The Loved Mutt

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This is a follow up to the main character of my short story The Unloved Mutt. As you read you will see that something bad has happened to him again but then something good will happen to him.

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



My college dorm was boring nothing ever happened, I had no one to keep me company but then I remembered that this dorm building allows pets. My first thought that came to mind when getting a pet was thinking about my dog Coda who went missing for a year but then came back but died not too long after she came back. I felt depressed because she was my favorite dog and it was hard to move along without her. I called up my mom and asked her if our other dog chase ever breed with another dog to have babies. She said that there were in fact baby dogs that belonged to him. I asked my mom if I could come over this weekend to look at the puppies and pick one out and she said sure. I hung up the phone with joy because I wouldn’t be alone anymore in this boring college dorm.


The weekend finally came and I was so excited to go see the puppies and choose one out. I went out to my car and drove off to my mother’s house to go see them. It felt like forever that I was on the road but as soon as I pulled up the driveway, my tiredness went away. I went inside to greet everyone and tell them that I was doing good and my mother told me that the puppies were outback in the neighbor’s yard. I asked her what they were doing there and she told me that our dog breed to the neighbor’s black lab. When she said black lab I started to think that I may be able to find a dog like Coda and be able to train him or her to be just like Coda. My mom and I went over to the neighbor’s house and rang the doorbell so we could see how the puppies are doing.


The neighbors were nice enough to come let us see the puppies. When we reached the backyard all I could see were cute little puppies running around. As I walked over to them all the neighbor told me that there was one puppy that always stayed with its mother and that it was very shy of people. I asked him if I could go see him or her and he said ya. I walked over to the dog house where the puppy was and I saw it. A black lab brindle mix puppy. It looked exactly like Coda and I knew it was the one I wanted. I asked the neighbor if I could have this one and he said that he would be more than happy to give it to me. I called the puppy over and it surprisingly came over to me. The neighbour was astonished because that was one of the few times he ever saw that puppy. When it came out I saw that it was a girl and looked exactly like Coda. Now the hard part came and that was to name her. My thought of a name was Coda II but I thought that it wouldn't be good enough so I went to my second thought which was to spell Coda with a k instead of a c. I told my mother that I decided her name and she asked me what it was and I told her that her name was Koda with a k. She said that it was a good choice.


Later in that evening we had dinner before I left to go on the road to head back to my college dorm. Dinner was good and I thanked my mother for cooking and allowing me to come over. I asked her where my sister was and she said that she moved in with my oldest sister. She said that it is pretty quiet around here since none of us are ever home anymore. Before I left I promised my mother that I would start calling and coming over a lot more so that way she won't miss us as much. I gave her a hug and called Koda over so we could go ahead and get going. I arrived back to the dorm and it was pretty late so I carried Koda inside so that way she wouldn’t get lost in the dark.


A few months have passed now and the training of Koda was coming along good and I decided to call up my mom and tell her how good Koda was doing, and what a great dog she was. My mom told me that it was very lonely and asked if I would want to come over this weekend with Koda. I told her sure why not because I had nothing to do this weekend.


Friday was here and I started the long and boring drive to my mother’s house. Koda was sitting in the front seat looking out the window at all the other cars passing by. After a bit of driving traffic started to slow down because of a bad wreck during rush hour. The traffic was at a stop so I called my mother to tell her that I may be late due to traffic. She asked me why traffic was so bad so I told her that there was a bad wreck during rush hour. She said okay and when I get there that dinner would be ready. I hung up and turned up the radio to wait and pass the time. Time passed the traffic lifted up and we continued to drive. It was long and boring to finish the drive. We pulled up and Koda ran to the mailbox so she could mark it. I told her to come so we could go inside and eat. She came running and we both went in. My mom greeted me and Koda and told me that dinner was in the kitchen. I sat down and ate and gave some to Koda every now and then so she could eat and not starve. We finished dinner and my mom told me to go to my room and get some sleep because we would be doing a lot of things tomorrow.


It was the dead middle of the night and I was hard asleep until I heard a car slam on the brakes and a dog whining. I woke up immediately and called for Koda but she did but she did not come to me. I went running outside to see what happened and sure enough, the front door was open a little. My heart sank because I had the worst feeling that it was Koda who was whining. I got outside and the driver was outside the car tending to the dog. I asked the driver what kind of dog it was and she told me it was too dark to see what color it was but she knew that it was a lab. My heart sank even more, I was almost sure that it was her. I walked over there and she told me that the dog was badly hurt and that it might die any minute. I bent down to see the dog and I saw Koda. I started to cry because I did not want another one of my dogs to die. My mother came out and yelled over to see what was happening. I told her that it was Koda. She asked me what was wrong with Koda and I told her that she got hit by a car. She ran over to come comfort me while Koda just lied there and died. Koda looked up at me and licked me a few times before her head just fell to the ground making a loud bang sound against the pavement. I sat there and cried for a good while and the driver just kept apologizing to me about hitting Koda. I cried and cried non stop and I knew that I was just not meant to have a dog.


The next day was here and we decided to bury Koda in the backyard and give her a proper little memorial. I stood there next to her and did nothing but cry my heart out since it feels like I lost the first Coda all over again. My mother came over to me and told me that everything would be all right and that I should just go back to my dorm and finish college. I just stood there crying and crying, it felt like my life was over but it wasn’t. I drove off to go back to complete college and that is what I did. I got my masters degree in Veterinary. I knew that this job would suit me the best so that way I could help other peoples dogs. I hung pictures of Coda and Koda because they would always be remembered.


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