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When people rush into things

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



He rushed across the street

To a fate he had to meet


He rushed to fall in love

When falling is not good from above


He rushed to get a degree

Rushing into things he could not be


He rushed to get a job

Not knowing who he’d rob


He rushed to fill his dreams

Never running out of them, it seems


He rushed to have a child

Before he knew how children are styled


He rushed to a wife that’s sure

Will bring happiness like none before


He rushed to a chess-board boss

Who’d make up for his so-called loss


He rushed past the stars every night

He was sure to have them missed out of sight


He rushed to wed, to bed, to be led

To a life everyone said he’d have before he’s dead


He rushed to the wilderness to find

The smells of the past he’d left behind


He rushed to seek the promised land

He rushed to things he didn’t understand


He rushed then put his rush aside

He cursed at those who rushed his pride


He slowly crossed the road

His toes now count as the story unfolds

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