The Book Of Coorrelations

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Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



Page one. 

This is The Beginning of the book. Importance is understanding i have your best interest at heart, not your mediocre interest, Your Whole Heart, And clean Hands. I began as a child, an American. My mother caucasion, father, African American. In My younger years, i excelled in Athletics, Football Mainly. My team was the St.charles bears, our colors were Green and orange. Practice Made perfect, i was #2 For a while, scored alot of touchdowns, my team was a good group of individuals. I became #4 in my later years at 85 pounds and more. In High school i continued to play, make plays, Because of poor decisions and grade point averages, i was not chosen to continue a life in sports. The time of my youth was devote to being close to my family. My dad, A shorter man, serious, and self respecting. We attended Church, at save the seed ministries. A gathering of clean cut, Families and individuals. The church moved from location to location, members were lost, and members were gained. 


Page two. 

Sunday service while a vision of a building being prepared for us, was held at a middle school, In the local community. Everything was Fine, Just as every church, even ones in debt, or having problems, because of faith. Faith, Turns Financial. we Were Believing for food in the refrigerator as children, My brothers and i. My Father, In the meantime, was believing in donating 1 thousand dollars, for god to provide. I believe God Honors that, and i agree without combatting him. But, when we heard this news, You should'ov Seen our faces! Oh really dad? You got mc'donalds money?He would jokingly ask. We were hungry that day, I remember that. The church Grew, The pastor was real. Not so educated, He did hold the gift, and the presence of god. He spoke firmly, BOLD, and like "whatchu mean?" It wasnt really a joke though, and i learned alot from him. As seeds Financially developed,a property was purchased, Behind a gate, infront of water. A house, with a house, as a guest. We went there sometimes, to increase our vision, and to have bible studies. Myself Personally, My brothers and i, would join the other children and watch a movie or something. 

Page 3. 

This Experience was really good for us, along with being able to step foot on a private plane, and to sit, in a mabach Vehicle. If you Have perspective, Joel osteen, and myles munroe would tell you, its okay, calm down. I agree, Gods children should be loved financially and inspired through the vehicles of those ordained to proclaim his name, for his glory. Life was alright, No matter what we had, we hadnt lost it all; or lost our minds somewhere trying to get it together. Go with me now, To a place, I heard gods voice. Theres a difference in development of areas all over, In africa, Not so many citys, and in other countries, ive never been out of the country, you tell me. I lived on a dirt road. Woods on the Left, Trees, on the right. we had a home the color red, with white panneling, and dusty glass. The Home is to the Right of a picture frame and to the left, a personal feild, driveway full of gravel, and maybe two trees. Behind the home, is a bridge off in the distant water. and closer to the peir there is an abandoned ostier house,empty, and odd.


Page four. 

I remember Hiding From my grandmother, She began to cry when she couldnt find us. This made me and my brothers quite sad. we came out of hiding, and she told us a story about a man who robbed her, and put a gun to her head. I miss my grandmother, she had dimmenssia and passed, I called Her mom mom. Toward the end of her life, being able to live on her own, she couldnt remember us, and when i was painting her house in west baltimore, she tried to beat us with a broom. on the day of hiding though, she beat us. But with a twig, or a switch is what they call it. and i picked mine out on my very own. Another Memory was one of the dissapearing Beaver. This beaver was in a tree, One of two in our field, it was shot by everyone of my brothers with paintball guns, and it fell. we took him on a sled, while being called in for dinner. Later, after eating, we found the sled empty, with no trace of the lost Beaver. oooohhhoohhh. The real story begins with me, riding my bicycle, on the gravel road. Slowly, And free of thought. I heard a voice, as loud as the Wind, But as quiet as a flower. "D*****" It Hadn't Frightened me, I had been known. I seeked my fathers echoed body, he wasnt there.  Momentaraly i considered, My god. I wasnt sure what action to take, so i road along the side of the road. In minutes i fell off the side of a cliff into a pile of cut, and broken trees and branches. I was Fine, i cant understand how, still. 


Page five.

