness causing painful retention .

Someday coming home ,

Bisection meet.

My love is overgrown.

Like a midnight train

right on time.

Tickets aren't free

it's a cost of pride.

I'm never coming back .

I'm never giving in.

I'll never be the light

around the tunnel's bend.

Someday coming home.

Bisect and meet with my heart.

Miter highness

prove as much as me.

Prove I'm your only one.

To failing love's

in a crisis rage.

Unfaithful affairs

on a stormy day.

Crying tears in the falling rain.

Be ashamed

of the mess you've made.

Coming home someday.

Crawl out from under .

Silence gives vibrations

to my miter.

So maybe I could break her thunder.

And put to rest

this never ending blunder .

Bisect and meet me

beneath the promise wreath.

Around my third finger

a promise ring.

Keep me safe

from disaster in the night.

Help me find my way home

I'm at the crossroads in my life.

Someday coming home ..

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