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Another humble attempt

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



“Judgement day”

He couldn’t describe it any better. It was his judgment day tomorrow. He prayed that night for the first time in a while, in 2 years. The guard came by and wished him luck after closing the cell behind him.

There in the middle of the dark he sat thinking about his life, his choices and his unfortunate fate. He closed his eyes and there was a sudden flow of joy. He soon fell asleep.

“All set?”

It was the warden and the sun was up a bit soon today. After a few hours he was taken to a van, which would take him to the court.

 The van soon left the central jail. It was unusually slow. In the past 6 years this was the only thing that happened slowly. Every time he saw the gates of court he believed it to be gates of freedom.As the van neared the court he gently fell asleep.

It happened on a night six years back. Everything was normal then. He had a job, a house and even a car. All it took was one night.

He had a rough childhood. Running from work to school every day was not easy. His father was a drunkard and he never heard about his mother. After his college he attended a dozen of interviews before landing on the job. After three years of sleepless nights he finally had it. He made it in one piece. He doesn’t have to fight anymore. It was all over.

“Or was it?”

Little did he know that his worst days were ahead of him. It was a night he couldn’t forget.

After another long day at work he left the office for home. As he started his car he heard a loud scream and then a thud. He first thought of running away but then it could be another poor soul like him. He threw the doors open and raced to the spot. It was completely dark. He reached for his phone in his jacket and switched ON the light. The light shined on a pool of blood and at the centre lay a dark figure. It was a woman in her late 30’s. There were signs of assault. He swiftly grabbed her and ran towards the nearby hospital. His heart was beating faster than ever. She was soon admitted. She had slipped into a temporary coma. The next day the police started the investigation. We did several rounds on him. There was nothing, but there was a tiny bit of progress. After a couple of weeks there was a sudden change in the course of investigation. The lead inspector was changed. Someone was pulling threads. After a month’s sleep, she woke up from coma.

It just took one lie. His fate was sealed. She named him the criminal. She even testified against him.

“It was him. I saw his face”

 None heard his cries. He was arrested and was charged with assault and rape. He spent 6 years in jail. In these six years everyone turned their back on him. His family, friends and even his lover. He lost his job, house and car. He was left to suffer alone for a crime he didn’t commit. He had submitted several appeals in the first three years after which he lost hope.

All of a sudden in his 6th year he submitted another appeal.

I suspect something. I was in the force for 20 years; I know when something is wrong. I believe him and all his stories. Someone had pulled a thread during the investigation. But as a constable I didn’t have the guts to talk to confront the inspector. He woke up from his sleep as we neared the court. I pulled him down after cuffing him.

They soon arrived and the proceedings started. But this time there a new witness. There was a witness who claimed that he saw the whole incident, from his car. He couldn’t come to any of the other hearing he didn’t want any trouble. A month back his daughter passed away an accident. She lay on the road for 2 hours. Everyone just walked past her. He broke down.

He soon left the premises after handing over the video he had taken.

The video clearly indicated that the girl was drunk; she picked up a fight a stranger, who beat her with a stick. He soon fled the scene. The video ended when a flashlight was switched on.

Everything was clear now. She wrongly identified him as the stranger. But going on court to identify him wrongly was something else. She wanted to cover up her drinking habits.

For a mistake as small as this she punished the wrong man. All the eyes were now on the man. He pulled an enigmatic smile. He suddenly fell hard on the courts floor.

We lost him on the way to the hospital. He sustained internal bleeding after being attacked by the inmates. It was a regular event. He knew he was dying.

He got justice moments before his death. 


© Copyright 2018 AVINASH MOHAN. All rights reserved.

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