Lets Go! Ever been to high school? Neither have i. I was a virgin, Throwing a baseball in the air while laying down talking to a senior i kissed a few times, Only for it to land on my face. I slept in a closet, on the stairs, in middle school, But in highschool! I slept on the floor, again. The first day of ninth grade was the best, My Jordans were Fake, without a scuff, And my polos were fake too, But my Jeans! I went to football practice, and study hall, and weight training. There were pep rallies in preparation for game #1.  All the cheerleaders was ugly, and thought they was cute. We played a good game, I played a Great Game. The opeing kickoff was returned for a touchdown, and i scored twice more, before being taken out of the game to preserve such talent. Moral to the story, i wasnt a virgin anymore, i caught a pass by the woods, from you wont know her name. From  then on, I was smoking, drinking, making bongs, puying pipes, doing shrooms while cutting grass, it took hours! Then i Fell in love. It was love, i remember. She is a good woman now, and its personal. I was  a Business Man from day 1. Once they told me i could Buy 12 cans of soda for, $4, and sell each one for a dollar, My back pack was heavy. "Soda man" What they called me. I had Grape, Peach, Rootbeer, Pinnaple, And some candy on the side. I got in trouble one day for bringing them to school, and was sent away, to live with my mother. Thats the reason we broke up. 


Page six.

We Lived with My grandmother, On my mothers side. The community was nice, southern baltimore. I was transitioning into school there, and my football team was set to be new. School was Amazing after i started going over to "her" house, after school. excuse me, school and drool, should not rhyme. I can hear her now. My Team was as rugged as my school, in east baltimore, she made me a shirt. To enter the building required metal detection, and football practice had no sence of direction. We structured enouph played, My senior year, to end the season with a decent record. I made friends, Here and there. One of my friends became my best, and often spent much time with me and my family after school, and on the weekends. His name was tay, we always agreed with each other, even if we were wrong. There was a night in particular, we were on exctacy, at the movies. he told me, that he couldnt tell anyone else, The way he felt about being in foster homes, and that he loves god, and that he appreciated us being friends. It was powerful to us, even though we shouldnt have been under the influence of drugs. He was there for me, a great friend. I want to leave this out, Because of my honor, But he asked for forgivness after taking a few hundred dollars from me. Tay was nice, he was funny, he knew everyone. One day, He was shot and killed by the police, when search dogs found him. They said he, and a group of individuals stole had stolen a car, i wish he had made a better choice. 


Page seven.

I wonder what god does when he sees us live. They say he knows 1,000 years in one second, That's a good thought, and possible to understand. Im homeless again, Because i been Trippen. I work at ruths Chris, "a fine dining experience" After dropping off trash bags, i show up to work, and a man tipped me $200, because he was watching me work, i hadn't accommodated him at all! I said thank you. I asked for forgiveness and was let back in my home once more. Im in the city now, I would see my girl everyday, I remember the way she smiled, like she was dreaming. I think she got entangled with the wrong environments, and began using hard drugs, and selling her body. I began seeing woman too, and by the grace. i was hurt, she died. I couldnt find her "where are you" ! "Im on My Way"!! Id been to every hood, every place, id been. To stop her, she kept hurting herself. I often cared for her dearly, Being watch over her, to protect me. There were german sheppards and pit bulls, in the light of the dark street. I was paranoid, every man, was with her, every man. Could my dad? Nahh. Its happened before. After an inccident with her, i was placed into jail. i walked into the 80's, ciggarret smoke everywhere, people playing cards, there was a fight, on day 2, for me. The strongest man, was admired for his streighnth. I admire him, for his humbleness to tell me one of his woman was with his father. Gods presence is always almost visual while in tough situations. we often spent hours, sharing gods love for us in stories. The black side would unite with the white side to exercise daily. we would share our food, even with no peace throughout the night. 


Page eight 

A young woman's name with a car is disregard, so everything she did, you can forget that. 

Im always in god. Im persuing his word, im seeking his face, im calling his name. "they not tryn hear all that" someone calls, But its true, its good for me, and i am. Im sharp now, I cant be out there. Why am i still walking around? im not afraid, But why am i in the hood, and why are they so poor? I know every hood, knowing me, doubt it. I made music, it was real, you could listen to it, I made mistakes too. The time now is to move, So lets go! Your in a neibor hood, a baltimore city neiborhood. Apartments, they are red brick, white doors, Your at my cousins house on wilkins ave. What am i doing here? Id often ask myself. Im still trying to get it together, no matter what. They argued, Thats personal, I have $15 dollars to my name, and i cant ask my mother for any more money. Where is god when you need him? Amen... I had the grandest idea. To create my own line of tea, Thus would be called "Poem Essentials" Standing in god meaning peace on earth mother, essentials. all i would need to profit my investment was tea, water, honey, paper, for labels. i gathered all my uticels under 15 USD. and began to ccreate a label, to cut out, and glue to my dasani bottled water. The labeling idea transitioned to include value vocab weekly., in terms of official, this was. The tea taste Great. Words would be changed frequently to give the label a fresh start, and a clear direction. to please the kingdom of gods, in heaven, on earth. The first words were, Awake, Alive, Free, Soul. the focus is on earth, and the environment. 


