Turn the other cheek

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A night in the life of Miyuki, she just couldn't help but get angry...and no matter what, she just couldn't do it...she couldn't...but...that's just who she is.

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



Miyuki furrowed her brows as she downed the third shot of the night. The green liquid gushing down her throat, a deep burn resonated through the entirety of her body. She groaned and slammed the shot glass down on the bar, giving the bartender a little nod as he poured her another one. He put it in front of her and chuckled. “You know, perhaps you should think about your liver, Miyuki” he said (probably the thousandth time he had) and she scoffed at him. “Fuck you, Vitya, my liver has long since gone into the state of utter decomposition, so, just keep them coming” she retorted with a bitter hiss in her voice.

And so, the fourth shot went down a treat, once again, that deep burn warming her insides, as if the chills on her spine finally decided to start disappearing. Some sort of a sappy tune playing in the background. She didn’t care to notice it, she didn’t listen to the words that filled the room. It was a quiet night, she liked them, she didn’t much care for the company of drunken men and women – although, she supposed, that was hypocritical of her since she was very much one of those men and women. Either way, her own company didn’t bother her, nor did Viktor as long as he kept them coming.

As she fumbled in her bag for her packet of cigarettes and a lighter, the next shot of that wonderfully green poison was already sitting in front of her and she showed Vitya a thumbs up, signalling that his actions pleased her. Her night seemed to be going just as planned, just like every other night, and Miyuki was happy with that, these slow, quiet nights were the best thing in the world. But she thought too soon and the thoughts went right to the back of her mind as a group of men walked in, she exhaled loudly, smoke filling the space around her like a bubble of defence that she would have liked to kept.

The thing about Miyuki was that she truly, truly disliked loud mouthed assholes. It wasn’t just these hooligans that were probably still suckling on their mothers tits, it was any bastard that decided to speak with her whilst it was her time – apart from Vitya of course,  he did keep pouring the Absinthe, and she kept smiling.

Viktor had known her for years, it must have been a better part of a decade now, he knew her story, he knew her job, he knew her origin, he was probably the only person in the world that knew Miyuki, truly knew her. So, when he saw the group of slightly post teen men walk in with their drunk demeanour, he knew that he could possibly be in for a night of trouble and police sirens. Luckily, the bar was quiet so, he supposed, that the latter wouldn’t happen.

“Listen, Miyu, don’t worry about them, just leave it be, you have another shot here” he just said as he put the shot glass in front of her, hoping that she could be coaxed into behaving. The men, were looking at her…really…really looking at her, and he wasn’t surprised, who wouldn’t? Miyuki was a beautiful woman, her hair was tied up in a thick braid, her leather jacket hugged her curved so beautifully, her cleavage was only just peaking out from the shirt blouse that she sported underneath. A scar adorned one perfectly chiseled cheek, a fight, a fight a century ago. Nobody believed Viktor when he said to leave her alone…nobody cared to listen to the ruggedy bartender who was as ancient as this bar was. So, when he looked up from cleaning one of the glasses, he whispered to her. “Listen, just…turn the other cheek…” it was futile to try to keep the temper within her to subside…but he still tried.

The man – well no, a man was too strong of a word for the pathetic being that stood beside her now, she blew smoke out from her nose, ruby red lips parting a little as the last wafts of it floated around her, warning the man to fuck off. She loved Vitya, he had been there for her, he had stitched her wounds on so many occasions, patched her up, from her fights with humans, and things she had pissed off with her meddling to regain the memories she had lost a long time ago. She truly, truly did care for him. She wanted to believe that she could turn the other cheek, and really, she felt pathetic for even feeling any sort of anger towards this sweaty, greasy boy that stood beside her. So, for a moment, the anger was quenched like thirst with the shot of absinthe.

“Hey, miss, wouldn’t you like to come for a walk with me? Maybe just behind the bar? I could show you a really good time” he said, a drunken slur that aggravated the fragile nerves at the base of her spine and poured gasoline over the already burning house. The sweat-bags ‘friends’ were behind him, cheering him on, and Viktor just sighed and shook his head. “Miyu, it’s not worth it” he said and poured another shot. “Leave her alone, sir, you can quite clearly see that she has no interest in you” Viktor spoke, finally, and his voice was sort, albeit warning, it was soft and calm.

Miyuki could deal with them taunting her and trying to push her to the edge, but she couldn’t deal with anyone saying anything to Viktor, he was truly like the father she didn’t remember having, the mother that she remembered dying, the brother that threw himself over the edge of a cliff and the sister that she had buried along with him a long, long time ago – a century ago.

That was perhaps one of the curses of being blessed with this stupid long life, she was human, but her humanity has severely waned as the years went on…and right now…all of the humanity seemed to have drained out of her eyes, those wonderfully cold, icy blue eyes as the kid looked at Viktor, grabbed his shirt and hissed at him. “Fuck you, nobody asked you anything, keep to your business and pour us all a pint” he said, trying to be a tough case, and to Viktor’s dismay, this has set Miyuki off completely.

“Turn the other cheek my ass” she said, ironically. Her punch came like a tonne of bricks. She was loyal, protective and ridiculously loving to those who had come to known her, and Viktor…truly had, right now, her punch had caused the boy to stumble back. As he was about to regain his stature, came another punch, square in the face, his nose crackled under the force of her knuckled hitting his face, bruising him like a peach. He was on the ground, groaning, growling. The friends just sat there and the moment she cast a glance at them they all scrambled away. What wonderful friends you have, pathetic being. Miyuki thought as she glanced down at the mess of a boy that she had made, she spat next to his face and put a foot on his neck, the rough surface of the sole of her boots scraped against his skin. “And the next time you decide to act like a swine, think about what the consequences will be…now fuck off!” she said as she kicked him in the side and he whined and yelped like a dog, his eyes glistened with tears as he scrambled off and out of the door.

Miyuki returned to her seat and downed the shot that Viktor had poured for her. “You know, I dislike your methods…” he begun and chuckled. “But…what would I do without you” he whispered and he cuddled the woman that he had adopted into his life, like the daughter he had never had.

They sat like that for a few moments, hours probably, in the warmth of the bar on the edge of town, he had cradled her like his own. He had loved her like his own, and he always would, regardless of whether she’d turn the other cheek or not.

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