The Chase

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Nurse Thando lives by a set of rules. not a few mind you but quite a lot of self-made rules. She is happy enough with her life or at least that’s what she thinks. As a woman and a single young
mother who has a child but has never ever been actually in love, Thando has achieved enough for a young woman her age. She isn’t even looking for love or longing for a man but Chris, a surgeon
comes into her life unexpectedly and literally turns her world upside down but is she ready to fall in love and be with this man who has his own past and demons following him. He tells her, she is
a child in his eyes and she believes his a an arrogant dickhead but can they both he see her past this as they are both from different worlds in more than one ways. Can this kind of relationship
even work? She thinks she doesn’t have a type of man she wants as such but he is the completely opposite to what she tends to date. On the other hand there is Raff, a pharmacist. He appears to be a
gentle soul, though no sparks yet, can Thando learn to love this man who appears to be less complicated.

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Submitted: October 12, 2017

Chapter 1   I should be jumping with joy and literally screaming maybe but I keep asking myself why I agreed to this as my p... Read Chapter