Page nine.

Ive brewed my teas, Bottled them to the top, and they are waiting in the refridgerator til morning. As the grass drips with sweat, so do my teas in suit cases, in route to inner city, baltimore, md. I set them down, Looked around with the intention to please god; as an individual i am aware i may recieve a no, or two. Man did we do good! My first sale was too an old friend, whom had his daughter born on that day! More friends showed from the area, and begin to pitch with me, Hustlers would hop in, and sell, my product! You had to see it. I sold 3 to a beautiful woman from london, and soaps, and organic toothpaste are on the way, to this day! A few more times, with the same result, and 15 dollars turned to over 300 dollars. i began to work at a university, although i had bad habits, i was under gods grace. 


Page 10

Can i Hear my co-workers.. Inner voices??

Do I need to go to the clinic? something wasnt right. I did go to the clinic, but not until after it all happened! The Time Now, Is to Move, Lets be gone! 

Im being threatend my life, I need to leave the city and go back where my friends from the beggining are for a while. somethings not right with my air, people are being weird, like spiritual animals. I told B i will meet him in D.C by the national harbor, "ard Im omw"! I travelled by train, to an area called southern ave. After waiting for the bus from this station, i went to ask an employee for the directions to the restroom, i figured i can wait so i walked back outside to a gunman. pointing the pistol at everyone, speaking on gangs and mental health issues. I just kn ew to walk to a nearby area, While walking, at night. Everyone from the station looked simultaniusly at me, as for guidance. I walked toward a hilled road, Going upward.I could see a young man, on a bike, Riding towards me. The young man stopped infront of me, and jumped off his bike, with a mask on. I fleed to the closest place, on top the hill, a childrens hospital. Everyone inside eyes were blood shot red, and men with dreads kept walking in and out. I diddnt feel safe here, no one was accomidating so i went to the neiboring wing of the hospital. I jerked my neck to the left, to be captured with pure connection to a man who was scribbling in a book, while looking at me, and his mouth was foaming. I went inside still, aware of my decision. I walked to the bathroom to splash water on my face, not looking for the man, By the time i was fishished splashing water to freshen up, I must have been drenched. 


Page eleven. 


I walked through areas of danger, Highways, And drug dealing operations until i was safe, in a hotel, and called B. I fell asleep in the car, and slept over the next morning. No one knew, But i needed to get checked. I went to the bus stop, and the sky was un-beliveable. To the east, was pitch black with darkness. Split in the middle was orange and yellow light, with clouds, full, and true. There was a cross, everyone, could see. As big as 100 football fields. i could have been paranoid, I took a moment, and appreciated this sight. I began telling others we should farm, "if we grow our own food"! They diddnt pay much mind, but they seen what i seen, and understood. Since then, ive been locked up again, favor after favor. creation after creation. time to reflect and consider, i have to trust god, look what he's done for me!


Page twelve

The life of a dragonfly, did you know it detatches itself from a shell just like a butterfly? wow, have you heard of the immortal jellyfish, that turns into a baby when its shook, and grows to an adult countless times after? the lions, what a strong animal. The eagle, Great parents. The trees, You know there plants? and the flowers, how beautiful they make a scene. the creaton that god thought of, and acted on, is deeper then the ocean floor, softer then its sand, and harder then the earths core. If we focus on earth, we will see the stars, and if we study the earth, we will reap what we sow, a peace. i want to say, i appalogize to you, because i want alive, now i soar, i am in school, for plant science, and i can do all things once i graduate. if you have nothing i encourage you to begin school. why? Because the  mind you have, can have purpose. and if you think, "well, i dont know any difficult thing" It makes it enjoyable to discover it, and figure it all out. You musnt harm your body, you musnt sin. you must leave the boundries of others, and you must hold your peace, wait for sex, and protect youself, you should not curse, nor abuse your children, you should not think of youth, and do not take life, the laws of progression are true. The streets are benefitial, your music should be selective. your vision should be clear, simplified, and explained. you should keep family personal, and always say the same of god, if you believe, not 7, not no reliegion. if you think religion and tradition will stop, you dont know man. no religion is true, please love the earth, because the earth loves you. 


Page 13


I have started a non profit orgonization called ING. "the faces of god" It means you are in God. No matter what race, religion, age, group. I do not believe in homosexuality and do not allow it in god. I do not need to explain, you do. Thank you For Being. 

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